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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Items for discussion in 109 RJCM

RJCM/109-SS/2014                                                                                                                06-03-2014
The Chairman,
RJCM Andhra Pradesh Circle,
Hyderabad -500 001.

 Sub: Submission of items for discussion in 109  RJCM –Reg.

         I am here with submitting the following items for discussion in the 109  RJCM meeting scheduled to be held in the month of APRIL. 2014.  The same may be included in the agenda for discussion.
                                                   With regards
                                                                                                                     Yours faithfully
                                                                                                                     DASV Prasad
                                                                                                                   Secretary Staff Side                                                      

                                                                        ANNEXURE ‘A’

2-8/2012: Irregular Audit objection raised by the P&T Audit for recovery of Incentive paid for 
                 NREGS work at Wanaparthy Division.  P&T Audit has made an objection while auditing at
                Wanaparthy Division for recovery of excess payment of NREGS Incentive from the two
1-5/2013: Re-opening of canteen at Dak sadan, O/o Chief Postmaster General, Hyderabad.
2-5/2013: Non supply of uniforms to PostMen, MTS and Group’D’ staff in Andhra Pradesh Circle.
4-5/2013: Non implementation of honourable AP high court order in respect of recovery of excess
                 paid bonus from GDS officials-reg
6-5/2013: Non implementation of DOP&T ORDER NO 3/19/2009-Esst (Pay II) dated 5-4-
                2010. DOP&T has issued clarificatory orders cited above in respect of re-employed
                after retirement (Ex-Servicemen). But the same is not being implemented in our
    Circle. Necessary instructions may be issued to all concerned.
2-8/2013: Provision of inverter to RJCM office at B-1 Chikkadpally Hyderabad.
3-8/2013: Irregular redeployment of two Postal Assistants posts from Secunderabad HO to    
                  Trimulgherry .HO without proper review of establishments.
4-8/2013: Immediate filling up of Superintendent Postal Stores Depot Hyderabad.
                   Hyderabad PSD is a PSD which supply of all stationery to two regions Hyderabad City   
                   Region and supply of uniforms and also supply of chappls umbrellas
9-8/2013   : Grant of 20% HRA to Nellore city treating as ‘Y’ class city.
10-8/2013: Kind attention to be given to the pitiable plight of the residence of the
                  Chikkadpally and Uppal Postal Staff Quarters, Hyderabad. The residence of these
                  colonies anxiously waiting for years together to mitigate their predicament which
                  is not fully cared for by the local civil wing, urgent action needed. During the year
                  2011-12 A.P. Circle has surrendered lakhs of rupees to the Directorate.

11-8/2013: Stop Decentralization of PLI/RPLI work. Ensure uniform implementation of
                  Directorates Orders regarding retention of PLI/RPLI work of Divisions situated at
                  CO/RO Head Quarters at CO/RO itself. The recent orders on Indian Postal Policy
                  2012, the work relating to PLI Section of CO are Decentralizing without
                  modification of Indian Post Office Insurance Rules 2010. As per the above rules,
                  the Rs. 5 Lakhs and above policies records and claims to be settled at CO. The
                  present arrangement in the circle may continued till the modification in Post
                  Office Insurance Rules 2010 and honour the minutes of the meeting taken by the
                  Secretary Posts, Postal Services Board with the Postal Joint Council of Action on
                  10.01.2012 and Directorate letter No. 8/15/2011-SR dated 16.01.2012.                                  
1-10/2013.   Up gradation of Podili Norm Based LSG SO to HO by down grading Kanigiri. HO- 
2-10/2013: Replacement of old computer systems with new computers in C.O. 
4-10/2013: Security Arrangements in Postal Staff Quarters in Hyderabad City.
5-10/2013: Provision of lift at RO Vishakhapatnam. The RO Vishakhapatnam is constructed with
       G+3 floors.
6-10/2013: Up gradation of generator of 62.5 KVA Capacity of Dak Sadan building to higher capacity
                  diesel generator.
8-10/2013: revision of FSC & AFSC, since the present rates are in sufficient. Rates of fsc & afsc
                   has to be enhanced.
9-10/2013: provision of cash vans to every HO.
10-10/2013: non implementation of DOP&T OM No 35034/3/2008-Estt (D) Vol. II dated 4th October
         2012. Orders on MACP in true spirit in rms ‘v’ dn. and rms ‘tp’ dn.
11-10/2013: provision of wax heaters and stationary to all mail offices in Andhra Pradesh circle and
         Diesel Operated Generators to Srikakulam Road and Eluru rms.
12-10/2013: Provision of UV water purifier for drinking purpose to rjcm office at b 1 p&t quarters
                     chikkadpally Hyderabad
13-10/2013: provision of Passenger Reservation System in the following post offices

