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Monday, September 17, 2012

Four monthly meeting minutes with CPMG

                                            DEPARTMENT OF POSTS: INDIA
                               OFFICE OF THE CHIEF POST MASTER GENERAL
                                              A.P.CIRCLE HYDERABAD-1
The Minutes of Four-Monthly meeting with Chief Postmaster General by the representatives of AIPEU Gr-C Union (NFPE) held on 06.09.2012 in the O/o the CPMG, A.P. Circle, Hyderabad is produced below. The following have attended the meeting.
Official Side:
Ms. Karuna Pillai, CPMG, AP Circle, Hyderabad
Ms. Mariamma Thomas, DPS (Hqrs), Circle Office, Hyderabad
Ms. N R Visalatchy, DPS (Mails & SP), Circle Office, Hyderabad
Sri K Ramakrishna, ACAO, O/o DA (P), Hyderabad – 500 001
Sri E V Rao, APMG (Vig.), Circle Office, Hyderabad
Union Side:
Sri DASV Prasad, Circle Secretary, AIPEU Gr-C, PA, Secunderabad HO – 500 003.
Sri Ch. Sreedhara Swamy, Branch Secretary, AIPEU Gr-C & PA, Secunderabad HO.
Sl.No. Old Items Reply
1-11/2011 Irregular identification of more than 30% Post Master Grade – I posts in Hyderabad City Region.
The identification of Postmaster Grade – I in HCR is more than 30% is identified by the Circle Office. But as per the Directorate orders only 30% posts in LSG posts are to be identified as Postmaster Grade – I posts. This identification is clear violation of DG (P) orders. Immediate rectification is requested. A copy of the Gazette Notification is yet to be supplied by the Unions. Therefore, no follow up action could be initiated till now.ITEM CLOSED
1-04/2012 De-quarterisation of Sanath Nagar PO in Hyderabad City Division.
Sanath Nagar PO is HSG-I Post Office located in Industrial Area which is highly polluted. Even though it is big industrial area because of policies most of the industries are cut down their shifts in their production units, because of this the total industrial area become desert in the night time. In that situation the family members of the Postmaster feeling not only loneliness but also afraid to stay in that quarters. In this situation the quarter portion may be utilised for some other purpose by de-quarterizing the PO.
The matter is still under process.
New Items
Sl.No. New Items Reply
1-09/2012 Supply of high power capacity Gen set to Secunderabad.HO.
At present there are two gensets in Secunderabad. HO. which are not giving sufficient power supply to all branches. Hence it is requested to supply of High power capacity gen set to Secunderabad HO.
This will be taken up in the R.E.
2-09/2012 Grant of TA to the official who worked for settlement of minus balances and other discrepancies in small savings schemes in twin cities.
Circle office has constituted a team to settle the minus balances and other discrepancies in twin cities vide CO l. no FS/CBS/Data Up gradation/2012 dated 18-4-2012. The team has visited most of the offices and settled the minus balances and other discrepancies. They visited the offices by using their own vehicles, so that they are eligible mileage allowances. It is requested to grant mileage allowance or TA as per Directorate orders.
Suitable instructions already issued to all the Units in H.C.R. vide CO letter No. FS / CBS / Data Updation / 2012 dated 07.08.2012 ITEM CLOSED
3-09/2012 Replacement of ACs in financial mart branch at Secunderabad HO.
There are 5 Acs in Secunderabad HO, financial mart branch with 7.5 tonnes capacity. They are not working properly and public who are coming to that branch and employees who are working in that branch are suffering with suffocation. Hence it is requested to replace the old Acs and supply with high capacity of Acs to that branch. The SSPOs, Secunderabad Division reported that split ACs of 1.5 tonnes each and one window AC available in Financial Mart at Secunderabad HO. The 5 split ACs were got repaired in March – 2012.
The SSPOs will be addressed to explore the feasibility of providing additional windows and fans instead of A.Cs as is done for general counters.ITEM CLOSED

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