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Friday, September 13, 2013

Minutes of PMG Hyderabad Region with NFPE Circle Secretaries

             The meeting with the Members of the A.P.Postal Circle Co-ordination committee(NFPE) was held on 04.09.2013 at 1600 hours in the chamber of PMG, Hyderabad Region, Hyderabad relating to the issues raised by A.P. Postal Circle Co-ordination Committee (NFPE) in their Memorandum vide letter No. NFPE / Co-ordination/ 2013-HR dtd.27.8.13/02.9.2013. The following were present:-
Sri.Vishvapavan Pati, PMG(HR)
Sri.K.Ramachandram, C.S. AIPAOEU, Gr ‘C’ & ‘D’ & Convenor, Co-Ord Committee
Smt.B.Radhika Chakravarthy, DPS(HR)
Sri.D.A.S.V.Prasad, C.S AIPEU Gr ‘C’
Sri.M.V.Muralidhar, Asst.Director –I
Sri.Sk.Humayun, C.S. AIPEU PM &MTS
Sri.D.Narasimha Rao, Asst.Director –II
Sri.R.J.Madhusudana Rao, C.S. AIRMS & MMS EU Gr’C’

Sri.S.A.Naidu, C.S. AIRMS & MMS.MG & MTS

Sri.L.Kishan Singh, C.S. AISBCO.E.A

          At the outset, PMG (HR) extended welcome to the union representatives to the meeting and emphasised the need for co-operation of the unions in making Hyderabad Region more performance and result oriented and the role to be played by the unions in this regard.
        Before discussing the items, PMG pointed out that there are items for which replies have already given and some items have already been taken up at RJCM level which is a higher forum and PMG alone cannot take a view.  Four of the Union Members present in the meeting today are also Members of RJCM representing staff side.
Thereafter the items mentioned in the Memorandum submitted by the A.P.Postal Circle Co-ordination Committee (NFPE) were discussed and decisions arrived at are as below:-                            
Item No.1.              SHORTAGE OF STAFF: - There is shortage of staff in Regional Office. Hyderabad whenever retirement/promotions/Deaths and resignation, the posts are not filed up and attached to another branches, thereby the work load on the staff is heavy and unmanageable. Rests of the branches are run by the staff brought on deputation. Hence all the vacant posts are to be filled up by regular staff.
Reply: -                 PMG informed that out of the staff strength of 29 posts in R.O. Hyderabad, only 17 regular OAs  are available. Circle Office has already been requested vide RO letter No. PMG (H)/ ST/ Deptn/ 2008 dated 14.5.2013 to allot regular O.As. Allotment of regular O.As by Circle Office is awaited. Unions have requested to post the PAs (CO) in regular branches like Legal cell, staff etc., instead of posting them in technology branch stating that they will know the work of the Regional Office. It was informed that this will be looked into and action will be taken to the extent possible.
ItemNo.2:               DECENTRALIZATION OF WORK LOAD:- Due to non filling of vacant post and merger of posts, the work load in all branches, particularly in Union/welfare,  mails, establishment branches is heavy
Reply: -                 The establishment review of Regional Office is in progress. The re-distribution of work will be looked into as soon as the review is completed. The vacancies caused due to retirements/ transfers / promotions etc., are being managed by bringing officials on deputation to RO. Union requested to issue the Memo of Distribution of work of the RO duly distributing the work judiciously to the OAs. PMG agreed to review the Memorandum of Distribution of work and it will be completed before the next bi-monthly meeting.

