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Friday, December 30, 2011

RJCM meeting of AP Circle is going to be held on 25/01/2012

Dear Comrades,
Regional Joint Consultative Machinery meeting of A.P.Circle is going to be held on 25/01/2012. Hence i appeal to all Divisional/Beanch Secretaries to intimate the items going to be taken up with the department if any to my mail ID or over phone or by mail. As the RJCM is a highest body to take decisions relates to Policy matters, you are requested to send the items related to policy matters only.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011




On 27.12.2011, Discussion on 25 point Charter of Demands has been held with the Postal Board -Member (Personnel), Member (Operations), Member (PLI) and Member (Planning). The discussion lasted for eight hours. Even though the staff side has elaborately explained all the demands raised in the Charter, there was no favourable or result-oriented settlement on any of the demands. Thereafter the Central JCA met and decided to go ahead with the strike decision. It is decided to intensify the campaign. Accordingly the Central JCA calls upon all the Branch/Divisional/Circle Union to organize MASS Dharna in front of all Circle/Regional/Divisional offices on 10.01.2012. It is also decided to organize candle-light protest demonstration/procession/rallies on all important places on 16.01.2012. Further all intensive campaign such as squad work, conventions, general bodies, press conferences etc may be organized at all levels. Make the indefinite strike from 17.01.2012 a historic success

Hyderabad City and Hyderabad Regions Branch/Divisional secretaries meeting on 04/01/2011-Circle JCA

All Branch/Divisional secretaries of Hyderabad and Hyderabad city regions

It is proposed to hold Branch/Divisional Sectretaries meeting of Hyderabad and Hyderabad City regions on 04/01/2011 at B1, P&T Quarters,Chikkadpally, Hyd-20.It is requested to all the Branch/Dvisional secretaries of Hyderabad and Hyderabad city Regions to attend the meeting with out fail.Make the meeting as grand success.

Circle JCA

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Circle JCA decisions

The Andhra Pradesh circle JCA met on 09/12/2011 at B1 P & T quarters Chikatpally Hyd 20. The meeting is preceded over by Comrade Pamulu Circle President R3. The following circle Secretaries were attended. K Manohar rao, CS P3 NUPE, Rabbani, CS P4 NUPE, K Ramachandram, Administrative union, L Kishan Singh, CS AIPSBCO EA, K Om Prakash, Asst Circle Secretary P4, K N Chari Treasurer AIP ED EU. D Kishan Rao, General Secretary, NUPE P3, attended as a chief guest. The chief guest explained in detail about ensuing indefinite strike from 17th January 2012. The circle JCA after thorough discussion the following decisions were taken. To implement the ensuing indefinite strike successfully the following decisions were taken. Region wise meetings will be conducted on 20/11/2011. The branch and divisional secretaries of all Unions of Vijayawada. Visakhapatnam, Kurnool, Regional meeting will be conducted on 20/11/2011. A poster will be released on after strike notice served, that is on 15/ 11/2011. Hyderabad region and Hyderabad City region meeting will be conducted later. All the branch/divisional secretaries of respective divisions are requested to attend the regional meetings on 20/11/2011.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Interpretation of dependency criterion for grant of two family pensions under the CCS (Pension) Rules 1972-New order issued kby the Ministry

Dear Comrades,
It is clarified by the Department of Pensions and pensioners welfare vide Memo No.1/11/2011-P&PW(E) dated 30/11/2011 that "Family pension admissible to a benificiary in respect of one deceased employee/pensioner is not to be counted as income for the purpose of determination of eligibility for another family pension, which is admissible in connection with another deceased employee/pensioner. However, any other income/earning of the benificiary under consideration will be counted towards income for deciding eligibility for family pension.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Indefinite postal jca strike from 3-1-2012


No: JCA/AGTN/2011                                                                                                                       Dated 05.12.2011


