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Friday, August 17, 2012

Agitation Programme against the Harassment of SSPOs, Ongole-JCA Circular and Dharna Photos

All India Postal Employees unions, Group-C/PIV/GDS, Prakasam Division
National Unions of Postal employees, Group-C/PIV/GDS,Prakasam Division
Bharatiya Postal Employees Unions, Group-C/PIV/GDS, Prakasam Division
All India Postal SC/ST Employees Welfare Association, Prakasam Division
Memorandum submitted to the CPMG, Hyderabad and PMG, Vijayawada Region by the J.C.A., Prakasam Division, Ongole.
No. JCA/Prakasam Division/Agitation Programme Dtd.16.08.2012.

A Notice submitted to the SSPOs, Prakasam Division, Ongole on 09.08.2012 to go on following Agitation Programme with immediate effect in connection with the following Demands.
1.      Immediate revoking of existing suspensions of Class-III officials—Sri Y.V.Ramana, PA, Lawyerpet SO, Ongole-2; Sri Shaik Basheer, SPM, S.Konda SO and Smt. K.Padmavathi, PA, Ulavapadu SO.
2.      Immediate stopping of Harassment of SSPOs, Ongole, Prakasam Division against the officials. For example---
i)                    Stop irregular victimization for minor items, compelling the officials to work on Holiday/Sundays.
ii)                  Pressuring the officials over phone frequently regarding office issues beyond working hours also.
iii)                Calling for explanations for petty items over mobiles beyond working hours even for lady employees.
iv)                Failure to produce adequate training computer systems, Printers, Papers, ribbons, diesel to Generators though there has been power cut for about of hours together.
v)                  Non provision of sufficient staff and re-allotment of system administrators to operative side.
vi)                Irregular victimization on forced irregular bulk delivery entry of Aadhaar Cards.

2.     WEARING BLACK BADGES ON 13.08.2012.
3.     DHARNA ON 14.08.2012 AT ONGOLE HO.
4.     WORK TO RULE AND RELAY HUNGER FAST FROM 16.08.2012 TO 24.08.2012.
5.     INDEFINITE STRIKE FROM 25.08.2012.
1.      On 09.08.2012:- Talks failed with the SSPOs, Ongole on 09.8.2012 while submitting Notice of agitation programme. During talks, the SSPOs, Ongole threatened the JCA that he is going to suspend 4 four more officials very soon. Demonstrations done at all HOs in Prakasam Division on 09.8.12 successfully.
2.      On 10.08.2012 and 11.8.2012:- Gate Meetings and demonstrations did at all HOs in Prakasam Division successfully.
3.      On 13.08.12 (12.08.2012 is Sunday):- weared Black Badges by entire officials in Prakasam Division besides demonstrations and made it grand success.
4.      On 14.08.2012:- A Huge “Dharna” with 50 officials conducted at Ongole HO successfully and possession has also been organized from Ongole Ho to DO, Ongole in the evening of the day besides demonstration at DO with hundreds of officials.
5.      On 16.08.2012 :- Relay Hunger Fast with 20 officials of different cadres physically organized successfully at Ongole HO.
The agitational programme organized against the SSPOs, Ongole from 09.8.2012 to 16.08.2012 as said above, became grand success. But there is no any response from the divisional administration. The SSPOs, Ongole has been continuing his harassment and giving false information to the RO, Vijayawada and CO, Hyd. The real fact is----
1.     The main theme behind the suspension of Shaik Basheer, SPM, Singarayakonda SO is not at all his lapses, but it is the wanted intension of Sri O.Vijayakumar, SSPOs, Ongole. Why because, the Sri O.Vijayakumar is having close relationship with the “SAADHANA SECURITY SERVICES”, Lawyerpet, Ongole-523002 who made a complaint against the above said suspended official. The SSPOs, Ongole has been using vehicle of car, Lap tap etc of above said firm. For example, recently the SSPOs travelled in the car of above firm from Kanigiri to Ongole. The suspension memo. Given to Sri Basheer was typed in the lap tap of above said firm only. We don’t know, what is the personal interest of the SSPOs, Ongole in maintaining the above relation with the above said firm?
2.     Sri O.Vijayakumar, SSPOs, Ongole has been misusing the departmental Inspection Vehicle for his own to his away places, hospitals, hotels etc. with his family members. The Oil expenditure of his I.V. may be revealed the truth when compare to his dairy.
When the above said allegations were brought to the notice of the SSPOs, Ongole, he taken as personal grudge and started the harassment of the officials by way of suspensions etc. Then only, JCA was forced to go on agitation programmes. Hence the Xerox copies of JCA Notice dated 9.8.12, Pamplets dated 9.8.12, 14.8.12 and 16.8.12, News paper Cuttings, JCA Programme Photos are here with sent for perusal and necessary action against Sri O.Vijaya Kumar, SSPOs, Ongole.
In conclusion, the JCA once again request to intervene into the above said issue and see that all the list of demands is settled. Especially, the kind Chief Postmaster General, AP Circle, Hyd is requested for justice to the officials of the Prakasam Division.
            Thanking you Sir.
                                                            Yours faithfully,

K.VENKATESWARLU                            K.MARK                                               SK.MASTANVALI
SECRETARY,                                         SECRETARY                                        SECRETARY,
AIPEU C-II                                                NUPE CL-III                                                                                   BPEU CL-III

R.BRAHMANANDAM                         K.VEERASWAMY REDDY                      G.SYAMKUMAR
PRESIDENT                                          PRESIDENT                                               PRESIDENT
AIPEU CL-III                                        NUPE CL-III                                                    BPEU CL-III

P.SANKAR NAIK                                 Y.V.SUBBAIAH                           CH.SREENIVASARAO                                                                                SECRETARY,                                    SECRETARY                                             SECRETARY,
AIPEU P IV                                         NUPE P IV                                               BPEU P IV

S.NAGIREDDY                                   M.LAXMAIAH                                   V.SANJEEVAREDDY                                        
SECRETARY,                                     SECRETARY                                               SECRETARY,
AIPEU GDS                                       NUPE GDS                                                  BPEU GD

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