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Friday, October 11, 2013

108 RJCM Items


                                                                  ANNEXURE B 

         1-10/2013.   Up gradation of Podili Norm Based LSG SO to HO by down grading Kanigiri. HO-  
                      Kanigiri town is situated at 90 km from divisional head quarter i.e. from Ongole. And 30 km away from state highway connecting Ongole and Kurnool. It is popularly known as fluoride affected area. It will take 3 hours to travel from Ongole to Kanigiri and it will be a problem to get bus facility back to Ongole or other popular villages after 07.00 PM. For medical / educational facility staff has to depend upon Ongole.   Due to this staff are un willing to work at Kanigiri.HO. Because of this   work at Kanigiri HO is lagging beyond repair. Posting of a regular Postmaster, Accountant even a sub divisional head become a problem. Even posting adequate PA cadre officials is also a problem. Areas like accounts, SB (NREGS), SBCO are most affected.  This can be avoided by at least relocating the HO to nearby place like Podili which is comfortably placed at 50 km from Ongole and is on state high way. Staff can stay there keeping themselves at an hour distance from Ongole where they can depend for better medical & educational facilities. This will reduce the staff transfer problems and requisite staff can be posted for bringing the HO administration into main stream.
Connectivity is also most convenient in case of Podili compared to Kanigiri. Table of comparative distances is given below along with attached map. Podili is centrally located for 10 SOs out of 18 SOs under Kanigiri.

Name of the SO
Distance to Podili in km
Distance to Kanigiri in km
Pedda Arikatla
9 to 13
HM Padu
PC Palli
PG Palli
70 (nearer to Kandukur HO at 60 km)
60 (nearer to Kandukur HO at 50 km)
CS Puram
70 ((same  to Kandukur HO at 70 km)

Pamuru, Botlaguduru may be attached to Kandukur HO and Vallur (35 km from Kandukur ) may be attached to Ongole (5 km) and Chimakurthy & Tallur from Ongole HO may be transferred to Podili HO at lesser distance.
2-10/2013: Replacement of old computer systems with new computers in C.O.  The year old computers are not connecting the up-to-date software programmes developed by the PTC Mysore. At present, in some sections the computer systems are not having new software and LAN Connections. As per the Directorate guidelines, the systems which were completed the condemnation period should be replaced for soft functioning of the office work.

3-10/2013: Supply of 4 in 1 Printer at least one for each section in C.O. other than PLI. Every Section in C.O. receiving letters from Directorate which have to be retransmitted to the Regions/Divisions. As there is only Xerox machine for all sections in C.O. transmission of Directorate letters is being badly delayed. Hence, it is requested to cause action to supply at least one 4 in 1 printer (printer, scanner, Xerox and fax). The following sections of C.O. are very much needed for supply of 4 in 1 Printers i.e. Staff, Vigilance, Legal Cell, Complaints, Establishment, Investigation, Mails, CBS, Buildings, Accounts, Recruitment/Welfare and Office Superintendent.

4-10/2013: Security Arrangements in Postal Staff Quarters in Hyderabad City. The Postal Quarters located in the Hyderabad and Secunderabad, there is no security arrangements for the government property and resident’s property in the Government Maintained Staff Quarters. The complaints received from the residents of Postal Staff Quarters Chikkadpally and Uppal regarding thefts of small and big items. The Postal Staff Quarters are provided with 2 or 3 gates to enter to the quarters. As the outsiders entering into the staff quarters and they are unauthorised roaming in the colonies and wherever feasibility, they are not afraid to theft any items left in the premises while they went to their native places. All other cities where the 100 and above quarters is provided with security. It is requested to provide security guards to safeguard the government property as well as residents. They will identify the residents and restrict the outsiders to enter into the premises of government quarters.

