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Friday, September 28, 2012

DA orders issued by Finance Ministry

Dear Comrades,
Finance Ministry issued enhanced DA orders vide Memo No.1(8)/2012-E-II (B) dated 28/09/2012. The same is placed here for the information of the members.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Speed Post rates are going to be revised from 01/10/2012

Dear Comrades,
Speed Post tarif is going to be hiked w.e.f. 01/10/2012 vide Lr.No.57-06/2011-BD&MD(pt) dated 21/09/2012.  This is for information of the members. as per the revised tarif local speed post is Rs.15/- and other articles up to 50gm. is Rs.25 up to 200Kms.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Expected DA 7% from 01/07/2012

Dear Comrades,
It is known from the confidential sources that the union Government is going to be declared DA hike as 7% w.e.f 01/07/2012. The decision will announce in the ensuing cabinet meeting. This is for the information of the members.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

AIPEUGr'C' Mahila Committee.

The 34th bi-ennial Circle Conference held at Vijayanagaram from 9th sep 2012 to 12th sep 2012 formed a mahila sub committee with the following mahil members.
Chairman:            Ms.P.Vijaya PA Vijayawada.HO.
Convener :           Ms. T.Sakuntala OA O/o SSPOs Secunderabad Division Hyderabad -80
Co-Conveners 1) Ms.Rajarajeswari.PA Visakhapatnam.HO.
                        2) Ms. B.Vijaya Lakshmi PA Adoni.HO
                        3) Ms. P.Sravani Kumari SPM Grian Market .PO Mancherial

AIPEU Gr'C'Circle Union Advisory Board

The following deligates were elected unanimosouly as Circle Union Advisory Board Members  in the 34th bi-ennial Circle conference  held at Vijayanagaram from 9th sep 2012 to12th sep2012.
1) Ms. K.Pushpeswari Devi SPM JNTU PO Hyderabad -85.
2) Com.Ch. Suryanarayana  PA Viasakhapatnam.HO.
3) Com T. Surya Rao APM Kakinada.HO.
4) Com. P.Bhasker Rao APM Vijayawada. HO.
5) Com. Sudhakara Naidu SPM Chittoor Bazar.SO.
6) Com. Shaik Mazurul Haque APM Nandyal.HO.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Four monthly meeting minutes with CPMG