Item No.3.              At present regular staff of RO are being posted in RPLI/Technology branches and the deputationists are being posted in important branches like staff, legal cell and stock branches. The regular staff are not to be posted in RPLI branch and the important posts are to be filled up with the regular/senior PA(CO) only. The posts for technology/RPLI sections are not sanctioned in RO. Establishment. The posted in the above sections may be posted in staff/establishment/stock sections.ReplySameas reply in item No. (1) 
ItemNo.4.     RULE-9 and DISCIPLINARY CASES     :-
Charge sheets were given even after four years. Suspensions are resorted even in the contributory negligence and officials about to retire were placed under suspension and Rule-9 cases are added. In case of Karimnagar HO though loss is recouped the officials on the verge of retirement are suspended who are identified as subsidiary offenders. The case is the same in Mahabubnagar, Adilabad and Sangareddy etc., in Wanaparthy Division Sri.E.Venkataramulu was placed under suspension for years together without issued of charge sheets in violation of CCS(CCA) Rules. Subsistence allowances were not reviewed. The main offenders are enjoining the privileges at the cost of subsidiary offenders. The entire system of investigation collapsed. The retired officials were continuing g without pensionary benefits. Karimnagar, in Adilabad Division, two postmasters had given Rule-14 at verge of superannuation retirements which is converted into Rule-9. They are suffering since three years they are suffering.
Reply:          PMG informed that all the cases of frauds and losses in Hyderabad Region are being investigated and all consequential actions are being taken.  In some cases, investigations consume lot of time due to complexity of Modus Operandi and magnitude of the frauds.  There is heavy shortage of inspectorial staff leading to delay in past work verification as per the established procedures of the Department.  But, there is no case of deliberate issue of charge sheets to the delinquent officials on the verge of retirement.  PMG informed the Union that all the disciplinary cases are handled as per statutory provisions and no interference is done at any level except as per provisions of rules. 
However the disciplinary cases are being monitored continuously from R.O level and every effort is being made to avoid delays in finalising the cases. 
So many transfers were issued irregularly by the Divisional Heads of Sangareddy, Medak, Nalgonda and Adilabad in violation of DG Guidelines. The representation of the individuals and unions pointing out the irregularities were dealt casually. The victimized officials were forgoing months together leave. There is no control of RO on the divisional superintendents and they are enjoining monopoly. The climax of a wonderful deputation was the case of Raghavendra Goud, Accountant, Mahabubnagar HO.
Reply: -        PMG informed that RO has already examined these transfer/ deputation cases pointed out by the union and in some cases, the orders of the Divisional Heads have been modified keeping a balances between individual interest and administrative exigencies. Union has pointed out about one specific case to which PMG agreed to reexamine.

