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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Agenda items from staff side in 114 RJCM


1.       As per Rule 257 of GFR, Service Book of the official has to be maintained in duplicate. Though the orders were issued in 2004, this is not implemented so far by the concerned in A.P.Circle. It is requested to please arrange to issue necessary instructions to implement the orders in letter and spirit.
2.      Provision of Bank Transaction with Cheque Book facility to Class A, LSG and MDG SO’s:
        Consequent on introduction of various financial schemes there was a huge increase in cash transactions. In the interest of public convenience it is  requested to implement the instruction issued by the Directorate vide memo No:21-3/2014-PO dated 18.8.2015.

3.      Non implementation of orders issued by the Directorate regarding outsourcing facility in shortage of staff:
     Even though there are clear instructions from the DOPT regarding outsourcing staff where shortage of staff is there the same was not implementing in many of the divisions in AP circle. For Example Tenali Division in Vijayawada region. Hence it is requested to instruct the concerned authorities to implement the same without fail.

4.      Irregular recovery of loss amount from the co-offender/subsidiary offender:
       Not to harass the staff for recovery of fraud amount from the subsidiary offenders without enforcing RR act from the main offender.

5.      Apportionment of Electrical charges between post office and residential quarters:
  In majority of the cases the apportionment is fixed at the rate of 1:1 which is not justified. The office meter is charged on the commercial rate and the consumption of office is very high consequent on computerization. It is there fore requested to take action for provision separate meters/ Sub meters for residential quarter portion. 

6.      Provision of watchmen post in the day time at Humayunnagar PO
     In Humayunnagar PO recently booking of bulk mails like Amozen, PRISHA took place and thousand of articles/bags were receiving and dispatching. Now it become become to look after the security of articles by the staff. Hence it is requested to provide one day watchmen post at Humayunnagar PO.
7.      Non observation of seniority in posting of their choice of offices while rotating the officials in rotational transfers.
In the recent RTs issued by the divisional heads, seniority of the officials has not observed while posting the officials to their choice offices and denied their choice of place of posting and posted the junior most officials to those offices. It is a well known formula that willing senior or unwilling junior will be posted to an office. But it is not following by the divisional heads. Though the issue (Transfers of Hyderabad city division and Secunderabad Division) has been brought to the notice of the circle office, but circle office has not considered but up held the action of the divisional heads which is contrary to the directorate orders. Hence it is requested to cause to issue suitable orders to implement the directorate orders in letter and spirit.
8.      Implementation and migration of Mc.Camish and CBS platforms without imparting proper training to the field staff.

Mc.Camish has been implemented in Secunderabad Division without imparting proper training to the field staff like SPMs and PAs working in sub offices. The officials working in HOs are only provided training but the SPMs and PAs working in sub offices are not trained in this regard. Therefore necessary training may please be provided to all the field staff who are dealing with the subject.

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