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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

113 RJCM Minutes

Minutes of 113rd R.J.C.M. Meeting held on 22.07.2015 at 10:00AM at Srisailam in Kurnool Region
                        The 113rd R.J.C.M. meeting was held on 22.07.2015 at 10:00 AM at Srisailam in Kurnool Region. Chief PMG chaired the meeting. 
The following have attended the meeting.
Official Side:
Sri B V Sudhakar, Chief Postmaster General, A.P. Circle, Hyderabad & Chairperson, RJCM.
Smt. B Radhika Chakravarthy, DPS (Hqrs), Circle Office, Secretary, Official Side, RJCM.
Sri Col M Eleesha, Postmaster General, Hyderabad Region & Member, RJCM
Sri M Sampath, Postmaster General, Vijayawada Region & Member, RJCM.
Smt. M Sharda Sampath, Postmaster General, Visakhapatnam Region & Member, RJCM.
Sri A Ranganath Shyam, Director of Accounts (Postal) & Member, RJCM.

Staff Side:
Sri DASV Prasad, Secretary, Staff Side, RJCM & Circle Secretary, AIPEU Gr-C.
Sri Ch Vidya Sagar, Member, RJCM & Circle Secretary, AIPEU PM & MTS.
Sri R J Madhusudana Rao, Member, RJCM & Circle Secretary, AIRMS & MMS EU Gr-C.
Sri Y Bhoomeshwar, Member, RJCM&Ex-CirclePresident, AIRMS&MMS EU MGs & MTS Gr-C.
Sri K Ramachandram, Member, RJCM & Circle Secretary, AIPAOEU Gr-C & MTS
Sri Gulam Rabbani, Member, RJCM & Circle Secretary, NUPE PM & Gr-D. 

                     Sri S. V. Rao, Deputy Divisional Manager (PLI) also sat in the meeting to assist the Chief PMG.            ITEMS DISCUSSED

