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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Post Office Savings Bank interests are going to be changed w.e.f 01/12/2011 - Directorate orders Issued

Dear comrades,
It is known by the confidential sources that the Ministry of Finance is decided to change Post office Savings Bank interest rates with effect from 01/12/2011. All the Post offices are instructed to stop accepting the deposits through Cheque.Issue of Kisan Vikas Patras will be discontinued and there is no bonus will be paid on MIS accounts and NSC maturity period reduced to 5 Years and Agent commission is going to reduced to 0.5% on TD,MIS and NSC, No commission on PPF and Sr.Citizen Savings Scheme, RD commission enhanced to 4% w.e.f.01/12/2011. Directorate issued orders vide SB orders No.22 to 29/2011 dated 24/11/2011. The same may please be down loaded from the below link

Click here to get the directorate orders

Friday, November 4, 2011

Revised selected list to the cadre of Postmaster grade-I from A.P.Circle-Directorate orders

Dear Comrades,
Revised list of selected candidates to the cadre of Postmasters Grade-I in AP Circle has been issued by the directorate vide Memo No.A-34012/3/2011-DE (AP) (Pt2) dated 04/11/2011. The same is placed here for the information of the members. I congratulate newly selected candidates to the cadre of Postmaster Grade-I.

Click here to get the directorate orders in respect of AP Circle

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Secretary Posts



DG(Posts) LNo.2-04/2009-Trg.Dated: 31/10/2011

        All Heads of Circles,
        Additional Director General APS,
        West Block-III, RK Puram,
        New Delhi-110066

        Chief General Manager,
        Business Development Directorate,
        New Delhi-110001

       Chief General Manager,
       Postal Life Insurance,
       New Delhi-110 021

Subject: - Renaming of the Postal Staff College India.

       A proposal for change in the name of the Postal Staff College India (PSCI) was placed before the Postal Services Board. The Board, in its sixth meeting held on 21.09.2011, after detailed discussion, has agreed that in order to reflect the true character of the institution and its future aspiration, PSCI needs to be upgraded as a National Academy. The Board has, accordingly recommended that PSCI be renamed after Shri Rafi Ahmed Kidwal, the first Communication Minister of Independent India, a freedom fighter and one of the foremost nation builders of the post independence era as "Rafi Ahmed Kidwai National Postal Academy (RAKNPA)". The recommended actions of the Board have been approved by the Competent Authority.
2.    It is, therefore, hereby notified for information of all concerned that the Postal Staff College India, C.G.O. Complex Ghazibad 201 002, and will hereafter be known as Rafi Ahmed Kidwai National Postal Academy (RAKNPA), C.G.O. Complex, Ghaziabad – 201 002.
( A.Kumaraswamy)
Assistant Director (Training)
1. Opening of market by reducing the exclusive privilege of Central          Government.
       Gradual opening of the market by phase wise removal of the monopoly proposed. Exclusive privilege reduced up to 150 gm. In case of letters and up to 50 gm. in case of express mail. Couriers can carry letters even within 150 gm and 50 gm ( the reserve area) subject to them charging twice the postal rates for letters and twice the rates for express service.
2. Sunset clause:
       A 15 years SUNSET clause for complete removal of exclusive privilege in express service and Parliamentary Review of exclusive privilege in case of letters is proposed.
3. Universal Service Obligation of the Central Government:
       As proposed, USO is defined as the obligation of the Central Government to provide, through the Department of Posts, basic postal services at reasonable access, affordable price and with specified service parameters throughout the country. Commitment to provide postal service, delivery and access to post office 6 days of the week except holidays.
4. Definitions:
       Definitions of certain 'terms' are proposed keeping in view the definition adopted by different countries, as also the requirement of customers i.e.
a) "postal services" means services provided by the Central Government
     or on its behalf and includes services related to
(i) handling of addressed letters,
(ii) handling of addressed parcels and packages,
(iii) handling of addressed press products,
(iv) handling of these articles as registered or insured mail,
(v) express services for these articles,
(vi) handling of unaddressed articles,
(vii) Value Payable Post,
(viii) money remittance
(ix) Post Office Counter Services
(x) services on behalf of any Ministry or Department of the Central or
    State Governments, or services on behalf of any other organization
(xi) other services not specified elsewhere;
b) "courier services" means services related to the handling of articles of mail i.e.   collection, sorting, dispatch, conveyance and delivery including
(i) handling of addressed letters subject to provisions in Section 4,
(ii) handling of addressed parcels and packages,
(iii) handling of addressed press products,
(iv) express services for these articles subject to provision in Section 4
(v) handling of unaddressed articles,
c) "express services" means postal / courier services related to handling of articles of mail and expedited delivery within a clearly specified and declared time limit with confirmation of receipt and with or without endtoend integration to ensure track and trace and a record of delivery ;
d) "Registered Courier" means any person registered as such under Section ‐‐‐and includes his employee or agent or assignee;
e) "Licensee" means a Registered Courier who has been given license under Section ‐‐;
5. Registration and Licensing:
       The Central Government may grant registration to any person undertaking the provision of any courier service in India, who shall be called a Registered Courier. The Central Government may also grant license to any Registered Courier, who shall be called a licensee, for providing certain specific services. There is no registration fee or license fee. Licensing conditions involve adherence to quality, guarantee relief to customers in case of any deficiency in service and commitment to ensure confidentiality and security of letter. All operators will require registration for providing any type of courier service in India. But license will be required only for reserve area, USO and letter mail.
6. Registering Authority:
       It is proposed that Central Government shall appoint Registering Authority, in such manner and to perform such functions, as may be prescribed.
7. Appellate Authority:
       An Appellate Authority is proposed for redressal of grievances of any person aggrieved by an order of Registration Authority.
8. Setting up Extra Territorial Offices of Exchange (ETOE) and International mail Processing Centers (IMPC) abroad:
       Central Govt. may establish ETOEs/IMPCs in other countries for providing international Mail Services including express and parcel services subject to arrangements with such Postal Administrations regarding terms and conditions.

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DOPT issued a wonderfull order regarding Govt. servants covered by New Pension Scheme

According to this order Govt. Servants who appointed on or after 01/01/2004 will cover New Pension Scheme can get Provisional Pension according to Old Pension Scheme where Govt.Servant Died/Retired on medical invalidation.For details Please click this link to down load the order



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