                                            DEPARTMENT OF POSTS: INDIA
                               OFFICE OF THE CHIEF POST MASTER GENERAL
                                              A.P.CIRCLE HYDERABAD-1
The Minutes of Four-Monthly meeting with Chief Postmaster General by the representatives of AIPEU Gr-C Union (NFPE) held on 06.09.2012 in the O/o the CPMG, A.P. Circle, Hyderabad is produced below. The following have attended the meeting.
Official Side:
Ms. Karuna Pillai, CPMG, AP Circle, Hyderabad
Ms. Mariamma Thomas, DPS (Hqrs), Circle Office, Hyderabad
Ms. N R Visalatchy, DPS (Mails & SP), Circle Office, Hyderabad
Sri K Ramakrishna, ACAO, O/o DA (P), Hyderabad – 500 001
Sri E V Rao, APMG (Vig.), Circle Office, Hyderabad
Union Side:
Sri DASV Prasad, Circle Secretary, AIPEU Gr-C, PA, Secunderabad HO – 500 003.
Sri Ch. Sreedhara Swamy, Branch Secretary, AIPEU Gr-C & PA, Secunderabad HO.
Sl.No. Old Items Reply
1-11/2011 Irregular identification of more than 30% Post Master Grade – I posts in Hyderabad City Region.
The identification of Postmaster Grade – I in HCR is more than 30% is identified by the Circle Office. But as per the Directorate orders only 30% posts in LSG posts are to be identified as Postmaster Grade – I posts. This identification is clear violation of DG (P) orders. Immediate rectification is requested. A copy of the Gazette Notification is yet to be supplied by the Unions. Therefore, no follow up action could be initiated till now.ITEM CLOSED
1-04/2012 De-quarterisation of Sanath Nagar PO in Hyderabad City Division.
Sanath Nagar PO is HSG-I Post Office located in Industrial Area which is highly polluted. Even though it is big industrial area because of policies most of the industries are cut down their shifts in their production units, because of this the total industrial area become desert in the night time. In that situation the family members of the Postmaster feeling not only loneliness but also afraid to stay in that quarters. In this situation the quarter portion may be utilised for some other purpose by de-quarterizing the PO.
The matter is still under process.
New Items
Sl.No. New Items Reply
1-09/2012 Supply of high power capacity Gen set to Secunderabad.HO.
At present there are two gensets in Secunderabad. HO. which are not giving sufficient power supply to all branches. Hence it is requested to supply of High power capacity gen set to Secunderabad HO.
This will be taken up in the R.E.
2-09/2012 Grant of TA to the official who worked for settlement of minus balances and other discrepancies in small savings schemes in twin cities.
Circle office has constituted a team to settle the minus balances and other discrepancies in twin cities vide CO l. no FS/CBS/Data Up gradation/2012 dated 18-4-2012. The team has visited most of the offices and settled the minus balances and other discrepancies. They visited the offices by using their own vehicles, so that they are eligible mileage allowances. It is requested to grant mileage allowance or TA as per Directorate orders.
Suitable instructions already issued to all the Units in H.C.R. vide CO letter No. FS / CBS / Data Updation / 2012 dated 07.08.2012 ITEM CLOSED
3-09/2012 Replacement of ACs in financial mart branch at Secunderabad HO.
There are 5 Acs in Secunderabad HO, financial mart branch with 7.5 tonnes capacity. They are not working properly and public who are coming to that branch and employees who are working in that branch are suffering with suffocation. Hence it is requested to replace the old Acs and supply with high capacity of Acs to that branch. The SSPOs, Secunderabad Division reported that split ACs of 1.5 tonnes each and one window AC available in Financial Mart at Secunderabad HO. The 5 split ACs were got repaired in March – 2012.
The SSPOs will be addressed to explore the feasibility of providing additional windows and fans instead of A.Cs as is done for general counters.ITEM CLOSED

Saturday, September 15, 2012

104th RJCM meeting minutes

                                                 DEPARTMENT OF POSTS: INDIA

                                   OFFICE OF THE CHIEF POSTMASTER GENERAL

                                                        A.P.CIRCLE HYDERABAD-1
Sri D.A.S.V.Prasad,
Secretary, Staff Side,
Secunderabad H.O.,
No. U / 11-104 / 2012 dated at Hyderabad-1 the .09.2012
Sub: - Minutes of 104th RJCM meeting held on 28.08.2012 at Nagarjunasagar - Reg.
A copy of the minutes of 104th RJCM meeting held on 28.08.2012 at Nagarjunasagar is enclosed for information.
DA: As above.
Yours Sincerely,
Asst. Postmaster General (Vigilance),
for Chief Postmaster General,
AP Circle, Hyderabad - 500001
Copy to:1-6).All the RJCM members with a copy of minutes.

