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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Implementation of CPMG Orders while migration to CBS-Letter to CPMG

APU-III/CBS-Finacle/2016                                                                          Date: 18.01.2016

The Chief Postmaster General

Sub: -   Implementation of CBS in all Post Offices-Non observing of prescribed procedure/instructions issued by Circle Office by the divisions-Reg
Ref: -   Minutes of the Meeting chaired by the Chief Postmaster General held with M/S Infosys circulated vide Lr.No.FS/CBS/Misc/12-13 dated 20.06.2014

            A meeting was conducted under the chairman ship of Chief Postmaster General on 18.06.2014 with M/S Infosys team members regarding implementation of CBS in all the Post Offices in A.P.Circle. Minutes of the said meeting were circulated vide reference cited above.

            A kind reference is invited to the reference cited above, where in point No.4 and 5 are very clearly stipulates the following.
DPM/APM SB should be made free and attend the verification of digitized data on daily basis. He will be in charge of credibility of data” and
All the manual records should be segregated by concerned postmasters and the same has to be authenticated by respective sub divisional heads”.

            While it is so, the divisional heads are not following these guidelines in true spirit and they are simply mounting pressure on the Postmasters/SPMs only for credibility and authentication of digitized data.

            The guidelines are very clear that the in charge of Savings Bank (APM/DPM/SPM) should be made free from their normal duty for verification of digitized data on daily basis as he is the in charge of credibility of data. All most all the divisional heads are not following the same in line but they are insisting them to verify the data besides performing their regular duty which is contrary to the CO guidelines on the subject.

            While digitizing the manual data postmasters should segregate the manual data and the same has to be authenticated by respective sub divisional heads. But the divisional heads are not insisting the sub divisional heads for authentication and the orders of CO are not following scrupulously in this aspect. The divisional heads are insisting the Postmasters/SPMs for giving signing off for CBS without authenticating by the sub divisional heads.

            The non following of the above Chief Postmaster General orders by the divisional heads is most irregular and my union is taking a serious note on the above irregularity.

            Therefore it is requested to cause to issue suitable instructions for implementation of the above orders scrupulously and suitable action may be taken on the divisional heads for not following the above orders in line.

            A line in reply is highly solicited.

Yours faithfully
DASV Prasad

Circle Secretary


  1. Please ensure that all the related Directorate guidelines on implementation of CBS(Finacle) are promptly circulated to all the concerned officers / offices in a chain, while identifying the offices for CBS GO-LIVE. Hundreds of offices have already been migrated without agreement of balances between SOs - HO - SBCO, which have resulted in mismatch of balances between SO & HO and also without the said authentication of the digitization of data and records by the Sub Divisional Heads. Ultimately who is going to be held responsible for all the upcoming public grievances and who is going to safeguard the innocent SPMs who have given sign-off for CBS GO-LIVE under the immense and acute pressure by the divisional heads?

    Please make sure that for all the upcoming grievances in r/o CBS migrated offices without observing Directorate guidelines, concerned divisional heads and subdivisional heads only will be held responsible besides taking disciplinary action against them for deviating the Directorate guidelines.

    1. Sir,
      Kindly intimate the letter number which was circulated by RO on the above subject to all divisions.

  2. Sir,
    For your kind information, all the operative level staff are kept in dark with regards to Directorate guidelines. Even in my case, while I was on deputation at a C-Class SO, GO-LIVE was scheduled and I was asked to submit completion Report and even my leave was also linked with this task. I sincerely asked for a copy of the Directorate guidelines for submission of completion report for CBS GO-LIVE. Immediately my leave was granted and my deputation at that SO was immediately terminated(27.01.2016) much before the CBS GO-LIVE schedule (29.01.2016) and my leave (w.e.f. 01.02.2016) but no copy of the Directorate Guidelines was supplied. Now that office stands migrated to CBS GO-LIVE without completion of agreement by HO/SBCO and certification of balances by Postmaster & Divl Head and authentication of manual data by the Sub Divisional Head.

    This is for your kind information, please.


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