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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Enhancement of Higher Value withdrawal amount-Directorate orders

Dear comrades,
Postal Directorate has been issued orders for enhancing the minimum amount for verification of higher value with drawl vide memo No.113-02/2001-SB dated 26/02/2013. Now the amount is enhanced from Rs.5000/- to Rs.10000/- w.e.f 01/03/2013.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Two days Strike a grand success- Red salutes to the comrades

Dear Comrades,
As per the call given by Central JCA two days Strike is a Grand Success. More than 90% staff are participated through out the Circle. Single postal transaction or Single letter mail has not been took place/delivered through post offices in the circle. Totally postal services are stopped. Once again unity is proved against the anti workers policies of the Union Government. On be half of Circle JCA and on be half of AIPEU Group-C I convey my heart felt congratulations to all the members who participated in the Two days Strike and made it a grand success. Red Salutes to All the members.

Strike meeting at Hyd Gpo on 21-2-2013

With holding of 10% Gratuity from the retiring Govt. Servant-Clarification issued by Ministry of Pensions and Pensioners Welfare

Dear Comrades,
DOP&PW in its OM No.20/16/1998-P&PW(F) dated 19/02/2013 clarified that 10% of Gratuity can be with hold from a retiring Govt. Servants if and only inf there is any outstanding Govt. dues pertaining to Govt. Accommodation. If there is no dues pertaining to Govt. Accommodation there is no need of with holding of 10% Gratuity from retiring Govt. Servants.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013



20-02-2013 Strike in Prakasam Division

ప్రకాశం డివిజనులో సమ్మె నూరు శాతం 
ప్రకాశం ఫోటోలు 
ఒంగోలు లో 
ఒంగోలు ఊరేగింపు 
ఒంగోలు సభలో 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


 A MEETING WAS HELD AT GUNTUR HO ON 19-02-2013 for 2 days strike mobilization

and all FNPO leaders are also participated in the meeting.
Huge no of comrades from all over the divison were participated in the meeting

February 20, 21 General Strike- an update

Discussion with Government again failed

Central Trade Unions rejected the Government’s, appeal to call off the strike.

10 Crores workers will participate in the strike.

13 lakhs Central Government employees including 5.5 lakhs Postal employees joining historic two days strike. Entire Postal and RMS offices including Branch Post offices will be completely closed for two days. Ensure cent per cent success.

Monday, February 18, 2013

DOPT orders on Proposed Strike-Govt.'s anti trade union Move

Dear Comrades,
Union Government issued stringent instructions against the employees right to strike. Government decided to creat obstacles to the employees/workers for participating in Strike or this is an anti trade union move. In this connection DOPT issued instructions to the Ministries and Departments to act against the proposed Strike vide Memo No.D.O. No. 33012/1(s)/2013-Estt-B  Dated the 15th  February, 2013. We have to Participate in the strike and make it grand success though the Government may take its own course of action.

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Joint Secretary (AT & Admn.)
Tel (011)2309 4276
Fax:(011)2309 2869

D.O. No. 33012/1(s)/2013-Estt-B  Dated the 15th  February, 2013
Dear Sir/Madam,
The Joint Platform of Action of Government and Associate Services Employee's Organizations — All India Committee has given a notice that the affiliated organizations of JPA and the mass of employees working in Government services throughout the country will boycott work and resort to various forms of protest action
on two days Nationwide General strike on 20th  & 21 st  February, 2013 in pursuance of their Charter of Demands. 2. The instructions issued by the Department of Personnel & Training prohibit the Government servants from participating in any form of strike including mass casual leave, go-slow etc. or any action that abet any form of strike in violation of Rule 7 of the CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964. Besides, in accordance with the proviso to Rule 17 (1) of the Fundamental Rules, pay and allowances is not admissible to an employee for his absence from duty without any authority. As to the concomitant rights of an Association after it is formed, they cannot be different from the rights which can be claimed by the individual members of which the Association is composed. It follows that the right to form an Association does not include any guaranteed right to strike. There is no statutory provision empowering the employees to go on strike. The
Supreme Court has also agreed in several judgments that going on a strike is a grave misconduct under the Conduct Rules and that misconduct by the Government employees is required to be dealt with in accordance with the law. Any employee going on strike in any form would face the consequences which, besides eduction of wages, may also include appropriate disciplinary action. In this connection, your kind attention is also drawn to this Department's OM No. 33012/1(s)/2008-Estt (B) (pt) dated 12th  September, 2008 (copy enclosed) 3. A Joint Consultative Machinery for Central Government employees' is already functioning. This scheme has been introduced with the object of promoting harmonious relations and of securing the greatest measure of co-operation between the Government, in its capacity as employer, and the general body of its employees in matters of common concern, and with the object, further of increasing the
efficiency of the public service. The JCM at the different levels have been discussing issues brought before it for consideration and either reaching amicable settlement or referring the matter to the Board of Arbitration in relation to pay and allowances, weekly hours of work and leave, whenever no amicable settlement could be reached in relation to these items.