1). Sri R J MadhusudhanaRao, Circle Secretary,R-III, B-I P& T Quarters, Chikkadpally, Hyd-20
2). SK.Humayun, Circle Secretary, P-IV & Sorting Postman, Nellore H.O.
3). Y.Bhoomeshwar, Circle President, AIRMSMMS & Gr.’D’, A.P.Circle, H.No.11-100,
Babujagjeevanram Nagar, Malkajgiri, Hyd.
4). K.Ramachandram, Circle Secretary, AIPAOEUGr.C&D, AP Circle & PA, O/o CPMG, Hyd-1.
5). D.Kishan Rao, G/S, NAPE Gr –C & PA working at Khairatabad HO, Hyderabad.
6). N.Ramappa, Circle Secretary, NUR-IV, AP Circle, H.No.15/5/21, Sivasanker Nagar, Adoni 518301.
7-10). The Postmaster-General, Hyderabad / Vijayawada / Visakhapatnam / Kurnool Region for kind information and necessary action.
11). The DA (P), Hyderabad - 500001 for kind information and necessary action.
12). The PMG (BD), Hyderabad – 500 001 for kind information and necessary action.
13-21). All concerned Group officers of Circle office. The respective group officers should take
immediate action on the pending aspects shown in the minutes and report compliance within 10 days.
APMG (Vig) / APMG (FS & BD) / AD (Rectt & Wlf) / AD (Bldgs) / AD (Estt) / AD (Mails) / ADM(PLI) / AAO (A/Cs & Bdgt) / SS (Staff Section)
for CPMG,A.P.Circle,Hyderabad-1
Minutes of 104th R.J.C.M. Meeting dated 28.08.2012 held at Nagarjunasagar.
The 104th R.J.C.M. meeting was held at Nagarjunasagar on 28.08.2012. Chief PMG chaired the meeting. The following have attended the meeting:-
OFFICIAL SIDE STAFF SIDE Ms.Karuna Pillai, Chief PMG, A.P. Circle, Hyderabad Chairperson
RJCM Shri D.A.S.V.Prasad Secretary,
Staff Side,RJCM
Shri K.P.Sethy, P.M.G, Kurnool Region Member Shri R J Madhusudhana Rao Member
Shri A.K.A.Joshi, P.M.G,Vijayawada Region Member Shri K.Ramachandram Member
Shri Chandra Prakash, P.M.G, Visakhapatnam Region Member Shri D Kishan Rao Member
Shri V.Pati, PMG, Hyderabad Region Member Shri Y Bhoomeshwar Member
Smt. K Sandhya Rani,PMG (BD) Member Shri N Ramappa Member
Smt. Mariamma Thomas,DPS (Hqrs) Secretary,Official Side
Sri A Ranganath Shyam,DA (P) Member
Shri E.V.Rao, APMG (Vigilance) also sat in the meeting to assist the Chief PMG.
Staff Side – Old Items
Item No. 8-7/2010:Payment of incentive to the Development Officers (P.L.I) which was held up due to Audit objection.
Outcome: The matter since referred to Directorate.
Item No. 2:Provision of lift in Hyderabad GPO and Vijayawada R.O.
Outcome:Hyderabad GPO: Lifts are in use with effect from 31-07-2012.
Vijayawada RO: Work order will be placed for supply of lift and it is awaited.
Item No. 1-2/2011:Proper maintenance and utilization of P&T colony Community Hall, Chikkadapally.
Outcome: Estimates are ready. The work will be taken up. Staff side pointed out that electrification in the Community Hall also needs to be rearranged. This will also be examined.
Item No. 5-9/2011: Non-implementation of M.T.S. Recruitment Rules in A.P. Circle. As per the M.T.S. Recruitment Rules vide D.G. (Posts) letter No.45-2/2011 dated 27.1.2011, the Gazette Notification dated 20.12.2010 was circulated and as per these Recruitment Rules, 50% of the vacancies are to be filled by the G.D.S. and 25% are to be filled by Casual Labours working in that Division. But, till date, the same was not implemented in respect of 25% vacancies in A.P. Circle.
Outcome: As per the minutes of DPC for selection of MTS under 25% quota for casual laborers, the selection of the candidates in Ananthapur Division was done as per the provisions of MTS Recruitment Rules, 2011 communicated vide Directorate letter No. 45-2/2011 SPB dated 27-01-2011.ITEMCLOSED
Item No. 3-05/2012: Filling up of the driver posts in MMS.
There are25 ordinary schedules, 8 speed post schedules, 6 cash vans 2 half cash vans 3 cargo schedules 1 EPP and 1 SPC. Only 35 regular drivers are working as per norms 48 drivers are required. Irregularly in Hyderabad MMS 7 drivers posts were abolished in the name of ADR scheme. As such the chairperson is requested to filling up of all vacant post by recruiting drivers.
Outcome:Permission has been accorded to fill up 7 posts of MMS drivers and recruitment of drivers is under process. The abolition of 7 driver posts under ADR Plan is according to the orders of Directorate. There are no more vacancies to be filled. All vacancies up to 31.12.2012 are taken into consideration. Further, the matter will be taken up with Directorate separately about filling up of the other posts earmarked for abolition under ADR as these posts are operative in nature.(ITEM CLOSED)
Item No. 5-05/2012: Non showing of Service Books to the officials by heads of the office.
