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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Minutes of committee in connection with down gradation and upgradation

             A meeting was conducted under the Chairmanship of Shri K.Somasundaram, Director of Postal Services, Office of Postmaster General, Vijayawada Region, Vijayawada on 12.06.2014 in connection with upgradation of Podili Norm based LSG SO to Head Post Office by down grading Kanigiri HO.
2.          The following members have attended the meeting :
1.   S.V.Sivaprasad, SSPOs, Vijayawada Division
2.   O.Vijayakumar, SSPOs, Prakasam Division
3.   K.Ramesh, Asst.Dir(Mails), O/o PMG, VJA
4.   Syed Ansar, Asst.Dir(Staff), O/o PMG, VJA
5.   D.A.S.V.Prasad, C.S. AIPEU, Cl.III, Hyderabad
6.   V.Sivaji, C.S. NUPE, Cl.III, Sattenapalli HO
7.    K.Venkateswarlu, D.S. AIPEU, Ongole
8.   K.Mark, D.S. NUPE, Ongole
3.    While welcoming the members, Director of Postal Services, Vijayawada requested the members to put forth their views before the Committee on the proposal for upgradation of Podili LSG SO to Head Post Office by downgrading the Kanigiri Head Post Office.
4.          During the discussion, the members have expressed their views as follows:
(i)           Sri DASV Prasad, CS, AIPEU Class III told that Item No 1-10/2013 was proposed during the RJCM meeting held on 17-04-2014 at Hyderabad regarding Upgradation of Podili Norm based LSG SO to HO by downgrading Kanigiri HO.
(ii)          Answering to the DPS question on Mail arrangements the committee members expressed that the existing mail arrangement and Cash arrangement can be continued without any change consequent on upgradation of Podili Norm based LSG SO to HO by downgrading Kanigiri HO..
(iii)        Further, as per the discussion held with other members, SSP, Vijayawada added that there may not be any political pressure of down gradation of Kanigiri HO. If Podili is upgraded the local public will be happy including local political fraternity as the local MLA of Podili constituency is State Minister in AP State Govt.
(iv)         Sri DASV Prasad, CS while discussing on Flouride problem prevailing in Kanigiri  is on high side when compared to other areas in Prakasam Division. The percentage of Flouride in Kanigiri and Podili areas are 3.5 to 11 PPM  and 2 to 5 PPM respectively.
(v)          SSP, Vijayawada further told that Podili is having facility of Sagar water supply for drinking purpose to avoid fluoride effect.
(vi)         Podili is on the State Highway route and it is 55 KMs away from District headquarters i.e Ongole.
(vii)       There is also likely hood of growth in Revenue due to expected development of industries in and around Podili in c/w bifurcation of AP.
(viii)     When compared to Kanigiri , Podili area is having business potential viz. Granite industry in and around Podili and Slate industry adjacent of Markapur sub division.
(ix)        The SSP, Prakasam was asked by DPS to work out some modalities on readjustment of all the SOs of the division except Chirala HO while downgrading the Kanigiri HO.      
(x)          Finally as per the discussion made above the committee unanimously proposed that Kanigiri HO may be downgraded as LSG SO and Podili LSG SO may be upgraded to HO with the following changes:    
a.    All SOs now being served by Kanigiri HO except the Chandrasekhara puram SO, Pamuru SO and Botlaguduru SO may be tagged to proposed Podili HO.

b.   The following offices will be transferred from Ongole HO to proposed Podili HO: Tellapadu SO, Talluru SO, Addanki SO and Chimakurthi SO
c.    CS Puram SO, Pamuru SO and Botlaguduru SO may be placed under account jurisdiction of Kandukuru HO
d.   Valluru SO is now being served by Kandukuru HO may be transferred to Ongole HO.

    While concluding, the committee unanimously agreed for upgradation of Podili LSG SO to Head Office by downgrading the Kanigiri HO to LSG SO. 
(S.V.SIVAPRASAD)                                               (D.A.S.V.PRASAD)                            
Sr.Supdt. of Post Offices,                                      Circle Secretary
Vijayawada Division   &                                        AIPEU, Cl III, Hyderabad
MEMBER                                                              MEMBER
(O.VIJAYAKUMAR)                                               (V. SIVAJI)
Sr.Supdt. of Post Offices,                                      Circle Secretary
Prakasam Division  &                                           NUPE, Cl. III, NR Pet &
MEMBER                                                              MEMBER
(K.RAMESH)                                                         (K. VENKATESWARLU)
Assistant Director (M)                                           Divisional Secretary
O/o Postmaster General                                       AIPEU, Ongole &
Vijayawada Region  &                                           MEMBER

(SYED ANSAR)                                                     (K. MARK)
Assistant Director (S)                                            Divisional Secretary
O/o Postmaster General                                       NUPE, Ongole &
Vijayawada Region &                                            MEMBER


                                                 Director of Postal Services,
                                                     Vijayawada Region,
                                                Vijayawada-520003  &

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