4. The Central Government Employees under your Ministry/Departments may, therefore, be suitably informed of the aforesaid instructions under the Conduct Rules issued by this Department and other regulations upheld by the Hon'ble Supreme Court and dissuaded from resorting to strike in any form. You may also issue instructions not to sanction Casual Leave or other kind of leave to employees if applied for, during the period of the proposed strike and ensure that the willing employees are allowed hindrance free entry into the office premises. For this purpose, Joint secretary (Admn) may be entrusted with the task of coordinating with security personnel. Suitable contingency plan may also be worked out to carry out
the various functions of the Ministry/Department.
5. In case the employees go on strike, a report indicating the number of employees
who took part in the proposed strike may be conveyed to this Department on the
evening of the day.
With kind regards,
Yours sincerely, 
(Manoj Joshi)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Compilation of 10 Master Circulars issued by PFRDA

Click here to get the detailed circular issued by the PFRDA
PFRDA/ 2013/2/ PDEX / 2
January 22, 2013
All POP’sAggregators, CRA, Central and State Governments,
Dear Sir/ Madam,
Sub: Master Circular on Product design and Exit from National Pension System (NPS)
For effective regulation of the exits from National Pension System (NPS) PensionFund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) has been issuing variouscirculars from time to time.  In order to enable all the stakeholders and other users to have an access to all the applicable circulars at one place,  this Master Circular  has been prepared.
This Master Circular is a compilation of all the circulars issued by PFRDA on the above subject issued up to December 31, 2012 and which are operational as on date of this circular.
Yours faithfully,
Venkateswarlu Peri
General Manager

Payment of Addl.Fee under RTI Act-2005-DOPT Clarification

Dear Comrades,
In a recent development DOPT issued clarification regarding timely intimation of payment of additional fee under RTI Act-2005 vide memo No.F. No.12/31/2013-IR dated 11/02/2013. Click here to get the order copy.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Dear Comrades,
Department of Health and Family Welfare has placed List of Life Saving Medicines in its website. To Know the detailes Click Here.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

20th and 21st February 2013 Strike Preparations

All Branch/Divisional Secretaries
All Circle Office Bearers

It is requested to mobilise the rank and file to be prepared for ensuing two day general Strike as per the call given by the Central JCA. You are requested to follow the Strike tour programme strictly and educate the member about importance of the ensuing two day strike. You are also requested to utilise the maximum utilisation of pamphlets and other campaign material effectively. Get ready for the Success full two day Strike .

Two latest CGHS orders


29th AIC Logo Released by the Reception Committee

29th AIC - March 10, 11, 12 Thiruvananthapuram - Logo Released on 7th February By Com. Anathalavattom Anandan, Ex-MLA & State President CITU Kerala. Com. M. Krishnan, CHQ President and Com. Jacob Thomas, General Convenor, Reception Committee are also seen.

Friday, February 1, 2013

We are not going to surrender

                                            WE ARE NOT GOING TO SURRENDER.