Though the Rule 202 of Supplementary Rules stipulates to show the Service Books to the officials under his administrative control every year and to obtain their signature in token of their having inspected the Service Books, no officer is following the Rule. It is requested to issue suitable directions to all the concerned to follow provisions.
Outcome: Instructions since reiterated from Circle Office.( ITEM CLOSED)
Item No. 7-05/2012 De quarterization of Tenali HO, Guntur HO and BK Peta (Vijayawada) HO.
The Post attached quarters of Tenali HO, Guntur HO and BK Peta (Vijayawada)HO are being used for keeping old records and are not feasible for living as per the justified Standards of Accommodation. It is requested to take necessary action to de quarter the above offices.
Outcome: De-quarterisation of these 3 Postmaster’s quarters is not agreed to.
In respect of Tenali H.O, old records kept so far are since removed. Minor repairs required will be attended and quarter kept ready for occupation.
In respect of B.K.Pet H.O, some old records are there in the quarters. They will be removed and shifted to other offices. Till such shorter period, eligible HRA will be allowed to the Postmaster.
In respect of Guntur H.O, the present incumbent is also getting HRA. Old records were since removed. The quarter will be kept ready by the time the regular Postmaster joins.(ITEM CLOSED)
New ItemsItem No. 1-8/2012: Irregular Audited objection raised by P&T Audit to recover Children Education Allowance from 3 officials in Vijayanagaram Division Copy of the Audit objection, SPOs Vijayanagaram letter addressed to Dy.Director of Audit and reply from Asst Audit Officer is enclosed for information.
Outcome: SPOs, Vizianagaram Dn. has taken up the matter with P&T Audit, but, it has not been accepted. R.O, Visakhapatnam will take up the issue with P & T Audit for admittance of the item.
Item No. 2-8/2012: Irregular Audit objection raised by the P&T Audit for recovery of Incentive paid for NREGS work at Wanaparthy Division. P&T Audit has made an objection while auditing at Wanaparthy Division for recovery of excess payment of NREGS Incentive from the two officials.
As per PMG (BD), AP Circle orders there is no ceiling for grant incentive for doing NREGS Work. PMG is requested for issue of orders to SPOs Wanaparthy not to recover the incentive from the official.
Outcome: AIR Audit party raised an objection on Wanaparthy H.O. that the NREGS incentive was paid to the staff without observing ceiling limit of ` 4,000/- per annum as prescribed in the DOP order No.01-14/200-RB dated 18.1.2010 to the extent of ` 81,132/- in 3 cases. As per the details of the para, the Postmaster has not contested the objection and replied that the cases were recorded for recovery.
The SPOs, Wanaparthy Dn. reported that the incentive was granted to the officials in accordance with the orders contained in C.O. letter No.BD/5-86/EGS/05-06/KW dated 11.5.2007, wherein, no ceiling is fixed for payment of incentive and the claim is pertaining to the period from 08/07 to 03/09 and orders contained in the DOP order No.01-14/200-RB are effective from 18.1.2010.
It is also intimated that the recovery as ordered by the Audit party has not been implemented by the Postmaster, Wanaparthy H.O. so far. This will be further pursued by R.O, Hyderabad.
Item No. 3-8/2012: Non implementation of CPMG orders in connection with filling up of SPM posts by SPOs Rajahmundry and SPOs Kakinada.
CPMG vide CO letter no ST/1-3/RT/VM/2007 dated 12-7-2012,instructions issued by the PMG Visakhapatnam vide their letter no. Dated 07-5-2012 & 22-6-2012 are ordered to kept in abeyance for this year rotational transfers and until the clarification received from the Directorate in this regard. But SPOs Rajahmundry and SPOs Kakinada not implemented the above orders. Immediate implementation of the above orders requested.
Outcome: The orders are since implemented. Staff side contested that there is one case each pending in Kakinada & Rajahmundry Divisions still. The staff side submitted that two officials represented to Chief PMG for modification of the orders issued by Divisional Superintendent. They will be examined.ITEM CLOSED
Item No.4-8/2012: Immediate replacement Shabad rough stones by Tandur blue stones in RJCM office floor (B-1P&T quarters).
Outcome: It is under examination.
Item No.5-8/2012: Immediate repairs to toilet and false roof at RJCM office.
Outcome: It is under examination.
Item No. 6-8/2012:Exemption from professional tax to the Ex-servicemen reemployed in the Department of Posts.
