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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

News from Confederation

Dear Comrades,
The news received from Confederation is reproduced here under for the information of the members.
Anomaly and Standing Committee meetings.
There had been no formal or informal meeting with the Government either to discuss the anomalies or issues emanating from the implementation of the 6th CPC so far.
We had placed the items the staff side had sent for the consideration of the National anomaly committee (first installment) on our website. The second and final set of items is likely to be submitted in a day or two. As and when the same is finalized we shall place copy thereof on our website. We have received innumerable number of letters from our affiliates requesting us to take up the department specific anomaly items in the National Council. It is difficult to individually respond to these letters. Department specific items are to be pursued at the Departmental Anomaly Committees. Complaints have been received by us that many Ministries have so far not set up anomaly committees. We shall take up this issue with the Department of Personnel.
All India Convention of workers:
14th September, 2009
The Sponsoring Committee of Central Trade Unions along with INTUC and BMS has decided to convene a National Convention on14th September 2009. The main theme of the convention is to harness the support of the entire working class in the country against the neo liberal economic policies and the anti labour attitude of the Government. The extract from the communication we have received in this regard is given hereunder.
The meeting of the Central Trade Unions held on 19th July 2009 at the INTUC H.qrs. at New Delhi expressed serious concern over;
*Rising prices of essential commodities including food grains and vegetable creating severe hardship for the mass of the people
*Continuing job losses resulting in loss of livelihood to millions of workers across the sectors owing to recession and economic slowdown
*Non implementation of and rampant violation of basic labour laws pertaining to minimum wages, working hours, social security safety in workplace and trade union rights etc. throughout the country adding to the sufferings of the entire toiling people
*Extreme inadequacy of the provisions and schemes under the un-organized workers sector workers including the contract workers owing to the restrictive provisions under the schemes and absence of any national fund for the un-organized sector (NAFUS) as recommended by the NCEUS and Parliamentary Standing committee on labour
*move of the Government for disinvestment of shares in profit making central public sector enterprises
The Central Trade Unions call upon the workers and employees and their unions irrespective of affiliation to unitedly highlight the concern over the above-mentioned burning issues facing them and at the same time urge upon the Government to take urgent remedial corrective measures to address the aforesaid concerns of working people effectively.
The Central Trade Union decides to submit a memorandum to the Prime Minister on the aforesaid issues and hold a National convention of Trade Unions at Delhi in September, 2009 to chalk out common future programme.

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