*Against Unilateral Move to Implement Mail Network Optimization Project [L1 and L2] in RMS;
*Against Violation of Assurances and Non-implementation of Agreed Demands of 5th July, 2011 Deferred Strike
Dear Comrades,
The meeting of the Central JCA held on 03.12.2011 at New Delhi, have reviewed the post-5th July deferred strike settlement situation and have to come unanimous conclusion that Postal Board  has failed to implement the assurances given by the Secretary [Posts] on agreed demands, even after a lapse of four months. Further it is going ahead with the unilateral implementation of the Mail Network Optimization Project [MNOP] in spite of vehement opposition of the Staff Side.
During the discussion with the Secretary [Posts] on 5th July deferred strike demands, it was assured that there will be no closure/merger of Post Offices, other than simultaneous relocation. But orders in this regard are yet to be communicated to the Heads of the Circle. Orders on Sorting Postman need further modification. On GDS issues no favourable orders are issued on any of the items till this date. Payment of Pro-rata wages and absorption of Casual labourers and Part Time contingent employees still remains unsettled, even though it was assured that orders on payment of pro-rata wages to pre-1993 appointees will be issued within a month.
JCM Departmental Council meeting is indefinitely delayed. Cadre-restructuring Committee has not yet finalized its final proposals. Issues relating to Postmen, Mail guard and MTs are still in the negotiating stage and no settlement in sight. Demands of the Circle / Regional Offices administrative staff, Postal Accounts, SBCO and Civil Wing employees are not given serious consideration. In short, abnormal delay is taking place in settlement of the genuine demands raised in the Charter of Demands.
On contrary, even when most of the burning issues of the employees are totally neglected or remains unsettled, the Postal Board is going ahead with implementation of the retrograde recommendations of the McKinsey on Mail Network Optimization Project [MNOP]. In the Committee constituted under the Chairmanship of Member [Operations] for reviewing the issues arising out of the implementation of speed post Hubs and proposed L1, L2 in first class mails, the Staff Side representatives have vehemently opposed the implementation of L1, L2 in first class mails as it will adversely the efficiency of the services resulting in abnormal delay thereby leading to erosion of public faith on the postal services. Further it will also result in large-scale dislocation / transfer of employees and will adversely affect their promotional prospects. In spite of our objection and disagreement, the Postal Board has made it clear that they are going ahead with the implementation of the MNOP Project.
In the above circumstances, the Staff Side is left with no alternative,, but to revive the postponed strike decision and resort to the agitational path once again. The Central JCA after in depth analysis of the entire situation, have decided to go on indefinite strike from 3rd January, 2012. It was also decided to serve the strike notice on 15.12.2011 and to conduct mass demonstrations / dharnas in front of all Chief PMG / PMG Offices and Divisional Offices on that day. As a second phase of the agitation, the Secretary Generals of NFPE and FNPO and the General Secretaries and CHQ Office Bearers of Federations /All India Unions / Associations of the JCA shall sit on hunger fast in front of Dak Bhawan on 26.12.2011.
The Central JCA calls upon the entirety of the Postal and RMS employees to make all the above agitational programmes in the true spirit and make the indefinite strike from 3rd January, 2012 a grand success.
If the Postal Board is not ready to come for a result-oriented and time-bound negotiated settlement, the entire Postal and RMS Service should be paralyzed from 03.01.2012.
It is again a struggle for our survival.
It is a struggle of life and death to lakhs of Postal Workers.
Let the Postal,, RMS, Administrative, Postal Accounts, GDS, SBCO and Civil Wing employees come together to stage another glorious indefinite strike.
Fraternally Yours,
Secretary General       Secretary General
NFPE                    FNPO
All General Secretaries of NFPE and FNPO
General Secretary     General Secretary
AIPEDEU            NUGDS

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Introduction of 10 year National Savings Certificates (IX Issue) w.e.f 01/12/2011

Dear Comrades,
Postal Directorate introduced a new scheme called 10 year NAtional Savings certificates (IX Issue) w.e.f. 01/12/2011 vide SB order No.30/2011 (F.No.113-01/2011-SB) dated 30/11/2011. It is instructed that while accepting investment under this scheme, Form-I already in use for NSC (VIII Issue) may be used by suitable modification in manuscript as per format given in the rules till new forms are printed. All records of this scheme shall be kept in manual mode till the software is amended. Till new cerificates are printed and supplied, all departmental Post Offices shall issue a Preliminary Receipt in the prescribed Form NC-4(a) and follow the Procedure laid down in Rule 13 of POSB Manual Col-II.