As per the Ministry of Defense O.M.No 30(1430 86/D/Pay services dated 2-6-1987 the re-employed Ex-servicemen are exempted from recovery of professional tax. Though some of the DDOs are following the instructions many DDOs are not adhering to the instructions. We request issue of instructions to all the DDOs.
Outcome: The Ministry of Defence orders can be implemented if confirmed / communicated by State Government. In Andhra Pradesh, no such exemption order is issued by State Govt. The list of DDOs giving exemption may be furnished for taking necessary action. Further, this will be taken up with State Government by the Circle Office. ITEM CLOSED
Item No.7-8/2012:Dequarterisation and drawal of HRA.
As per the item No 1/01-2012 the proposals are to be examined on the basis of merit of each case. The following cases are referred already and pending. We request immediate examination.
a. In the case of Vengalraonager of Hyderabad City division the rent paid for the office is Rs. 2700/ and the quarters are not justified by the SOA.The incumbent is loosing HRA to the extent of Rs 6000/-
b. In r/o High court PO of Hyderabad the quarters cannot be occupied because of security arrangements. A report was already made.
Outcome:Report from SSPOs, Hyderabad City Dn has been received and is under process.
a) This case has been referred to Directorate.
b) Item No.8-8/2012: Provision of separate toilet for woman employees who are working in the Tadepalligudem Divn Office.
There is no separate toilet for woman employees who are working in Tadepalligudem.DO.
The issue was notified in the Bimonthly meeting of Vijayawada RO vide item no2-10/2011 instead of settle the issue PMG is replied that shifted them to HO or ask them to use HO toilets. This is the fate of the woman employees working in Vijayawada Region.
Outcome: Only 2 lady officials working in Divisional Office. It is not feasible to provide separate toilet to them. They can use the ladies toilet available in Head Post Office in the ground floor of the same building.ITEM CLOSED
Item No. 9-8/2012:
It is observed that number of pension cases in AP Circle are not being properly processed and finalized resulting in abnormal delay of more than six months after retirement of the official.This delay is causing financial strain and mental agony for the retired officials and their dependents.It is also observed that pension cases are not being initiated in various divisions before six months before retirement date of the officialas per the rules is one reason and another is delay in finalisation of pension cases in o/o DAP.
Outcome:The pension cases of those involved in disciplinary/court attachments etc., are only being delayed. All other pension cases are being finalized within a reasonable time i.e., one month. Orders on the subject will be reiterated to all the Units to start processing the pension cases well in advance as per Rules. ITEM CLOSED
Item No. 10-8/2012: The unions are addressing letters to Circle office and Regional Offices taking up some issues and also requesting for a line in reply regarding the position of the cases till finalization. We feel very bad no such action is being taken by CO&RO.
Outcome: The letters received from Circle Secretaries are being acknowledged. Thereafter, they are being examined and necessary action taken on merits. Staff side contended that except Staff Section of C.O, the letters are not being acknowledged by other Sections of C.O. and also the Regions. Instructions will be reiterated to all the Units to acknowledge letters received from the Union representatives promptly.ITEM CLOSED
Item No. 11-8/2012:Non-payment of DA to PAs attending induction training.
It was brought to the notice of this union that the PA/SAs who are appointed without prior induction training were given induction training after wards. The trainees have borne themselves all the expenses. The officials who are deputed for any training are entitled for TA and DA as per rates applicable on that date. The orders of the Directorate are very clear on this subject.
Clarification has since been received from CIFA that the PAs / SAs sent for induction training are entitled for TA / DA. This will be circulated to all the units. ITEM CLOSED
Official Side Item Item No. 01-8/2012:Date Entry in Speed Net Software:
It is observed that many offices are not doing date entry in Speed Net Software. As a result, Regions of Andhra Pradesh Circle are reflected in very low ranked with reference to MNOP performance. Staff side is requested to direct the staff to complete data entry work on day to day basis.

