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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Circle Secretary writes to CPMG on writing of APARs

APU-III/HCR/APARs/2016                                                                         Date: 20.06.2016

The Chief Postmaster General


Sub: -   Writing of APARs of the officials without following the statutory guidelines on the subject by the divisional heads in A.P.Circle-Causing much delay in conducting DPCsReg
Ref: -   1. DOP&T OM No.21011/1/2005-Estt(A) (Pt.II) dated 23.07.2009
            2. DOP&T OM No.21011/27/2015-Estt.(A-II dated 11.02.2016

            I bring the following irregularities committing by the divisional heads in A.P.Circle, while writing of APARs of the officials working in their divisions. The main motive and motto of the APARs are to assess the performance of the official and to intimate the areas to be improved by the official to improve his/her performance to improve the quality of the service to the public. But the said authorities are taking it in a casual way and writing them like their own diary. I bring the following irregularities committed by the divisional heads in A.P.Circle, which causes demotivation of officials resulting down fall of quality of service to the public..

1.      Without substantiating the gradings given between 0-3 and not filling the pen picture coloumn in their APARs.
2.      Not following the prescribed time schedule as stipulated in DOP&T OM cited (1) above in writing of APARs of the officials
3.      Filling the integrity coloumn in accordance with DOPT OM cited (2) above.
4.      Not mentioning the date on officials copy of APARs.

Most of the divisional heads are grading the officials between 0-3, without substantiating the reasons for assessing such low performance in their pen picture coloumn of their APARs. For example in Secunderabad Division the divisional head had given 0 grading to four officials in the division and many officials had got the grading between 0-3. But to my dismay the divisional head had not written the pen picture coloumn of their APARs. It is the duty of the divisional heads to explain why they are getting grading below average so that they can improve their performance in future. Due to non writing of pen picture, the very purpose of writing the APARs is to improve the performance of the official to provide quality service to the customers/public is defeated.

For example let me explain the actual situation in Secunderabad Division. All officials working in divisional office, Secunderabad division were got 6 to 9 grading for the last three years. Interestingly, it is not understood that how their performance has been getting down between 5-6 grading in the last year.  It is very clear that either the said officer is inefficient to extract the best performance from these officials or these officials are not so efficient as her predecessors assessed in their APARs. The existing rules on the subject were very clear that the officer has to write the APARs of the officials after coming to a clear conclusion and on their own assessment.

It is pertinent to mention that if the official’s performance working in the entire division is graded between 5-6, what is the performance of the divisional head? Naturally it has to be graded between 5-6.

I bring to your kind notice that the officers also not writing the APARs of the officials within the prescribed time limit. Though there are clear guidelines on following the prescribed time schedule in accordance with the DOPT OM cited (1) above, the officers are not following these orders scrupulously. Due to this practice DPCs are not convening in regular intervals. Further the officers are not putting the date on officials copy of APARs given to the official. Some of the divisional heads are not filling the integrity coloumn in accordance with the guidelines issued by DOPT vide OM cited (2) above.

Therefore, keeping in view of the above, i earnestly request you to cause to issue suitable orders/action on writing of APARs in accordance with the DOPT OMs cited above, within the prescribed time limit so that the officials perfoarmance can be correctly assessed and the DPCs can be conducted well in time without waiting for them.

An early action in this matter is highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully

(DASV Prasad)

Circle Secretary

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