Click here to get the directorate orders.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Post Office Savings Bank interests are going to be changed w.e.f 01/12/2011 - Directorate orders Issued

Dear comrades,
It is known by the confidential sources that the Ministry of Finance is decided to change Post office Savings Bank interest rates with effect from 01/12/2011. All the Post offices are instructed to stop accepting the deposits through Cheque.Issue of Kisan Vikas Patras will be discontinued and there is no bonus will be paid on MIS accounts and NSC maturity period reduced to 5 Years and Agent commission is going to reduced to 0.5% on TD,MIS and NSC, No commission on PPF and Sr.Citizen Savings Scheme, RD commission enhanced to 4% w.e.f.01/12/2011. Directorate issued orders vide SB orders No.22 to 29/2011 dated 24/11/2011. The same may please be down loaded from the below link

Click here to get the directorate orders

Friday, November 4, 2011

Revised selected list to the cadre of Postmaster grade-I from A.P.Circle-Directorate orders

Dear Comrades,
Revised list of selected candidates to the cadre of Postmasters Grade-I in AP Circle has been issued by the directorate vide Memo No.A-34012/3/2011-DE (AP) (Pt2) dated 04/11/2011. The same is placed here for the information of the members. I congratulate newly selected candidates to the cadre of Postmaster Grade-I.

Click here to get the directorate orders in respect of AP Circle

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Secretary Posts



DG(Posts) LNo.2-04/2009-Trg.Dated: 31/10/2011

        All Heads of Circles,
        Additional Director General APS,
        West Block-III, RK Puram,
        New Delhi-110066

        Chief General Manager,
        Business Development Directorate,
        New Delhi-110001

       Chief General Manager,
       Postal Life Insurance,
       New Delhi-110 021

Subject: - Renaming of the Postal Staff College India.

       A proposal for change in the name of the Postal Staff College India (PSCI) was placed before the Postal Services Board. The Board, in its sixth meeting held on 21.09.2011, after detailed discussion, has agreed that in order to reflect the true character of the institution and its future aspiration, PSCI needs to be upgraded as a National Academy. The Board has, accordingly recommended that PSCI be renamed after Shri Rafi Ahmed Kidwal, the first Communication Minister of Independent India, a freedom fighter and one of the foremost nation builders of the post independence era as "Rafi Ahmed Kidwai National Postal Academy (RAKNPA)". The recommended actions of the Board have been approved by the Competent Authority.
2.    It is, therefore, hereby notified for information of all concerned that the Postal Staff College India, C.G.O. Complex Ghazibad 201 002, and will hereafter be known as Rafi Ahmed Kidwai National Postal Academy (RAKNPA), C.G.O. Complex, Ghaziabad – 201 002.
( A.Kumaraswamy)
Assistant Director (Training)
1. Opening of market by reducing the exclusive privilege of Central          Government.
       Gradual opening of the market by phase wise removal of the monopoly proposed. Exclusive privilege reduced up to 150 gm. In case of letters and up to 50 gm. in case of express mail. Couriers can carry letters even within 150 gm and 50 gm ( the reserve area) subject to them charging twice the postal rates for letters and twice the rates for express service.
2. Sunset clause:
       A 15 years SUNSET clause for complete removal of exclusive privilege in express service and Parliamentary Review of exclusive privilege in case of letters is proposed.
3. Universal Service Obligation of the Central Government:
       As proposed, USO is defined as the obligation of the Central Government to provide, through the Department of Posts, basic postal services at reasonable access, affordable price and with specified service parameters throughout the country. Commitment to provide postal service, delivery and access to post office 6 days of the week except holidays.
4. Definitions:
       Definitions of certain 'terms' are proposed keeping in view the definition adopted by different countries, as also the requirement of customers i.e.
a) "postal services" means services provided by the Central Government
     or on its behalf and includes services related to
(i) handling of addressed letters,
(ii) handling of addressed parcels and packages,
(iii) handling of addressed press products,
(iv) handling of these articles as registered or insured mail,
(v) express services for these articles,
(vi) handling of unaddressed articles,
(vii) Value Payable Post,
(viii) money remittance
(ix) Post Office Counter Services
(x) services on behalf of any Ministry or Department of the Central or
    State Governments, or services on behalf of any other organization
(xi) other services not specified elsewhere;
b) "courier services" means services related to the handling of articles of mail i.e.   collection, sorting, dispatch, conveyance and delivery including
(i) handling of addressed letters subject to provisions in Section 4,
(ii) handling of addressed parcels and packages,
(iii) handling of addressed press products,
(iv) express services for these articles subject to provision in Section 4
(v) handling of unaddressed articles,
c) "express services" means postal / courier services related to handling of articles of mail and expedited delivery within a clearly specified and declared time limit with confirmation of receipt and with or without endtoend integration to ensure track and trace and a record of delivery ;
d) "Registered Courier" means any person registered as such under Section ‐‐‐and includes his employee or agent or assignee;
e) "Licensee" means a Registered Courier who has been given license under Section ‐‐;
5. Registration and Licensing:
       The Central Government may grant registration to any person undertaking the provision of any courier service in India, who shall be called a Registered Courier. The Central Government may also grant license to any Registered Courier, who shall be called a licensee, for providing certain specific services. There is no registration fee or license fee. Licensing conditions involve adherence to quality, guarantee relief to customers in case of any deficiency in service and commitment to ensure confidentiality and security of letter. All operators will require registration for providing any type of courier service in India. But license will be required only for reserve area, USO and letter mail.
6. Registering Authority:
       It is proposed that Central Government shall appoint Registering Authority, in such manner and to perform such functions, as may be prescribed.
7. Appellate Authority:
       An Appellate Authority is proposed for redressal of grievances of any person aggrieved by an order of Registration Authority.
8. Setting up Extra Territorial Offices of Exchange (ETOE) and International mail Processing Centers (IMPC) abroad:
       Central Govt. may establish ETOEs/IMPCs in other countries for providing international Mail Services including express and parcel services subject to arrangements with such Postal Administrations regarding terms and conditions.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Closing of Central Govt. Offices in connection with elections to Lok Sabha/State Assembly/Panchayat/Municipalities/Corporation or other Local Bodies-DOPT Clarificatory orders issued