1)         Trimulgherry    ho                                           2)         banjara Hills
2)         Srikalahasti      HO                                           4)         chintapallli
5)         Paderu                                                             6)         Narsipatnam
7)         Amalapuram    HO                                           8)         Ramachandrapuram
9)         Rajam                                                              10)       Sompeta
11)       I E Eluru                                                          12)       Chittoor  HO
13)       madanapalli     HO
16-10/2013:     Taking into workload instead of incentive in respect of payment of SSP and NREGS
19-10/2013:     Maintenance of P&T dispensaries
22-10/2013:     Identification of Guntakal RMS as L1 and extension of AG-31 section up to
Annexure – b.

1-4/2014.         Grant of OTA for full working hours for group ‘D’ / MTS Chowkidars drafted
                        for duty on Sundays and holidays.

As per the DG Posts letter no. 10-7/87 – PE – II dated 04-10-1991 when Group ‘D’ / MTS Chowkidars drafted for duty on Sundays and holidays for 12 hours (from 06:00 PM to 06:00AM) OTA could be granted for full 12 hours when compensatory off could not be granted. 
2-4/2014.         Recently orders were issued by directorate redistributing work between L-1, L-2 offices and changing the pattern of closing bags between offices. Earlier while concentrating work at L-1 offices some posts were diverted from L-2 offices. But now after latest orders stated above work load was increased in  L-2 offices and there is some decrease in L-1 offices. After the orders posts are to be readjusted between these offices after assessing the work load properly.
In this connection it is suggested that fresh special statistics may be collected in each office and according to that statistics posts may be redistributed between mail offices which will solve the problem of staff shortage some extent and increase efficiency. it is requested that this process may be completed by 30-4-2014.
3-4/2014.         Provision of extra accommodation for mail carrying sections for Z – 27, Z –
                        12, Z – 12, Z – 26,and Z – 31.
Accommodation provided for mail carrying sections was not sufficient at present the entire space is occupied by the mails and no room is available even for the staff to prepare mail lists in the sections mentioned above.
4-4/2014.         The staff on deputation from hro Vijayawada to sro Eluru are continuing f
or years together should be brought to their parent unit immediately.
At the time of identifying intra circle speed post hub at Eluru rms some of the officials were sent on deputation from Vijayawada to Eluru. Even after lapse of 2 years they were not brought back to their parent unit i.e. hro Vijayawada. Hence it is requested to bring the officials back to their parent unit by cancelling the deputation. 
5-4/2014.         Provision of lift at RO Vishakhapatnam. The RO Vishakhapatnam is constructed
with G+3 floors. As per the layout of sections is from 1st floor to 3rd floor is identified for functioning of Regional Office.
The staffs who are aged are facing much difficulty to climb the steps and some of the staffs are having knee pains. It is very need of lift provision in the newly constructed Regional Office Vishakhapatnam. Previously, this item was examined by the competent authority, but there is no progress in the provision of lift. As per the plan of the building, there is a need of capsule lift from outside of the building. There is no provision was given inside the building to construct the lift. It is requested to examine once again and provide lift to the RO Vishakhapatnam.
6-4/2014.         Non-Payment of Incentive to the PLI Development Officers: - The Development
officers who are working in the Circle from 2008 -2013 up to Nov.2013 the incentive for their over and above 9 Crores business are not paid as per the Dte. letter No.25-4/2002-LI dt.25-5-2011 as per Para 2 are not implementing in the Circle for more than four years. As per the instructions contained in the D.G. Letter No. 35-15/78-LI (PO) dt.7.1.2008 on payment of 90% incentive on the Sum Assured procured by the PLI Development Officers are also not implementing in the Circle. As per the Instructions contained in the computer generated calculation sheet the column of effective business may be removed and the DOPLI procured business with advanced premium business may be taken in to account and after free business of DOPLI’s incentive may be paid without further delay.
Directorate’s orders on sum assured rate of incentive Rs. 25 per ten thousand of sum assured above 9 crores up to 11 crores may be paid for the year 2008 to 2013. This union also requested to cause to issue necessary instructions to all concerned to calculate sum assured business of each The DOPLI of A.P. Circle and implement the D.G. Orders in Letter No. 25-4/2002-LI Dt. 25-5-2011 and D.G. Instruction Letter No 35-15/78-LI (PO) dt.7-1-2008.
7-4/2014.         In the recent past most of the officials on getting promotion to the norm
based LSG/HSG-II/HSG-I, declining their promotion due to various reasons. Due to declining of promotion the posts were kept vacant till the consideration of next DPC. As such the above posts are kept vacant for years together for example Postmaster, Vikarabad and (4) PRI (P) posts in Secunderabad division. Hence staff side is requests the chairman to make suitable arrangement to fill up the vacant posts of norm based LSG/HSG-II/HSG-I for effective supervision and to render quality of service to the public.
8-4/2014.      Provision of centralized A/C to MPCM counters and SB branch at
Secunderabad HO. At present SB branch is provided with four A/Cs, which were not catering its services due to improper maintenance and insufficient capacity.  Hence it is requested to provide centralised A/C to MPCM counters and SB branch located in the ground floor.
9-4/2014.      Circulation of DOPT OM No.21011/1/2005-Estt.(A) (Pt.II) dated
23/07/2009. DOPT vide its order dated 23/07/2009 categorically issued instructions in respect of preparation and maintenance of APARs. But unfortunately the above orders were no circulated by the directorate as well as Circle Office. If the Reporting and reviewing authorities write APARs according to the time schedule mentioned therein, all the MACP, LSG, and HSG DPCs were conducted properly within the time schedule. Hence staff side is requested the chairman to initiate suitable action to circulate and implement the orders cited above in letter and spirit
10-4/2014.    Supply of cash counting and fake currency detecting machine to all post offices where the cash transactions are very heavy.
11-4/2014.    Non implementation of circle office letter no ST /20-7/PA-SA IND.Trg/2012.-13 DATED 11.09.2012. in Hyderabad city dn. For the newly recruited PAs under sports quota for 15 days practical training for the following PAs.
1)        Sri        S. Varaprasad             Khairatabad HO
2)        Sri        P.Sagar                        Himayatnagar PO     