Item No. 1-08/2014:
Restriction  on Rule 38 transfers in respect of Visakhapatnam Postal Division :
Decision:           The committee met on 13.02.215, discussed the issue on restriction of Rule-38 transfers in respect of Visakhapatnam Postal Division and unanimously recommended the following.
            As per the existing Directorate rulings, out of the total vacancies that arose in a particular recruitment year, 50% of vacancies are to be allotted to DP and DR quotas. The committee recommended that the approval of Rule-38 transfers be restricted to 50 % of the vacancies allotted to DP as at present, but 50 % of vacancies in respect of DR be further split as 25% - Rule-38 ad 25% - by Open market notification.
           For example, if 20 vacancies arose for the year 2015, 10 vacancies will be allotted to each DP and DR quotas, @ 50%.
          Out of 10 vacancies in DR quota, 5 vacancies (i.e., 25%) will be filled up with Rule-38 transfers and the remaining 5 vacancies will be thrown open to Recruitment from open market.
Item No. 2-08/2014:
This is regarding filling up of Supervisory posts other than selection grade in HOs/A/B/C Class SOs.
Decision:       Report of the committee is received. After detailed discussions the committee suggests for dropping of the item.  ITEM CLOSED
Item No. 2-08/2012:
            Irregular Audit objection raised by the P&T Audit for recovery of Incentive paid for NREGS work at Wanaparthy Division.
Decision:As discussed during the meeting, a revised reply may be given to P & T Audit explaining the position that the incentive under reference was paid based on orders issued by Circle Office and before receipt of orders of Postal Directorate, with a request to admit the objection. O/o DA (P) may please take immediate necessary action and ACAO / Sr. AO may please meet Director, P & T Audit in this regard.
Item No. 4-01/2014: Security Arrangements in Postal Staff Quarters in Hyderabad City.
Decision:Necessary action will be taken immediately.
Item No. 9-01/2014:provision of cash vans to every HO:        
Decision:It is to intimate that a draft NIT has been prepared by the committee, calling for the tenders to provide cash vans to the Head Post offices in the entire Circle for conveyance of cash from Head Post Offices to Sub Post Offices / Branch Post Offices.
            As per the orders of CPMG, legal advice on the draft NIT has been obtained on 28.04.2015 from Branch Secretariat, Department of Legal Affairs, Bangalore.
           The matter has been referred to Directorate and also a copy of draft NIT has been sent to Directorate vide Circle Office letter No. Tech / Cash Van / Dlgs / 2013 dated 28.05.2015 and reminded on 08.07.2015.
Meanwhile as decided in the meeting, a Circle level tender will be floated immediately.           
            Technical Section of Circle Office will take necessary action.
Item No. 7-04/2014:Provision of centralized A/C to MPCM counters and SB branch at Secunderabad HO.
Decision:        It is not possible to provide centralized Air conditioning as there is no provision for such facilities in the Department.ITEM CLOSED   
Item No. 3-08/2014:Up gradation of Kukatpally SO as HO by downgrading the Vikarabad HO as SO.
Decision:           The proposal concurred by CIFA and approved by Chief PMG for down gradation of Vikarabad HO into SO and up gradation of Begumpet SO into HO, has been submitted to Directorate on 24.07.2015.  ITEM CLOSED
Item No. 4-08/2014:Digging of bore wells in all departmental post offices.
Example: Vijayanagar Colony, Banjarahills, Golconda, Khairatabad.         
Decision: Digging of bore wells is completed at Banjarahills and Khairatabad Post Offices. In other Post Offices like Golconda, Vijayanagar Colony, etc will be completed in the current financial year.
Item No. 6-08/2014:Up gradation of MAANU post office to norm based LSG office.
Decision: The SSPOs, Hyderabad City Division stated that at present the Post Office is functioning in the accommodation provided by the Urdu University on rent free basis, with limited accommodation in which 1 SPM, 3 PAs, 1 MTS and GDS Pkr and 8 delivery staff are working within the available space of 570 Sft. Until, unless we procure additional accommodation, it is not possible to upgrade this ‘A’ class office into LSG Office. Further the SSPOs intimated that the Registrar MAANU was addressed to provide additional accommodation of 1500 Sft to upgrade the PO to LSG. The reply is stated to be awaited from Registrar MAANU University. Latest reminder issued by on 18.06.2015 to submit the report by SSPOs, Hyderabad City Division. But sufficient accommodation could not be secured so far.   
As decided in the meeting, MAANU PO will be shifted to outside the campus by securing suitable accommodation. SSPOs, Hyderabad City Division will take immediate necessary action.Establishment Section of Circle Office is requested to take necessary action on the same.
Item No. 9-08/2014:Maintenance of Generators of HOs and LSG SOs by outsiders.
Decision :Agreement for AMC of generator repairs in entire A.P. Circle is taken up with M/s. Ingen Power Solutions through Manager, MMS vide letter No. MSW / AM, Gensets / 2014-15 dated 16.02.2015. ITEM CLSOED
Item No. 10-08/2014:Creation of 2nd supervisory post at Waltair RS HO.
Decision:The competent authority has ordered to utilize the services of one senior PA as 2nd Supervisor in Waltair RS HO. The instructions were communicated to Visakhapatnam RO through e-mail on 28.04.2015.  ITEM CLOSED
Item No. 11-08/2014:Creation of one more HSG-I supervisory post at Nellore HO.
Consequent on down gradation of Repalle HO there was surplus HSG-I post in Vijayawada Region. In Nellore HO there is a justification for HSG-I post (Treasury & Mails). Hence the same may be attached to Nellore HO for smooth functioning of the office.
A clarification is sought from the Directorate regarding posting of ASP line officers to Visakhapatnam HO, Kachiguda HO and Nellore HO, which are being manned by IP / ASP line officers.
In this regard, a letter has been addressed to DDG (P) vide Circle Office letter No. EST / 2-36 / 2008 (KW) dated 13.05.2015.
View of the staff side on this is that this case need not be referred to Directorate.
Item No. 13-08/2014:Provision of CC Cameras in all Postal Stores Depot.          
Decision:Tender was floated for procurement of CC Cameras by SP, PSD, Hyderabad and supply orders placed on the approved tenders on 31.03.2015 for supply to PSD, Hyderabad / Guntakal / Rajahmundry.
The supply from the vendor is awaited.
SP, PSD, Vijayawada stated that 12 CC Cameras are available at PSD, Vijayawada. 
Item No. 15-08/2014:Grant of additional FSC for Business Post Offices.
Decision:        Revision of FSC is not within the competence of Head of Circle. A proposal may be sent to Directorate to revise FSC in the Department.
