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Friday, August 5, 2016

Bifurcation of Circle-Calling for the options from the officials -General secretary writes to secretary posts

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No.PF-67-1/2016                                                                                Dated 27th July,2016

            The Secretary,
            Department of Posts,
            Dak Bhawan,
            New Delhi-110 001.

           Sub: -Bifurcation of A.P. Circle in to A.P and Telangana Circles w.e.f 01.07.2016-Calling for the options from the Circle cadre officials – Reg

           Ref: -  1. Directorate O.M No38-3/2014-PE – II dated 01.07.20162. CO Lr.No.ST/Bifurcation/A.P.Circle/2016 dated 15.07.2016.

            Your kind attention is invited to the reference cited above on the subject, where in the A.P. Circle has been bifurcated in to A.P. and Telangana Circles vide reference cited (1) above. It has been clarified vide point No.9 of Annexure-III of directorate OM cited above that “Distribution of the staff will be as far as possible, based on willingness. One time option facility may be given to all staff concerned”.

            A.P. Circle vide CO letter cited under reference (2) above, issued instructions to the divisions/units to obtain the options from the officials belongs to circle cadre only i.e from LSG and above cadres and PA and MTS of RO/CO cadres only.

            I would like to invite your kind attention towards the recent recruitment of Postal Assistants in the circle where in the recruitment was held circle level and the candidates were allotted to the divisions/Regions on the basis of their merit in the selection list and options submitted by the candidates. In that process some of the candidates belong to present A.P. Circle posted to Telangana Circle and candidates belong to Present Telangana Circle posted to A.P. Circle based on their merit in the selection list and availability of vacancies at that time.  Now they have to wait for completion of 5 years of service to apply for Rule-38 transfer according to the existing rules on the subject.

            Khammam Division has been given to Hyderabad Region Telangana Circle, as the said division is under the revenue control of Telangana state. Earlier it was under the control of Postmaster General Vijayawada present A.P. Circle. The division jurisdiction is nearer to Vijayawada and east and west Godavari Districts and the officials belongs to neighbouring areas of those districts are working in the Khammam Division. The officials working in Khammam division are willing to opt for A.P. Circle also.

            Further I would like to mention that few villages/towns which were under the control of Khammam Postal Division and fall within the administrative control of Andhra Pradesh State. The options of the officials working in those post offices have to be taken in to consideration while allotment ofp staff on bifurcation.

            It is pertinent to mention that in the undivided A.P. Circle, the implementation of cadre restructuring has not taken place. If the circle administration implement the cadre restructuring, the number of posts of circle cadre will be increased and the officials working in those posts fall within the purview of circle cadre posts and they are eligible for giving their options while bifurcation. Now these officials are deprived off their opportunity to give their options because of non implementation of cadre restructuring in the circle. Though the order of cadre restructuring came much earlier than the circle bifurcation, the circle administration is implementing the bifurcation order without completing the cadre restructuring.

            Keeping in view the circumstances explained above, it would be more beneficial to the officials of PA cadre if the one time options may be called for from the Postal Assistants working in the Circle and the staff may be adjusted as per the sanctioned strength in the two circles.

            It is therefore , requested to kindly  cause  necessary instructions for calling for the options from all the officials in the circle as one time measure so that they can be accommodated as per their willingness after bifurcation of the circles.

            An early action in this regard is highly appreciated.

With regards,
Yours faithfully,
Parashar Sign
(R.N. Parashar)
Secretary General
Copy to:

 The Circle Secretary AIPE Union Group-C AP Circle.

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