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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Revised CPMG orders on speed post articles on Holidays/Sundays

Respected Sir,

                         In continuation to this Office instructions circulated vide email dt. 16-10-2015 at 10.40 PM and with reference to the Directorate Lr.No. 30-31/2015-D dt. 20-10-2015 and after decisions taken during the elaborated discussions with the Unions on 21-10-2015,  I am directed by the competent authority to instruct you to ensure the following precautions while arranging the Delivery of e-commerce and Speed Post articles on Sundays / PO Holidays  (22.10.1524.10.1525.10.15) in 35 identified delivery post offices in Hyderabad City Region.
1.     1. Divisional Heads may ensure that only willing SPMs/PA s/ Supervisors / Postmen / MTS / GDS are given the delivery duty on Sundays / PO Holidays. This may be planned in advance.

2.      2.Divisional heads may ensure that Contingent staff arrangements are made well in advance for the delivery duty on Sundays / PO Holidays.

3.      3.Divisional heads shall  be in touch with Manager (NSH), Manager, MMS  and to make all arrangements for receipt of bags at the Post Offices where the delivery is planned on Sundays /  PO Holidays.

4.      4.Manager (NSH) has to maintain liaison with Divisional heads of Hyderabad City Region and to dispatch bags to the identified Post Offices only.

5.     5. Compensation for working lunch @Rs.150/- for SPMs/ Supervisors / P.As, @Rs.100/- per Postmen / MTS  staff, @ Rs.60/- per GDS and @ Rs 50 for Contingent staff may be given to those  who  attend to Holiday duty on 22nd October, 24th October and 25th October, 2015.

6.    6.  The regular PAs /Supervisors / Postmen / Sorting Postmen /  MTS  can opt either for C-off or Holiday / Sunday fixed monetary compensation as per Directorate Lr. No. 10-7/2001-PE-II dt. 14th August, 2015.

7.      7.GDS MDs  will be eligible for the wages similar to those when they work  on normal working days.

8.      8.Contingents who will be arranged in place of Postmen / MTS will be paid as per the minimum of the Grade pay in the pay band of Postman / MTS, as done on normal working days.
Your compliance may be sent to this Office about the execution of the orders.

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