Dear Comrades,
DOPT Clarified vide Memo No.12/14/99-JCA dated 10/10/2011 that Closing of Central Govt. offices in connection with elections to Lok Sabha/State Assembly/Panchayat/Muncipalities/Corporation or other Local Bodies.According to above order
1.The relevant organisations shall remain closed in the notified areas where Genral elections to Lok Sabha or State Legislative Assembly are scheduled to be conducted.
2.In connection with Bye-Election to Lok Sabha/State Assembly, only such of the employees who are bonafied voters in the relevant constituency should be granted special casual leave on the day of polling. Special casual leave may also be granted to an employee who is ordinarily a resident of a constituency and registered as a voter but employed in any central Govt. organisation/Industial Establishmen located outside the constituency having a general/bye-election.
3.In connection with local body elections, viz Panchayat/Corporation/Muncipality, the Govt. emloyees who are bonafied voters and desire to exercise their franchise should be offered reasonable facility, subject to normal exigencies of services, either by coming late to office or being allowed to leave office early or a short absence on that day.

For orders click here

The Department of Posts has launched the International Money Transfer Service (IMTS) in association with MoneyGram in 100 Post Offices across Delhi, Punjab and Tamil Nadu Circles on 29th September 2011

Dear Comrades,
The Department of Posts has entered into an International Cooperation Agreement with MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc., USA to offer to the general public the MoneyGram International Money Transfer Service through selected Post Offices in India. This service has been launched on 29th September 2011 by Shri Kapil Sibal, Hon’ble Minister of Human Resource Development, Communications & IT in the presence of Shri Sachin Pilot, Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications & IT.

Monday, October 10, 2011

LGO Examination scheduled to be held on 15/10/2011 is chnaged to 16/10/2011

Dear Comrades,
LGO examination scheduled to be held on 15/10/2011as scheduled vide DOP Lr.No.A-34012/04/2011-DE dated 07/09/2011 is changed to 16/10/2011. All the aspirants are requested to note the change. Orders will be posted shortly.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Grant of DR to Central Government Pensioners/Family Pensioners revised rate effective from 01/07/2011-orders issued

Dear Comrades,
Department of Pension&Pensioners Welfare has been issued orders for payment of DR to Central government Pensioners/Family Pensioners revised rate effective from 01/07/2011@ 58% vide Memo No.F.No.42/15/2011-P&PW(G) dated 05/10/2011.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Grant of Special Allowance for Child Care for Women with Disability-DOPT clarification

Dear comrades,
A Clarification issued by DOPT in respect of grant of Special Allowance for Child Care for Women with disability vide Memo No.12011/04/2008-Estt.(AL) dated 26/09/2011.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

DA Orders issued by Finance Ministry

Dear Comrades,
Finance Ministry issued payment of DA Orders revised rates w.e.f.01/07/2011 @58% vide Memo No.1(14)/2011-E-II (B) dated 03/10/2011. Now the revised rate of DA is 58% w.e.f 01/07/2011.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maximum Deposit in savings accounts - ceiling removed

SB ORDER NO. 20/2011

No. F.No.113-23/2005-SB
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110001,

Dated: 27.09.2011
To All Heads of Circles/Regions Addl. Director General, APS, New Delhi.

Subject:- Removal of ceiling of maximum balance to be retained in a post office savings account- amendment to Rule-4 of the Post Office Savings Account Rules 1981 regarding.