Outcome:Staff side agreed to direct the staff as suggested. Further, they wanted to supply required infrastructure to Post Offices and train the officials to enable them to discharge their duties satisfactorily

Hyd City Region Bimonthly meeting minutes

The Minutes of Bi-Monthly meeting with Director of Postal Services (Hqrs) by the representatives of AIPEU Gr-C Union (NFPE) held on 24.08.2012 in the O/o the CPMG, A.P. Circle, Hyderabad is produced below. The following have attended the meeting.
Official Side:
Ms. Mariamma Thomas, DPS (Hqrs), Circle Office, Hyderabad
Sri E V Rao, APMG (Vig.), Circle Office, Hyderabad
Union Side:
Sri DASV Prasad, Circle Secretary, AIPEU Gr-C & PA, Secunderabad HO, Secunderabad.
Sri T Suresh, Divisional Secretary, AIPEU Gr-C & PA, Secunderabad HO.
Sl.No. Old Items Reply
3-10/2011 Immediate shifting of the following Post offices in Hyderabad South East Division.
Stn. Kachiguda HO building is in dilapidated condition and Raipole is in congested accommodation. The officials who are working in those offices are facing so many problems. Immediate shifting is necessary.
Station Kachiguda H.O:-
Railway authorities have identified suitable vacant plot of 1000 sq mts at Satyanagar towards Zanana side for construction of Stn. Kachiguda H.O. Divisional Railway Manager was addressed vide C.O. letter dated 26.6.2012 for demarcation.
Proposal for shifting of Stn. Kachiguda H.O. to alternate building is dropped by Circle Office as per the instructions issued by Directorate and Circle Office is pursuing the proposal for construction of Departmental building for Kachiguda Head Post Office.
Raipole S.O:
PO is functioning in Panchayat accommodation on nominal rent of Rs. 70/-. Any maintenance issues can be taken by the SSPOs, Hyderabad South East Dn with Panchayat authorities. General instructions have been received from the Directorate to accommodate POs in Panchayat / Govt. buildings. Hence the proposal of shifting has been dropped.
SSPOs, Hyd. SE Dn. has intimated that he will approach the Panchayat authorities for providing basic amenities in the P.O. building.
2-02/2012 Digging of Bore well for sufficient water supply to the staff at Banjarahills PO. Even though there is HMWWS water connection to Banjarahills PO, the supply of water inadequate. Because of inadequate supply employees who working in this PO and also residents who are residing in the quarters, residents who are staying in the IQs are suffering for sufficient water. Immediate provision of Bore wells for the above office. Not found feasible due to dropping of ground water levels in Hyderabad. SSPOs addressed to explore the possibility of providing 2nd water connection or increasing the diameter of the existing pipes.(IC)
1-06/2012: Frequent repairs to Gen Set at Khairatabad HO, and mismatching of generator connection to UPS at Khairatabad HO. SSPOs replied that the matter is under examination at Circle Office. Kindly expedite action.
Sr. Postmaster, Khairatabad HO has submitted quotation for Service charges amounting to Rs. 18,820/- and Rs. 19,486/- for spare parts and requested for approval which is under process in CO.
Regarding providing an additional gen set to rectify the mismatch, matter is being referred to AE (E) for expeditious action.
2-06/2012 Sanction of one LSG post at Banjara Hills PO. The work in the counters and also work in the mails and delivery branches are increased abnormally, the SPM is not in a position to supervise the branches. It is requested to the establishment of the office and one norm based LSG post may be sanctioned.
Though there is justification for augmentation of Supervisory Post (LSG) at Banjara Hills SO, the SSPOs, Hyderabad City Division intimated that there are no surplus identified LSG posts in the division for proposing re-deployment and a proposal for re-deployment will be sent on identifying surplus LSG posts in the division.(ITEM CLOSED)
3-06/2012 Leakage of drainage water and mixing with drinking Manjeera water causing ill health problems to the staff, residents of quarters and occupants of IQs at Banjara Hills PO. SSPOs, Hyd City Divn replied that a consolidated report was submitted to CO for taking action. Expedite action immediately. Action is under process.
New Items
1-08/2012 Irregular redeployment of two PA posts from Secunderabad HO without proper review of establishment.
SSPOs, Secunderabad had redeployed two PA posts from Secunderabad HO to Trimulgherry without proper review of establishment and also without approval of Circle IFA. The report of SSPOs, Secunderabad was called for.
2-08/2012 Up gradation of Sainikpuri A Class office into Norm based LSG office by downgrading Railnilayam LSG SO.As per the establishment norms there is a justification for up gradation of Sainikpuri SO in Secunderabad Division The Union has dropped the item.(ITEM CLOSED)
3-08/2012 Immediate supply of sufficient printers to Malakpet Colony, New Nallakunta and I.E Nacharam SOs in Hyderabad South East Division. SSPOs submitted a proposal to Circle Office for approval. SSPOs is waiting for approval. Expedite action immediately.
Regarding supplying of printers to Malakpet colony, New Nallakunta and I.E.Nacharam P.O, no request is pending with Circle Office. SSPOs, Hyderabad South East Division is requested to forward the requirement to Circle Office for taking necessary action. Review will be conducted on how many printers are not in working condition in HCR and suitable remedial action will be taken and this will be followed up by Technology Section of Circle Office.(ITEM CLOSED)