            Meanwhile, on the request of Staff Side, RJCM; the Chairman had desired to supply basic items like twin bals, ceiling wax, etc to the needy offices, if FSC sanctioned is not sufficient for any particular office and the expenditure may be charged under OE. Suitable instructions may be issued to all immediately by Establishment Section of Circle Office.
Item No. 7-11/2014:Request for grant of honorarium for the fixation of pay in respect of those whose increment falls due from 2.1.2006 to 30.6.2006.
Decision:A letter has been addressed to Directorate vide Circle Office letter No. Estt / RJCM / 2013 dated 15.05.2015 regarding clarification whether honorarium may be considered or not. Reminder letter issued on 07.07.2015.
After discussions in the meeting, it was decided that orders of Directorate are already available for drawl of arrears of 6th CPC. The same orders can be extended to present case also, since these arrears are also relating to 6th CPC only.
In view of this decision, Establishment branch will put up the file for concurrence of CIFA and approval of Chief PMG.
Item No. 11-11/2014:Provision of Night Watchman/Security Guard to the offices up to LSG/Grade I office status which are being run in Departmental Buildings though postmaster quarters are available: 
Decision:The Divisional Heads in Hyderabad City Region are being addressed to conduct establishment review in respect of LSG and above post offices in their Division and submit proposals for re-deployment of surplus Group-D posts as Chowkidars (night watchman), immediately to examine the issue.Establishment Section vide letter No. EST-IV / OS-SG / CO dated 28.05.2015 has been requested the Regions to examine the issue and offer their views.
Reminders issued to City Units on 11.06.2015 and to Regions on 12.06.2015.
Item No. 12-11/2014:Supply of Sufficient stock of Postage Stamps of all denominations and Revenue Stamps from CSD.
Decision:SP, CSD informed that there is sufficient stock of public postage stamps and revenue stamps as on date. ITEM CLOSED
Item No. 16-11/2014:Construction of Cycle Shed and Recreation Room at Wanaparthy HO.
Decision:Construction of cycle shed is possible at rear side, where as there is no space for Recreation room at Wanaparthy HO as reported by AE (Civil).
RO, Hyderabad will take immediate necessary action to construct a cycle shed at Wanaparthy HO.
Item No. 20-11/2014:Non adherence of Directorate guidelines issued in respect of fraud cases. The Divisional heads/ Disciplinary authorities concerned are not responding in time to initiate the disciplinary action against main offenders and not initiating the action under Revenue Recovery/PAD Act to recover the loss:.
Decision:        All Regions & Units in HCR were requested to ensure that, every disciplinary authority has to follow the guidelines issued in Directorate letter No. 4-22/PT-72/Inv dated 04.07.1972 regarding action in respect of absconding officials involving in the fraud cases, and also, to follow the guidelines issued by Directorate / Circle Office in initiation of disciplinary action against main offenders and on recovery loss from them under RP / PAD Act. They were also requested to review all fraud and loss cases keeping in view the above points and fix up responsibility in the cases where abnormal delay if any is noticed vide Circle Office letter No. Inv / Misc / 2013 dated 08.12.2014.
            Due to regular monitoring of all the pending loss and fraud cases as per the guidelines of Directorate, the Circle could be able to close 368 cases during the period from 01.04.2014 to 30.06.2015.     
           In view of the serious concern raised by the Staff Side, RJCM; it was decided to issue suitable instructions to all concerned to concentrate on the following points also in addition to the existing instructions.
1.      To focus on recovery from the main offender.
2.      As soon as the fraud has come into light, Divisional Head should camp in the office of fraud, find out the fraud amount and put all his / her resources to recover the amount from the main offender as early as possible.
3.      To report the matter to Enforcement Directorate in all cases where the recovery is not done with a request to attach the properties of the main offender, if available. This should be done as mandatory in all cases where the recovery could not be done.
4.      To complete Rule-14/Rule-16 cases immediately.
5.      To avoid frauds, all preventive measures already defined may thoroughly be implemented / monitored at all levels. This should be a continuous process in addition to guidelines available in respect of observation of tenures, surprise checks keeping the life style of officials, gathering the confidential information of suspected officials, etc.
            Investigation Section of Circle Office may issue suitable detailed guidelines immediately.
Item No. 22-11/2014:Uniform procedure to be discussed, finalized and circulated in respect of engaging outsiders for booking of VPP/VPL/BP COD articles through post offices/Parcel Business centers.
Decision: This is under examination.
Item No. 27-11/2014:The Departmental Canteen at Dak Sadan Building opened on 04.07.2014. The staff of Dak Sadan Building is availaing Tea, Coffee, Butter milk, Sweet, Tiffins. The staff are requesting for provision of meals facility. It is requested to provide the meals in Canteen and provide one cleaner and Assistant Cook in the Canteen to supply as per the demand.
Decision:The departmental canteen has been providing meals facility with effect from 05.01.2015 and three persons are working at PADC with effect from 01.05.2015.
The required infrastructure may also be provided (Eg: Idly Steam Cooker, etc.).
It is further divided to reduce the rate of vegetable rice from 30 to 25. It is also decided to include Circle Secretary of All India Postal Accounts Employees Association of DA (P) as member of PADC with immediate effect.ITEM CLSOED
Item No. 1-02/2015:MCDP training programmes are ordered by the divisions in the eleventh hour which causing the inconvenience to the staff members to book the train tickets and arranging the family/social obligations.
Decision:Matter has been taken up with PTC, Mysore vide Circle Office letter No. ST / DA-VI / Union Item / 2012-13 / KW dated 06.02.2015, to issue the schedule for trainings well in advance of 15 days of scheduled course of training to enable to communicate the same to the Regions / Divisions under HCR of the Circle for attending the MCDP training programmes at PTC, Mysore in time and to utilize the seats allotted fully by the Circle.    ITEM CLOSED
Item No. 2-02/2015:Presently the staff at CPC, CBS, Sanathnagar are arranged from Hyderabad City Region. The staff side is requested to arrange the staff from other regions other than Hyderabad City Region to avoid shortage of staff in Hyderabad City region and encouraging the staff working in other regions to work in Hyderabad City.