Sir / Madam,
The undersigned is directed to say that issue of removal of ceiling of Rs.1 lac in single savings account and Rs.2 Lac in Joint Savings Account fixed in the year 2000 was under consideration in the Min. of Finance (DEA). This issue was linked to the benefit of exemption in Income Tax on the interest earned in Post Office Savings Account under Section10(15) (i) of Income Tax Act, 1961 by the CBDT and Min. of Finance (DEA). After sustained efforts on the part of this Directorate, Min. of Finance (DEA) has now amended Rule-4 of the Post Office Savings Account Rules 1981 vide G.S.R.681(E) F.No.2/5/2006-NS-II dated 15.9.2011 (copy enclosed). Some major benefits of this amendment are given below:

(i) From 1.10.2011, there will be no limit for retaining balance in single as well as joint savings account.
(ii) A depositor or depositor(s) can deposit any amount into single as well as joint savings account.
(iii) Maturity value of any savings instrument can be credited into savings account of the depositor standing in the same post office irrespective of the balance in the account.
(i) Any cheque either issued by Postmaster or any other authority irrespective of any amount can be credited into post office savings account irrespective of the balance in the account.
(ii) From the Financial year 2011-12, Interest income of Rs.3500/- in the case of single account and Rs.7000/- in case of Joint account will be exempted from Income Tax. (Section 10(15) (i) of Income Tax Act, 1961 amended vide Notification No. 32/2010 {F.No. 173/13/2011-IT A.I}/S.O.1296(E) dated 03.06.2011)
(iii) It is the duty of the depositor(s) to show the interest income earned from Post Office Savings Account(s) beyond the limit prescribed above in the Income Tax return and pay due Income Tax.

1. It is requested that all field units may be directed to give wide publicity to these changes in the shape of Public Notice and printing of leaflets.
2. This issues with the approval of DDG(FS).
Yours faithfully,
(Kawal Jit Singh)
Assistant Director (SB)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Productivity Linked Bonus for the accounting year 2010-11 - Directorate orders

The Orders for payment of PLB for Postal Employees have been issued today evening. It will be 60 Days. The maximum ceiling will be Rs.3500/- for Regular Employees; Rs.2500/- for GDS; and Rs.1200/- for Casual including Temporary Status Casual Labourers.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Revision of Cash Handling/Special Allowance-DOPT Orders

Dear comrades,
DOPT issued orders to revise Special Allowance and Cash Handling Allowance vide Memo No.4/6/2008-Estt.(Pay II) dated 13/09/2011. According to the order "the OM NO.4/6/2008-Estt.(Pay II) dated 01/10/2008 states that the rates of special Allowance and Cash Handling Allowance will be automatically incresed by 25% every time the Dearness allowance payable on revised pay scales goes up by 50%"

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ammendment to CCS (Leave) rules-DOPT Orders

Dear Comrades,
Union Governement issued Gazzet notification to ammed CCS (Leave) Rules 1972 vide notification dated 26/08/2011. According to third ammendment
"38-A. Encashment of Earned Leave along with Leave Travel Concession
while in service. -
(1) A Government servant may he permitted to encash earned leave up to ten days at the time of availing of Leave Travel Concession while in service, subject to the conditions that -
(a) a balance of atleast thirty days of earned leave is available to his credit after taking into account the period of encashment as well as leave being availed of:
(b) the total leave so encashed during the entire career does not exceed sixty clays in the aggregate;
(2) The cash equivalent for encashment of leave under sub-rule (I) shall he calculated 
(3) No House Rent Allowance shall he included in the cash equivalent calculated under sub-rule (2);
(4) The period of earned leave encashed shall not he deducted from the quantum of leave that can normally be encashed by the Government Servant under rules 6.
39, 39-A, 39-H, 39-C and 39-D:
(5) If the Government Servant fails to avail the I .eave Travel Concession within the time prescribed under the Central Civil Services (Leave Travel Concession) Rules, 1988, then he shall be required to refund the entire amount of leave so encashed alongwith interest at the rate of two percent above the rate of interest
allowed by the Government as applicable to Provident Fund balances and shall also he entitled for credit back of leave so debited for leave encashment.'".
Click below link for orders