Friday, September 14, 2012

COB list submitted to CPMG on 14-9-2012

APU-III/34 BCC-VJN/2012                                                                                      Dt:14-9-2012

The Chief Postmaster General,
Andhra Pradesh Circle,
Hyderabad 500 001.
Respected Madam,
Sub: Submission of newly elected Circle Union Office Bearers in 34th Biennial Circle
Conference –reg.
The following officials were unanimously elected as Circle Union Office Bearers of AIPEU Gr’C’ ,AP Circle in the Bi-ennial Circle Conference of All India Postal Employees Union Group’C’ ,AP Circle held at Dandu Maremma Kalyana Mantapam ,Vizianagaram from 09.09.2012 to 12.09.2012 under the president ship of Sri. K.Narayana Rao President, Circle Union.
President : Sri. K.Narayana Rao ( Vizianagaram Div)
Vice-Presidents: 1) Sri. D.Mohan Rao (Ongole Div )
2) Sri. Gopal (Hyd GPO)
3) Sri. BS Vara Prasad ( Kurnool Div)
Circle Secretary : Sri. DASV Prasad (Secunderabad Div)
Assistanat Circle Secretaries : 1) Sri.SSRA Prasad (Hyd SE Div)
2)Sri. K.Sudhakar( Gudur Div)
3) Sri.M.Nageswara Rao (Anakapalli Div)
4) Sri. N.Nageswara Rao (Guntu Div)
5)Sri. P.Narsinga Rao ( Karimnagar Div)
Financial Secretary: Sri. S.Mohan Reddy (Hyd PSD)
Asst Financial Secretary: Sri. KSN Raju (Bhimavaram Div)
Organising Circle Secretaries: 1)Sri. B.Sridhara Babu ( Tirupathi Div)
2)Sri. SEV Satyanarayana (Rajahmundry Div)
3) Sri. M .S. Baig (Hyd City Divn)
As such CPMG is requested to extend trade union facilities to the above Circle Office Bearers.
Thanking You
Yours faithfully
DASV Prasad
Circle Secretary

Conference Photos

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Glimpses of P3 AP Circle conference at Vizainagaram

Com. Narayanarao & his team of success of P3 34th circle conference at Vizainagaram
Inauguration of conference by Com. Veeraiah, CITU 
Sri Sarmam=, Hon'ble MLC addressing the conference
Smt. Bothsa Jhansi Lakshmi , Hon,ble MP delivering the message
Com. Sudha Bhaskar, CITU  speaking to the gathering 
Com. M.Krishnan , Secretary General, NFPE
Com. R.Sivannarayana , General Secretary, P3
Com. Sk.Humayun, Chq.President, P4
Com. DASV Prasad, Circle Secretary, P3 AP
Felicitation of Com.R.Sivannarayana, GS,P3 Chq.
Felicitation of Com.R.Sivannarayana, GS,P3 Chq.
Felicitation of Com.R.Sivannarayana, GS,P3 Chq.
Felicitation of Com. Pushpeswari, Women Convener
Delegates & Visitors at Vizainagaram conference
Delegates & Visitors at Vizainagaram conference
Distinguished Dias 
Man behind the P3 AP blog spot 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

