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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Untold sufferings of operative staff consequent up on implementation of CBS and Mc.Camish without increasing the band width –

APU-III/CBS/Mc.Camish/2016                                                                   Date: 28.03.2016

The Chief Postmaster General


Sub: -   Untold sufferings of operative staff consequent up on implementation of CBS and Mc.Camish without increasing the band width – Reg
Ref: -   This unions Lr.No.APU-III/CBS/Band width-Cancellation of migration to CBS/2016 dated 21.03.2016

            Please refer to the letter cited under reference, where in situation at the ground level has been explained to you and time and again the problems faced by the staff are being brought to your kind notice for necessary action at your end. But to my dismay, there is no improvement in the situation at the ground level. I would like to bring the following points for your consideration and necessary action at your end.

1.      The Directorate had issued instructions to increase the band width of the post offices two months back. But since two months it has not been increased and Circle administration had not properly acted to implement the Directorate orders except writing the letters to the concerned.
2.      While migrating to CBS platform, though all the digitised data uploaded to the central server, some of the accounts have not migrated and some of the accounts are partially migrated in the offices. Due to non migration/partial migration of the accounts, further transactions in those accounts could not be allowed. It is time taking process to identify the accounts and the data has to be sent to CPC through proper channel for updating those accounts in CBS platform. Till such time the customer has to wait and he has to bear the default fee if any and he has to lose the interest if any in those accounts.  The customer is suffering without his fault and the counter staffs in the post offices are facing the customer’s wrath and ire without the official’s fault. Therefore I request you to cause to issue instructions to accept those accounts manually in the post offices till updation of the data in the CBS platform.
3.      Further it is requested to waive the default fee on RD deposits, wherever the deposits are not accepted due to non connectivity to the server problem till the problem is resolved by the competent authority. If the waiver of the default fee is not possible, please cause to issue instructions to accept the deposits in manual mode so that the depositor is no need to pay any default fee.
4.      Consequent up on implementation of Mc.Camish, some of the policies are not migrated in the post offices. It will take time to updation of the data in the CPCs i.e. two to three days. The customer is paying default fee if the same is not done within the same month. In such cases, the default fee may be waived as there is no fault of the customer.
5.      Further the permission for acceptance of PLI premium through POS is fixed as 31.03.2016 and it is requested to extend the facility to one more month or till the completion of attending all the issues.

Therefore, I request you to look in to the issues put forth by me above, and do the needful action to resolve the same for smooth functioning of post offices.

A line in reply is highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully

(DASV Prasad)

Circle Secretary

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