The land lord occupied the quarter portion since long. The issue was discussed in the Bi-monthly meeting but no action is being initiated by RO.
Reply: -        The proposal for dequarterisation has been received from the SPOs, Karimnagar and being submitted to CO within a week. 
Reply: -        The proposal for dequarterization of Shakkarnagar PO and Ambam SO have already submitted to Circle office on 27.08.2013. P M G also expressed concern of functioning of the post office in dilapidated buildings and stressed the need to shift the POs into better premises
Item No.8.    Fraud case of Yella Reddy was taken six years back. Eleven officials were identified as subsidiary offenders and co-offenders. Main offenders expired. PMG has given the order to recover 7 lakhs from the co-offender which should be stopped immediately.
Reply: -        As per established procedures and specific reviews conducted at different levels i.e., RO, CO & Directorate level, recovery of the loss sustained by the Department is ordered to be recovered from officials at fault, be it Main/ Co./ Sub offenders. There is no specific order issued by PMG to recover 7 lakhs from Co offenders as stated in the memorandum. 
Item No.9.    IMMEDIATE REVOKE OF THE 5 SUSPENDED OFFCIALS IN WARANGAL DIVISION who are identified as subsidiary offenders
Reply:-         It was informed that only 3 (three) Sub Offenders have been  placed under suspension in Warangal Division involved in this particular case on the basis of Divisional level investigation. 
SPOs,Warangal has been addressed to submit the records relating to the suspension cases to RO.
Union requested to finalise the cases within a time frame. It was informed that the cases will be reviewed within 15 days. 
ItemNo.10:   Immediate revoke the suspended official in Parkal HO. One Sri.Prashant, SPM.Bhupalapally SO in Hanamkonda Division was suspended for petty case. 
Reply: -        PMG asked the Union as to how the Union has categorised this case as “Petty” and on what basis.  Union replied that they will ascertain the details of the case.  PMG emphasised that it is not amount of the fraud which is the criterion, but the nature of the offence(s), misconduct of the official who commits frauds which determines the nature of actions against the delinquent officials. 
The Postal assistants allotted to Hyderabad Region from Circle Office on 31.5.2011. The 5 PA(CO) were posted in the RPLI/BD/TECHNOLOGY sections in RO. As per the establishment sanctioned register the above section posts were not sanctioned. This union requested the Region PMG, Hyd to post the PA(CO) regular vacant posts, but they were not posted in the staff/estt/SD cell/ building/SB section.
The PA (CO) deputed from RMS`Z`Dn.Hyd have been posted in SD cell and the regular PA (CO) were posted in RPLI.Section. It is requested to modify the posting orders immediately.
Reply:          Same as reply in item No. (1). 
The women employees working in RO.Hyd are not provided any separate lunch room. This item was taken up with the RO. Administration through bi-monthly meetings with the PMG.Hyd. without any efforts this item was closed as there is no accommodation in RO. The WTC were opened on 1.1.2012. this union request the Regional Administration to provide accommodation to extend the  CR section room and to northern side and provide 10 x 12` room for women employees working in RO.Hyd are south side at RPLI section by removing of cubical. 
Reply: -        There is no vacant space available in RO which is already congested. CO will be requested to allot a vacant room for the purpose.  
Before discussing subsequent items which are mostly RMS related, PMG asked the Union to check if the items were already taken up at Divisional level and outcome of the discussions recorded in the minutes of meeting be intimated to RO.  PMG has stated that these items relate to matters within the purview of SRM ‘Z’ Division and therefore should be first discussed at Divisional level.  However, the issues were generally discussed with the following observations. 
Item No.13: Continuing the working hours and timings of the SPC.Kazipet   SET/1 as they are and not to change. 
Reply:        PMG stated that this item may be discussed with SRM, ‘Z’ Division. 
ItemNo.14: SeparatingTMO from Kazipet for revision working hours                   RMS/2.
Reply:         Same as Reply to item 13 
Item No.15:  Harassment of officials on the plea that SPC articles are being misspent       in KAZIPET RMS 
Reply:                    Improvement of performance of KPIs of Project Arrow & MNOP are already under discussion at RJCM level. PMG pointed of, there is no incident of harassment of any officials except monitoring the performance. 
Item No.16:  Introduction of discontinued deposit bag from set to set of  Nampally sorting
Reply:                    The matter of Set to Set transfer of articles has already been discussed at RJCM level. There is no provision of deposit bag in the software provided by the department. 
ItemNo.17:   Restoration and sanction of justified post of OA-2 in HRO`Z` Division,    Hyderabad. 
Reply:          Same as Reply to item 13 
Item No.18:  Attaching PTP and GDS.MM Posts to L-1 office and Nampally sorting hither to attached to marketing executive
Reply:          Same as Reply to item 13 
ItemNo.19:   Provision of accommodation of Z-12 staff in nearby lodge because the present accommodation is not at all suitable to take rest and no alternative provided since decades
Reply:                    The PMG has personally requested the PMG, Chennai for provision of accommodation to RMS staff. PMG, Chennai has agreed to provide alternate accommodation proposed and submitted quotation for the work. The same will be got done shortly. 
ItemNo.20:             Provision of extra manpower to bring and hand over bags from TMO Hydeabad Stg to L-1/Nampally sorting and to TMO Hyderabad Sorting situated on ground floor GPO Building 
Reply:          Same as Reply to item 13 
Item No.21: Provision of separate path way to L-1/Nampally sorting from and to the lift 
Reply:                    Matter was already taken up with DPS (HQ) & DPS, Mails of HCR.  Matter will be taken up with CO. 
ItemNo.22:   Shifting of RH.Vizianagaram, RH.Ananthapur and RH.Sholapur to other suitable buildings
