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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Copy of the Memorandum


Respected sir,

                               We submit this memorandum on the problems faced by postal employees and customers due to hasty decision and implementation of Finacle & Mc.camish software without proper vision and not providing sufficient infrastructure.

                                There is poor access and no access in Finacle software has become the order of the day. The officials are forced to work without proper infrastructure, due to which they are suffering every day with more tensions and mental torture. This because of exceeding the capacity of the servers provided by INFOSYS. Even though it was assured that two additional servers will be provided to DATA CENTRE by April 2016,this was not implemented till date.

                                 In spite of clear instructions from Directorate to increase BAND WIDTH of post offices, the same is not increased so far. Even though CPMG informed vide letter no. ANDHRA PRADESH/PJCA/2016 DT. 6-4-2016 that NSAP-2 BAND WIDTH is 128 KBPS, ordered up gradation to 256 KBPS .But actually BAND WIDTH of 512 KBPS is required for smooth functioning. Even this up gradation was done in 2011 locations and still pending in 39 locations.

                                 Unfortunately Dept. is not in a position either to correct things or apply the penal provision against the vendor the INFOSYS. The existing position in FINACLE is nothing but the last straw on camel’s back.

                                 Adding fuel to fire ,the Dept. recent decision in implementing the more working hours of post office to the extent of 5 hrs for monitoring transactions has not been exercised. This resulting in forcible retentions of officials in office till late night. Even women employees are not exempted and facing troubles while leaving office in late hours.

                                     The contract has been assigned to SIFY TECHNOLOGIES for providing NSP-1 & NSP-2. The primary link service provider for NSP-1 is BSNL. Whenever NSP-1 got down in 80% offices network does not get on to NSP-2 automatically. The FINACLE is not accessible in NSP-2.THE EXPENDITURE WHICH Department is spending on NSP-2 [DONGLE BASAED] is all in vein. No outcome for good network is shown even after up gradation of BAND WIDTH in many post offices. Whenever the ticket for non working of NSP-1 is raised the only stock reply from SIFY side is that the problem is at the end of BSNL and no rectification can be done till BSNL restore its net work. This is nothing but evasive nature of reply. If this is the situation why SIFY should be in the middle and we can have direct contact with BSNL only.

                                         On one side staff are facing problems with this default software, on the other hand they are being forced by higher authorities to clear pending work in nearby feasible location which is not a proper way at all.

                                           Only one circle coordinator with one service engineer for two divisions was provided by SIFY. It is not at all sufficient to rectify the defects arising in more than one location regularly.  On the other hand officials from SIFY /INFOSYS/TCS are directing system administrators to resolve the network problems.

                                           The major problems arising due to MC.CAMISH & FINACLE software and net working issues are being elaborately brought to the notice of the DIRECTORATE by our CHQ vide lr. No. P/4-4/CBS Dt. 26-5-2016 copy of which is attached. But till date no action is being taken.

                                          As the sufferings are mounting day by day our circle union gave a call to organize MASS DHARNA before all offices which had a massive response which proved the sufferings of the postal employees because of these software problems. Here we want to mention clearly that we are not against implementation of Technology in the Dept. we are very firm that implementation of technology is done correctly employees can give better service to customers. But this type of hasty and unwise implementation leads to frustration among employees and dissatisfaction to customers. Finally this will have reverse impact and instead of rendering better service and attracting more customers, this will discourage customers and finally we will lose customers resulting in heavy financial loss to the Department.

                                      We would like to bring to the notice of the Hon’ble MINISTER that postal jca HAS ALREADY CHALKED OUT PROGRAMME OF ACTION INCLUDING STRIKE IF NESCERRY, IF THE SITUATION IS NOT CORRECTED IMMEDIATELY.

                                       We hope that Hon’ble MINISTER will look into the matter seriously and steps will be taken to rectify the situation , so that the image of the Department will not be tarnished and officials will feel happy and render best service to the public.

                                     We hope that Hon’ble Minister will act and take immediate appropriate steps to improve the situation and to render better service to public.

                                                                 Thanking you, sir  
                                                            Yours faithfully,


Division Secretary

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