Decision:Posting of Staff in CPC is not yet decided by Postal Directorate, meanwhile we have redeployed 7 PA posts and 1 MTS post from Hyderabad City Region units. Requests if any from Regions will also be examined. ITEM CLOSED
Item No. 4-02/2015:Provision of A/Cs in server room and finance mart in Hyderabad GPO.
Decision: There is a proposal for renovation work at Finance Mart of Hyderabad GPO. Provision of ACs will be taken up after the renovation work.
Item No. 5-02/2015:Arrest leakage of drain water at Hyderabad GPO delivery hall and repairs to the roof of Hyderabad GPO delivery hall.
Decision:        Work completed.     ITEM CLOSED
Item No. 11-02/2015:Construction of separate drinking water sump at Sanathnagar I.E SO. Now in the present sump the drainage water is mixing, hence it is requested to construct separate drinking water sump.
Decision: Work completed.           ITEM CLOSED
Item No. 17-02/2015:Request for reopen of RLO at Hyderabad GPO.
Decision:Accommodation will be provided.
Item No. 18-02/2015:Request for allocation of Budget for replacement of old drainage system in Postal quarters, Chikkadapally, Hyderabad.
Decision:              Repairs to drainage system at D-Block, C-Block and E-Block are completed on 31.03.2015.       
   Staff Side informed that our drainage level is lower than the drainage level of GHMC. It is therefore necessary to replace the entire drainage system of Chikkadapally staff quarters immediately.
Item No. 5-07/2015:Immediate shifting of Post Offices which are not having accommodation according to SOA.It is brought to the notice that the number of post offices in AP circle are functioning with insufficient accommodation without the minimum amenities. Hence it is requested to action may be taken to immediate shifting of post offices which are not having accommodation according to SOA.
Decision:Names of specific Post Offices may be given so that the matter can be examined.It was further decided to follow SOA strictly in all cases. If required accommodation is not available, the Post Offices should not be shifted.Suitable instructions may be issued to all by Buildings Section of Circle Office.ITEM CLOSED 
Item No. 6-07/2015:Provision of additional staff/outsourcing to feed the RD accounts in all departmental post offices.
Decision:Instructions have already been issued to Regions / Units in HCR vide Circle Office letter No. SBI/Outsourcing/2013 dated 29.05.2015 to provide manpower by way of outsourcing wherever required depending on the work load by following prescribed procedure for outsourcing the staff.
However, a consolidate proposal projecting the additional requirement of staff based on the establishment reviews. Establishment Section / SB Section may please take necessary action immediately.
Item No. 7-07/2015:Sanction of HRA to SPM Sabbavaram SO in Anakapalli Division
Decision:Letter has been addressed to PMG, Visakhapatnam Region vide letter No. BDM / APNER – VM / Misc / II dated 12.06.2015 to submit a detailed report. Report is yet to be received from RO, Visakhapatnam.
Item No. 8-07/2015:Proper maintenance of IQs at Tirumala Hills and IQ at Visakhapatnam RS.
Decision:Regarding Visakhapatnam RS, SRM was directed to remove computer peripherals from RS. Staff side informed that maintenance of the IQs is not good. Postmaster General, Visakhapatnam may please visit and take necessary action and supply the required furniture, etc.
It is decided to improve the facilities in IQs at Tirumala by coloring, supplying new cots, bed sheets and other furniture on priority basis. Postmaster General, Kurnool will take immediate necessary action and report compliance within a month.
Item No. 12-07/2015:Prompt disposal of medical bills:
Decision:A letter has been addressed to Regions / Units in HCR vide Circle Office letter No. Accts / Union / RJCM / 2014 dated 11.05.2015 to submit the report. Report is yet to be received from Regions / Units. Reminder issued on 06.07.2015.  
            It is decided to give suitable instructions to scrutinize medical bills immediately on their receipt without waiting for the funds and to get the information if required anything, and keep the bills ready for passing them immediately on receipt of funds.
            Accounts Section of Circle Office is requested to take immediate necessary action on the same.ITEM CLOSED
Item No. 13-07/2015:Unnecessary hardships faced by the retiring officials due to the non observation of defects by the checking parties of the DA (P) office:
            Each and every Govt. servant in the Department of Posts will render a minimum of 20 to 30 years of service before his retirement. During this time the service book of the official must be verified by the staff of DA (P) office atleast 40 to 60 times. Even after so many verifications / Checks the pension section of the DA (P) office is posting out, just one month before of his retirement that
1.      There is correction spelling mistake in the name of the official in the first phase of his service book.
2.      Death certificate of 1st wife, though the official had availed LTC and claimed medical bills on many times on the name of his second wife during his service.
3.      Raising objections on MACP promotions, though it was approved by the DPCS i.e. Divisional Head, PMG etc.  (especially MTS to Postman & Postman to PA).
               When the Department is forcing the Postman to have 100% delivery every day, why it is not forcing the DA (P) to have 100% checking of the service books by the DA (P) staff before it reaches pension section.
1.      As per the existing procedure, two (2) Service books are required to be maintained one by DDO and another by the official. Service books will be kept in the custody of the Head of the Office. The entries in the service books are to be verified by the Internal Audit Parties of the O/o DA (P) as per the norms fixed by the Directorate. Cent percent verification at every stage has not been prescribed as pointed out in the letter.
2.      The Service book along with the pension papers from the heads of the offices (Divisions, etc) duly scrutinized will be received in pension and other pensionary benefits. From the general recalling of the IA party observations and the AE observations by the pension branch – it is evident that the statutory instructions / stipulations under SRs are not attended by the operative staff handling the service books over the span of 25 to 35, 40 years and the express instructions of Rule 59 of CCS Pension Rules, 1972 are not properly compiled by the Heads of Offices, obviously to square up the blame on the pension branch. Apparently, this aspect was conveniently ignored in the staff side brief.