5-10/2013: Provision of lift at RO Vishakhapatnam. The RO Vishakhapatnam is constructed with G+3 floors. As per the layout of sections is from 1st floor to 3rd floor is identified for functioning of Regional Office. The staffs who are aged are facing much difficulty to climb the steps and some of the staffs are having knee pains. It is very need of lift provision in the newly constructed Regional Office Vishakhapatnam. Previously, this item was examined by the competent authority, but there is no progress in the provision of lift. As per the plan of the building, there is a need of capsule lift from outside the building. There is no provision was given inside the building to construct the lift. It is requested to examine once again and provide lift to the RO Vishakhapatnam.

6-10/2013: Up gradation of generator of 62.5 KVA Capacity of Dak Sadan building to higher capacity diesel generator. The present generator is not supporting the power supply to the entire building and lifts of the building are also not coping up to the generator power supply. It is also requested to provide high capacity UPS connectivity to each floor. At the time of construction of this building, the generator was installed. At that time, there was no UPS system connectivity and the Air conditioners were also not connected. The present work of style has changed from manually to computerize. It is very much need of power supply whenever the electricity breakdown is occurred. During the summer, the power cuts are affecting the work of Circle Office including RO Hyderabad and DA (P). The staff is also suffering due to non-connectivity of generator to the lifts. It is requested to provide high capacity diesel generator to the Dak Sadan Building.

7-10/2013: Shortage of supply of computer paper, other connected stationery and fuel to generators:
It is a time consuming act to procure paper, printer ribbons and oil to generator. Most of the SPMs are facing difficulty in getting supply of the above. It is most required now a days for immediate purchase of above items which cannot be awaited for supply from PSD, DO or sub division. For this statutory permission is required to SPMs for immediate purchase. Accordingly they need to be provided with contingent fund for the same.
One year back there was a proposal from circle office for allocation of budgetary funds to subordinate offices like HOs but the same is not fulfilled so far. Only there was on paper allocation of funds to HOs. Now we need to take up the matter for provision of limited funds to the SPMs for immediate purchase of computer paper, printer ribbons and oil to generators. Every C Class SPM needs single paper bundle and three 1+1 bundles per annum. It differs for SPMs with attached BOs. Monthly two ribbons and annually 24 ribbons are needed. Requirement of petrol depends on electricity supply. All these need minimum of Rs. 5000- per annum per SO. If SPM is provided with cash imprest or allocation of annual funds there will definitely deduces protracted correspondence and improves efficiency.
8-10/2013: revision of FSC & AFSC, since the present rates are in sufficient. Rates of fsc & afsc has to be enhanced.

9-10/2013: provision of cash vans to every HO.
Presently most of divisions are marked for payment of social security pensions / wages beside NREGS wages through BOs /SOs. For this adequate cash flow is needed. Security aspect not to be forgotten. Heavy cash is to be conveyed from HOs / cash offices to SOs/BOs. For the purpose a speedy and secured means of transportation is required. 
10-10/2013: non implementation of DOP&T OM No 35034/3/2008-Estt (D) Vol. II dated 4th October 2012. Orders on MACP in true spirit in rms ‘v’ dn. and rms ‘tp’ dn.
The following officials denied the macp financial up gradation on the plea for want of required bench mark.
R.Appanna bcr sa retd                    2)         K.Krishana Murthy bcr sa retd
S.Janardhana Rao bcr sa retd                      4)         P.K. Rama Rao
5)         K.Suryanarayana rao                           6)         T.Chiranjeevi rao
7)         P.Ch.Venkataswamy                            8)         M.A.Murali
9)         M.Venkat Rao                                     10)       P.Eeswaramallu           rms ‘tp’ dn

11-10/2013: provision of wax heaters and stationary to all mail offices in Andhra Pradesh circle and Diesel Operated Generators to Srikakulam Road and Eluru rms. 
12-10/2013: provision of UV water purifier for drinking purpose to rjcm office at b 1 p&t quarters chikkadpally Hyderabad 
13-10/2013: provision of Passenger Reservation System in the following post offices