Fourth Ammendment
43-C( I). Subject to the provisions of this rule, a woman Government servant may he granted child care leave by an authority competent to grant leave for a maximum period of 730 days during her entire service for taking care of her two eldest surviving children, whether for rearing or for looking after any of their needs, such as education, sickness and the like.
(2) For the purposes of sub-rule ( 1 ). "child" means-
(a) a child below the age of eighteen years: or
(h) a child below the age of twenty-two years with a minimum disability of forty per cent as specified in the Government of India in Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment's Notification No.16-18/97-N1.1, dated the l'June, 2001.
(3) Grant of child care leave to a woman Government servant under subrule
(I) shall he subject to the following conditions, namely:-
(i) it shall not be granted for more than three spells in a calendar year;
(ii) it shall not be granted for a period less than fifteen days at a time; and
(iii) it shall not ordinarily be granted during the probation period except in case of certain extreme situations where the leave sanctioning authority is satisfied about the need of child care leave to the probationer.
Provided that the period for which such leave is sanctioned is minimal.
(4) During the period of child care leave, the woman Government servant shall he paid leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave.
(5) Child care leave may be combined with leave of any other kind.
(6) Notwithstanding the requirement of production of medical certificate contained in sub-rule (I) of rule 30 or sub-rule (I) of rule 31, leave of the kind due and admissible (including Commuted Leave not exceeding sixty days and Leave Not Due) tipto a maximum of one year, if applied for, he granted in continuation with child care leave granted under sub-rule (I ).
(7) Child care leave shall not he debited against the leave account.'
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Grant of Family Pension to dependent Parents of a deceased Government Employee

Dear Comrades,
It is here by clarified vide memo No.1/2/07-P&PW(E) dated 02/09/2011that in case the deceased government servant is not survived by a widow/widower or a child, the dependent parents become ditectly eligible to receive family pension. In case where a deceased Government servant is survived by a widow/widower or a child, and the position changes subsequently because of death or re-marriage of the spouse and/or death or ineligibility of child/children including a disabled child, the dependent parents become eligible for family pension. However, in terms of this deparment's OM No.38/37/08-P&PW (A) dated 02/09/08, a childless widow subject to dependency criteria, is entitled to the family pension even after her re-marriage. In such an event, the parents of the deceased employee becom entitled to the family pension only after the childless widow dies or when her independent income from all other sources becomes equal to or higher than that prescribed for dependency criterion under the Rules.

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Grant of Family Pension to the eligible member of the family of a pensioner-DOPT latest order

Dear Comrades,
DOPT issued fresh guidelines on grant of family pension to the eligible member of the family of a pensioner vide Memo No.F.No.1/17/2011-P&PW(E) dated14/09/2011. The order clarifies as follows
It is hereby clarified that as the previous instructions did not make any distinction between the gevernment servant and the pensioner, the family pension to teh family of a missing pensioner would accrue with effect from the date of lodging the FIR or from to the date immediately succeeding the day till pension had been last paid to the pensioner, whichever is later. Accordingly, arrears in past cases would also be admissible.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Flash News...

The Union Cabinet today approved to increase Dearness Allowance by 7% to Central Government employees.The rate of Dearness allowance shall be enhanced from the existing rate of 51% to 58%.
Revised rates effective from 1.7.2011. Orders will be issued by Finance Ministry in next week.

Mass Dharna on 19/09/2011 at CPMG office Postponed

Dear Comrades,
Due to prevailing situation in Hyderabad in connection with Telangana Agitation Mass Dharna going to be held on 19/09/2011 at Dak Sadan, Hyderabad is Postponed. The revised dates will be intimated soon.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dearness allowance for Central Government employees may be announced on 15th September, 2011

Dear Comrades,
Bonus and D.A. for central staff may be announced on 15th September.According to reliable sources, the Cabinet may consider the proposal of hike of 7% Dearness Allowance w.e.f 01.07.2011 and diwali bonus to Central staff day after tomorrow, the 15th September

Make 19/09/2011 Mass Dharna a grand success

All Circle Office Bearers
All Branch/Divisional Secretaries

As per the Programme of Action against the Contributory Negligence call given by Circle Union Mass Dharna is going to be held on 19/09/2011 at Dak Sadan, Hyderabad. It is requested to all of you to mobilise rank and file and make 19/09/2011 Dharna a grand Success.

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If you download and install adobe reader then only you can able to view/print all these orders placed in our site.Thank you comrades.

DOPT issued a wonderfull order regarding Govt. servants covered by New Pension Scheme

According to this order Govt. Servants who appointed on or after 01/01/2004 will cover New Pension Scheme can get Provisional Pension according to Old Pension Scheme where Govt.Servant Died/Retired on medical invalidation.For details Please click this link to down load the order



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