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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Probelms faced by the staff on implementation of CBS-Letter to CPMG

APU-III/CBS-Finacle/2016                                                                          Date: 14.01.16

The Chief Postmaster General


Sub: -   Implementation of CBS in Post Offices-Problems faced by the staff side-Inconvenience caused to the General Public-Reg

            Our department is prestigiously taken the task to migrate all the post offices to Core Banking Solutions (Finacle) plat form as a part of modernization and computerisation of the department. It is a welcome measure to sustain in the present scenario of competitive market with other service providers. But before migrating to the CBS plat form the necessary ground work of data verification and capacity of the central server and band width of the network service provider (Both server & at PO level)  has to be perfectly up to the requirement of the department. Circle administration is showing very much interest and pulling up the divisional heads under their control in migration of CBS of all the post offices but least bother about the resolving the problems raising in implementation of CBS. All most all the divisions are reporting the following problems and expressed their inability to serve the general public. Thereby post offices services are badly affecting.

1.      Since from one week, the connection to the central server is slow down and at times lost connection to the central server.
2.      Now 30% of post offices are migrated to CBS. At this juncture all the post offices are facing connectivity to the central server and band width problem, if all the post offices will migrated to CBS plat form, this problem will be un manageable.
3.      The staff at the counter is facing public ire due to non connectivity to the central server.
4.      Most of the divisions are not tallying the HO and SO data before migrating to CBS. Simply they are going for migration with HO data and insisting the Postmasters/SPMs to give sign off. Due to this practice the balances are not tallying with the passbooks and there will be a chance to misappropriation of public money. Therefore it is a prerogative of the head of the office to tally all the balances before giving sign off for migration of CBS and hence sufficient time to be given to them for verification of balances before migration.
5.      Wherever the offices are migrated with difference of balances are facing lot of problem and the present procedure to rectification is cumbersome. Hence it is requested to give access to the divisional offices to rectify the data to mitigate the time taking process.
6.      HTV menu is removed for the Bulk verification. The RD bulk posting and BO transactions verification should perform accordingly without depending on HTV menu. The HTV menu is more useful to ‘C’ Class SPMs. This will be rectified
7.      While migrating to CBS plat form signatures uploaded through sanchay post are not seen in the Finacle. At present the CPC is scanning all the signatures. Therefore it is requested to provide a tool to upload the same in Finacle.
8.      Supply laser printers and Pass book printers for printing of reports, pass books and certificates to all CBS offices before their migration to CBS plat form as the present dot matrix printers are not compatible to it.
9.      In respect of ‘C’ class sub offices, there will be no supervisor for verification. The data entry/counter clerk and supervisor is the same and hence it is requested either to disable the supervisor option/verification option or provide a supervisor to all the ‘C’ class offices for verification of the transactions.
10.  Provide sufficient training to all the staff including divisional office staff has to be provided through WCTCs as it is a very difficult task to give training to them at PTC Mysore.
11.  In Finacle soft ware, there is provision for printing of fixed deposit certificates through system. Hence it is requested to discontinue all the denominations of certificates and supply proper proforma of certificate for printing the same or make provision to issue of more than 25 certificates in each registration number.
12.  As per the Directorate guidelines, the pass word of the operator/supervisor is confidential and the same are not to be shared with any of the official. But in practice; the divisional heads are insisting to handover the pass word to the incumbent before proceeding on leave. Therefore it is requested to give user IDs and pass words to all the officials to overcome this irregular practice so that they can use their own user IDs and pass words.   

Therefore it is requested to address the above issues accordingly to serve the general public with high quality of services without any interruptions as well as providing good working environment to the staff.

Yours faithfully

(DASV Prasad)

Circle Secretary

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