 1)           Trimulgherry    ho                                           2)         banjara Hills
  3)           Srikalahasti      HO                                           4)         chintapallli
5)         Paderu                                                             6)         Narsipatnam
7)         Amalapuram    HO                                           8)         Ramachandrapuram
9)         Rajam                                                              10)       Sompeta
11)       I E Eluru                                                          12)       Chittoor  HO
13)       madanapalli     HO 
14-10/2013:     Fixation of schedule for achievement of targets for various schemes in the Circle
Targets are fixed for all the schemes like PLI, RPLI, Opening of SB/RD accounts, Old age pensions and other business products at a time which will make all the schemes cumbersome and finally leading to non achievement. As a matter of fact there are targets already for insurance business. Now targets were introduced for opening of SB/RD accounts and payment of social security payments with a time frame and heavy burden of payments under NREGS already exists. The chairman is therefore requested to fix the schedule for all the above items month wise to reduce the suffocation and better achievement of targets.
                For payment of SSP’s at BO/SO/HO a time schedule on the day basis should be fixed in consultation with the State Government.   For the payments at SO the DOOR payment at the premises of the beneficiary should waved as the SPM cannot do door payment. 
15-10/2013:     Providing infrastructure at all levels for the newly introduced schemes in the Department. 
 Already there is no infrastructure for the NREGS scheme which is in doldrums now several new schemes were introduced for which there is no infrastructure or methodology is notified. In respect of opening of SB/RD accounts as per the targets fixed lakhs of accounts were opened in the Circle. But no manpower is provided in the SO’s and HO’s for opening of these accounts, ledger postings. We request provision of necessary manpower till introduction of online under CBS. While introducing payment of SSP’s the unions were not consulted before signing the MOU. In respect of payment of social security pensions the SPM in the ‘C’ class and the A and B class which are being manned as C class has to pay 3000 to 5000 pensions in the semi urban towns and the password is given to the SPM. In all such cases regular manpower has to be provided for the period of the payment of SSP to complete the regular sub office work.  
16-10/2013:     Taking into workload instead of incentive in respect of payment of SSP and NREGS 
Before fixing the incentive the unions were kept in darkness as no consultation was there and the fixation of incentive is found to be defective. Orders are already in existence for fixation of time factor at the rate of one point for 10 SSP payments. The decision may taken to fix the time factors for the BPM’s instead of incentive. 
17-10/2013:     Non computing LR strength for recruitment of vacancies for the years 2009, 2011, 2012. 
After reduction of 10% posts under abolition of 2/3 vacancies, the LR vacancies were not taken for the recruitment.  The LR strength was already absorbed into the regular strength in the divisions. We request detailed breakup of the recruitment done for the above periods. 
18-10/2013:     Postings to the cadre of mail overseers in the Circle. 
As a matter of fact there was no recruitment rules for the cadre of mail overseers and the post were filled up from the postman cadre. Consequent on dispensing with the TBOP/BCR scheme and introduction of MACP there is no uniform procedure in the Circle for filling up of these posts. In some divisions the senior postmen who are having leftover service of 1 year having medical problems were posted. We request uniform guidelines from the Circle level. 
19-10/2013:     Maintenance of P&T dispensaries 
Brief:- In respect of Visakhapatnam the In-charge Medical Officer is self styled where ever she is posted and there are several complaints in past also.  The P&T dispensaries are not procuring the specified quality of medicines prescribed by CGHS and recognized hospitals. We request necessary action. 
20-10/2013:     Replacement of Letter Boxes 
Consequent on removal of letter boxes which were in dilapidated condition new letter boxes were not planted. Letter boxes are the image of the Department and there are new type letter boxes were introduced by the department.  We request replacement of all the letter boxes needy places identifying the new areas. 
21-10/2013:     Non supply of sufficient printers in Hyderabad and Kurnool Regions. 
Though there are requisitions and complaints from the divisions printers were not supplied by the above two regions. 
22-10/2013:     Identification of Guntakal RMS as L1 and extension of AG-31 section up to Vijayawada 

 Consequent on introduction of L1 in the revised orders by the Directorate we request identification of Guntakal RMS as L1 and extension of AG31 section up to Vijayawada. 

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