3.      Despite various checks at HO and DO level, the irregularities pointed out in the letter are noticed in pension section at final stage and causing delay in settling the pension cases.

       Further, DA (P) has informed that each of the points raised by the staff side discussed in brief and remedial measures were suggested which were enclosed.ITEM CLOSED

Item No. 14-07/2015:Data entry feeding in Sanchaya Post in respect of NREGS accounts in all HOs.
           There is no data entry feeding in Sanchaya Post in respect of NREGS accounts in all most all HPOs. Data entry feeding should be done immediately.
Decision:Postal Directorate has permitted A.P. Circle to consider migrating to CBS without digitizing the data of MGNREGS account, as Aadhaar based payment system is not available in Sanchay Post / CBS. Further Directorate intimated that RB Division / RSI / RH implementation committee may also take a view and these data may be migrated when such functionality / handheld devices become available and DoP is finally in a position to handle this work as is being presently handled by A.P. Circle through APOnline.  ITEM CLOSED   
                                                                                                    S V Rao
                                                            उप मंडल प्रबंधक (डा.जी.बी.)                
                                               Deputy Divisional Manager (PLI)
                                             मु.पो.मा.ज.कार्यालय, आं.प्र.सर्किल, हैदराबाद – 500 001

                                              O/o CPMG, A.P. Circle, Hyderabad – 500 001

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