Reply: -                  1)      FRACs were constituted on 31.7.2013 to examine the buildings offered for locating RH Ananthapur and RH Vizianagaram. SRM is the chairmen of FRAC. He is instructed to complete the FRAC as early as possible. 
2)       Matter will be taken up with Maharashtra circle for providing   alternate accommodation. 
Item No.23: Provision of extra man power to Z-31 section by revising  selection posts 
Reply:          Same as Reply to item 13 
ItemNo.24:   Restoration of OA / SS in SRO`Z`Dn., Mahabubnagar / Nizamabad
Reply:           Same as Reply to item 13 
Item No.25: Enhancement of rate given to the outsourcing persons from semi skilled to that of skilled, and to implement news rates
Reply:          The instructions were circulated to units vide this office endorsement No.H6/Contingent/all units/13-14 dated 21.08.2013. SRM will be asked to take action.
ItemNo.26    : Permission for rewiring of Nizamabad RMS building.
Reply:-         The Sr.Divl.Finance Manager, S.C.Railway, Hyderabad Division was addressed on 24.7.2013 and reminded on 12.8.2013 to take up works relating repairs and rewiring of Nizamabad RMS building.
However, the SRM`Z`Division will be asked to pursue the matter with Railway authorities by contacting them personally and to see that the repairs are got done.
Item No.27:             Payment of arrears to the substitutes who worked in GDS vacant posts of RMS`Z`Dn as per the Directorate clarificatory orders 
Reply:          The union is requested to give the list of any pending cases to SRM with a copy to this office for taking necessary action. 
ItemNo.28:   Paying the amount contributed by the GDS towards Group Insurances while they were promoted as MM/MG, if necessary by obtaining applications from them. 
Reply:          The Unions have complained that representations of the officials are not being obtained.  PMG informed that ED GIS table of benefits is supplied to the divisions on 25.06.2013. Union is also requested to give the list of pending cases and also advise the members to submit the required application to the SRM for taking immediate action to forward them to DAP for settling the claims. 
Item No.29: Supplying Gen sets or Inverters to Karimnagar, Mancherial and Nampally Sorting. 
Reply:                    Generator connection to Nampally sorting is provided from Hyderabad GPO. The union complained that no operator is available to operate the Generator in the night. PMG informed that this issue will be taken up with Circle Office to find out a solution. 
PMG informed that in r/o Mancherial and Karimnagar, this office has already addressed Circle office to allot funds. On receipt of funds Gensets will be provided. 
ItemNo.30:   Restoration of duties to contingent staff of Manorabad SO, Gadwal HO and Mahabubnagar HO who were removed from duty irregularly by Divl.Heads. As per the Directorate orders which applicable only to Administrative offices. 
Reply: -        A clarification will be sought from Circle office in this regard. 
ItemNo.31:   Supply of Due Mail List and permanent establishment to Nampally sorting and L1 offices and to arrange full compliment abstract. 
Reply:                    Same as reply to item (13).  PMG informed that DMSL of Namaplly Sorting is already issued. 
ItemNo.32:   Introducing separate functioning for L1 and L2 offices, i.e., closing and opening could be different.  No overlapping. 
Reply:                    PMG clarified that Nampally sorting is a L-1 office and there is no question of any particular Set functioning as L2.  Union is requested to check up the information. 
Item No.33: Specific guidelines / norms to be communicated regarding discrepancies /dislocation,permanent officials made responsible and awarded    punishment. 
Reply:          Specific case may be furnished for taking necessary action. 
Item No.34: Provision of lift to SPC, Warangal. 
Reply:                    PMG informed that present structure of the building does not permit installation of mail hoist/ lift for which extensive civil works are required. 
ItemNo.35:    Diversion of MG post of MB Nagar, RMS to L1 arise in view of heavy work  in opening, closing and dispatch of bags. 
Reply:          Same as Reply to item 13 
ItemNo.36:   Restoration of MM post at Karimnagar sorting, Mancherial sorting and HRO Z Division, Hyderabad. 
Reply:                    Union represented that the post of MM at Karimngar and Mancherial were kept skeleton.  PMG stated that the item may be discussed first with SRM ‘Z’ Division. 
ItemNo.37:   Supply of uniforms, cheppals and handbags. 
Reply:           This item was discussed in the RJCM. 
ItemNo.38:   Showing wrong vacancy position in Mail Guards of Z Division as on 1.6.2013.  Justified posts are 27 whereas working strength is 23.  Thus, 4 vacancies exist instead of 2 vacancies shown. 
Reply:                    The union represented that the vacancy position was wrongly in respect of the mail guard examination for the year 2011. The report of SRM  will  be called for in this regard. 
Item No.39 :           Utilization of service of qualified driving licence holder of Postmen and Gr.D / GDS officials in the vacant posts of Jeep Driver in SPOs, Mahabubnagar Division.  
The post of Jeep Driver is lying vacant for the past 7 years and being managed by resourcing to outsourcing of outside officials, there are enough qualified driving licence holders available in the Department working as Postmen, Gr.D and GDS cadre who are willing to work as Jeep Driver.  This item is long pending and this may be taken up with CPMG, Hyderabad. 
Reply: -                    PMG informed that matter will be examined in consultation with Circle Office. 
ItemNo.40:   Non passing of medical bills in Karimnagar Division. 
A no. of medical bills even those already retired officials are pending since very long time in Karimnagar Division. 
Reply: -                  An amount of Rs 16 lakhs allotted under the head medical bills. SP Karimnagar released the bill to the tune of Rs 4 lakhs. He is advised to release the pending bills immediately and send proposal for addl funds if required.
                                                                      Asst. Director of Postal Services
O/o the Postmaster General
Hyderabad Region
Hyderabad – 500 001

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