                                   JOIN THE TWO DAYS STRIKE ON FEBRUARY 20 & 21

We, the Postal employees, have a proud and inspiring history of participating in the freedom struggle of our country against the British imperialism and in the post-independent India against the onslaughts of the retrograde policies of the Government of India. Many of our leaders and comrades have sacrificed their life for the cause of the coming generation. Job security, wages, pension and other service benefits are all the outcome of the struggle and sacrifice of hundreds and thousands of such comrades. They faced dismissal, removal, suspension, increment cut, transfer to remote places, break-in-service and other severe victimisations. Dies-non was not at all a punishment for them. They never complained about wage-cut due to dies-non. Not even a single benefit was given by the Government without struggle and consequent heavy victimisations. 1st to 6th Pay Commissions were appointed by the Government only after the united struggle of the employees, each time.

Now we are facing a very crucial and critical situation. The ill-effects of the neo-liberal economic policies of the Central Government has become the greatest threat to the survival of the entire working class, especially Central Government employees including five and a half lakhs Postal, R M S and Gramin Dak Sevaks. The question before us is -Are we able to protect our job security and hard-earned benefits? Are we ready to fight or are we going to surrender before this attack? The answer is - No. We are not going to surrender. We will continue our fight till the imperialist globalisation policies are thrown to winds, just as we have thrown the British imperialism out of our country. We are not alone, crores and crores of workers and employees are with us in this fight. We are ready for sacrifice. We are not going to run away from our responsibilities. We shall face the challenge and continue our fight to change the system in our favour. Ultimate victory will be ours.

It is this uncompromising spirit and the readiness for sacrifice, that made National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE) to join the two-days historic strike of the working class on 2013 February 20, 21. The strike is being organised by the entire trade unions including INTUC, BMS and the left trade unions. In the Postal, the strike is organised by Central JCA, including NFPE and the INTUC affiliated FNPO. This is the first time in the history of India a cent per cent united strike of 48 hours by all the Unions and Federtions is taking place. More than ten crores workers will participate in the strike. The working class of India, in one voice, demand the UPA Government to change the imperialist globalisation policies.

Central Government employees are the first victims of the neo-liberal economic policies pursued by the Central Government from 1991 onwards. During the last twenty years about eight lakhs posts are abolished. Still five lakhs posts are lying vacant in various departments. Many departments are closed or privatised. More and more casual and contract workers are engaged. Social security schemes, including statutory Pension scheme are given a go-bye. Instead, share market oriented contributory Pension scheme is introduced. Three lakhs Gramin Dak Sevaks of the Postal department are denied of their legitimate rights. Casual, Part-time, contingent employees are not given their due wage revision. Even compassionate appointments are denied imposing arbitrary restrictions. Bonus ceiling not raised. Further the Government has declared the National Postal Policy 2012 which is nothing but a road-map to privatisation of Postal Services by granting licences to the multi-national courier services.

The demand for appointment of 7th Pay Commission is not yet accepted, inspite of the thundering success of the 12th December 2012 strike organised by Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers. As an impact of the strike, all the Central Trade Unions have submitted a memorandum to the Finance Minister to announce constitution of 7th CPC in the February 2013 budget itself. Still the Government is silent on Pay Commission and merger of 50% DA. February 20, 21 strike is a continuation of 12th December strike.

The steep rise in prices of essential commodities, disbanding of the public distribution system, deregulation of petrol and diesel prices , disinvestment of public sector, rise in unemployment, shrinking of employment opportunities, proposed move to amend the labour laws in favour of the employers, attack on social security, denial of assured pension for all, introduction of contract and casual labour system in all sectors, denial of minimum wage of Rs.10,000/- to industrial workers, refusal to remove bonus and PF ceilings etc. are all due to this neo-liberal economic policies.

The attack is all round. To save the Postal, to save the Central Govt. departments, to save the public sector, to save the common people and workers of our country including Postal employees the only way out is to fight back these policies. Let us wholeheartedly join this struggle and make it a historic success.

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DOPT issued a wonderfull order regarding Govt. servants covered by New Pension Scheme

According to this order Govt. Servants who appointed on or after 01/01/2004 will cover New Pension Scheme can get Provisional Pension according to Old Pension Scheme where Govt.Servant Died/Retired on medical invalidation.For details Please click this link to down load the order



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