12-4/2014: Provision of AMC to all Generators through out the Andhra Pradesh           
            13-4/2014: Shortage of all stationary items/forms and computer stationary at PSD  
  Appointment under relaxation of rules:- It is learnt that process of compassionate appointments in the AP Circle for the post of Posts of PA/Postman/Mail Guard/MTS has not been completed so far, even after identifying the posts. The reason for the above, it is learnt that the authorities are insisting for the fulfilment of required educational qualification with the prescribed percentage of marks as in the recruitment rules of PA/Postman/Mail Guard/MTS.

Though the applicants have fulfilled the parameters prescribed by the Directorate for compassionate appointments, department is insisting the applicants to opt for the lower post in the name of above 60% marks in 12th class and 10th  class. Because of this, the applicants who have the intermediate qualification are forced to take the lower cadre post of Postman/MTS instead of PA/SA.

The spirit of compassionate appointment is essentially in relaxation of recruitment rules. Hence, insisting part 60% of marks in 12th and 10th class is against the natural justice. It is requested the chairman to relax the recruitment rules by not insisting the percentage of marks issue appointment orders to the applicants who are selected on the basis of parameters  prescribed for the appointment under relaxation of recruitment rules.
 AP Open School Society Certificate: -The educational courses conducted by the AP Open School Society are recognised by the Counsel of Boards of School Education in India (COBSE) which is responsible for verifying genuineness/recognition of school education boards in India. The SSC certificates issued by the Govt. of AP for those who have studied in the AP Open School Society should be accepted for employment (order copy enclosed). Hence, it is requested to accept such educational certificates for compassionate appointments in the cadre of MTS.

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