34th Bieenial Circle Confernce

All COB,Branch/Div Secretaries,
Dear Comrades
You are very well known that our Circle Conference is going to be held at Vijayanagaram from 9-9-2012 to 11-9-2012.The Circle working Committee will be held on 8-9-2012 to finalise the agenda and Biennial Report and audtied Accounts.Reception committe headed by Com NarayanaRao already issued a circular.The Conference will be held at Dandu Maremma Kalyana Mandapam Vijayanagaram-3.Accommadation for staying of Delegates and Visitors  and COB are Chemists Bhavan and Youth Club. Both are very nearer and also nearer to Confenrence venue.Food will be served at conference venue only. No restriction for visitors. All Secretaries are requested to pay delegation fees to all members including Visitors who are coming to attend the conference. Delegation fees Rs500/-All Secretaries are requested to bring the money to clear all Postal Unity dues and arrears of quota to the Circle Union.
  Rest in presence.
                                                                                                                                     DASV PRASAD
                                                                                                                                     Circle Secretary 

Confederation of CG Employees Circular no15

Manishinath BhawanA2/95 RajourigardenNew Delhi-10027website: confederationhq.blogspot. com.e mail: confederation06@yahoo.co.in
Conf/ 15/2012                                                                                           Dated: 3rd September, 2012
Dear Comrade,
The Word Federation of Trade Unions, was founded in a Conference held at Paris from 3rd to 8th October, 1945. It had its deepest crisis when the socialist system collapsed in the erstwhile USSR. The 15th Congress of WFTU was held at Havana in 2005. The said Congress helped to revive the active functioning of the WFTU. The 16th Congress was held at Athens, Greece in April, 2011. It was a grand success and paved way for the WFTU to become a potent organisation to lead the international working class to militant struggles against the Globalisation agenda of capitalist system. One of the decisions taken at the Congress was to observe the international day of action every year to unite the working class throughout the world for action on certain important contemporary class issues. Ist April, 2009 was thus observed as international day of action to raise the issue of workers right and against exploitation. On 7th September, 2010, when the Indian Working Class organised the greatest ever strike action under the auspices of the united platform of all Central Trade Unions and Federations, the day was observed by WFTU with the slogan that "We will not pay for their crisis". It was in the background when most of the capitalist countries decided to bail out the giant corporate houses from crisis by tax payers' money. In 2011 the day was observed on 3rd October i.e. the foundation day of WFTU and the slogan raised was "Social Security for all, collective bargaining rights, trade union rights and democratic rights, 35 hours of work and 5 day week, better wages etc.
The Confederation had been carrying out this directive of the WFTU being an affiliate of the TUI, public Services. In the face of the pension fund privatisation and the PFRDA Bill, the slogan for social security for all raised by the WFTU received appreciation from the rank and file of our membership. The other issues raised by the WFTU were also equally relevant and important for the Government employees of India for they are still denied the right to collective bargaining and other trade union rights. India, we should remember, is one of the countries of the world, which has still not ratified many of the ILO conventions.

This year, the WFTU has decided to raise the following five issues which are of utmost and essential pre requisite for human existence. i.e. Food, Water, health, Education and Housing for all. Both the CITU and AITUC which are affiliated to the WFTU will be organising this programme throughout our country on 3rd October, 2012. As an affiliate of TUI Public Services, it is our bounden duty that we observe 3rd October, 2012, with appropriate programmes so that the message reaches all our members.
The State Committees may chalk out either independent programme of action or hold joint programmes in consultation and association with the State Units of the All India State Government employees Federations, CITU or AITUC.

NFPE leaders visiting Andhrapradesh

For mobilistion of one day token strike on 12-12-12 NFPE  leaders of are visiting Andhra Pradesh as follows.
Hyderabad         21.11.12                                                                Kurnool22.11.12
Vijayawada23.11.12                                                                   Vishakhapatnam24.11.12
All Branch Divisional Secretaries are requested mobilise the all Postal Employees of their respective Divisions to hteir respective Regional Hqrs  irrespective of their affiliations and make the programme a grand success. 

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DOPT issued a wonderfull order regarding Govt. servants covered by New Pension Scheme

According to this order Govt. Servants who appointed on or after 01/01/2004 will cover New Pension Scheme can get Provisional Pension according to Old Pension Scheme where Govt.Servant Died/Retired on medical invalidation.For details Please click this link to down load the order



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