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Friday, February 25, 2011

Issue of Pensioner CGHS cards to Central Govt. Servants before Retirement-Fresh Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and family Welfare

Dear Comrades,
The Process of issuing of pensioner CGHS cards starts only after the Govt.Servant retires from the service and only after the PPO and LPC are issued by the Ministry/Department/Office.The completion of the formalities takes two to three months, which puts pensioners in a problamatic condition for getting treatment from the date on which they retire from service and the time when a pensioner CGHS card is issued to them. In this regard several represntations are received in the department of Health and Family Welfare and the same was examined in consultation with CGHS and it has been decided that the following course of action will be taken in respect of officials who are entitled to avail CGHS facility after his/her retirement from Govt. service.
1.All the Ministries/Departments will along with pension papers, give the application for issue of pensioner CGHS cards to the official three months before the due date for retirement of the official
2.The official if he/she is interested in availing CGHS facility after his/her retirement will
(a) Fill up the form for issue of pensioner's card
(b) affix stamp sized photographs of the family members entitled to avail the CGHS facility in the proforma for issue of pensioner's card
(c) enclos demand draft/pay order for the appropriate amount with reference to his/her decision to get CGHS card with life-time validity(the amount will be equal to ten year's contribution) or without validity for one year  (the amount will be equal to one year's contribution). For  obtaining the card in delhi, the demand draft/pay order will have to be made payable to Pay&Accounts officer (CGHS), Payable at delhi and for obtaining card in CGHS city out side delhi the demand draft/pay order will have  to be made payable to Additional Director or Joint Director (as the case may be) of the CGHS city , Payable in that city.
3. The Ministry/Deparment will add a certificate of pay,grade pay etc drawn by the applicant to the application form and alco mention the entitlment of ward (Private ward/Semi-Private ward/General Ward) at the time of retirement of the official.
4. The Ministry/Department will forward the application complete in all respects to the additional director in the concerned CGHS city after verifying the particulars furnished by the applicant six weeks before the date of retirement of the official.
5.CGHS pensioner cell in the concerned CGHS city will initiate action to get the pensioner card prepared
6. The validity of the pensioner card will start from a date after the last day of service of the official
7. If the beneficiary, while in service, has been issued plastic card, then the beneficiary identification number (Ben ID No.) will not be changed at the time of preparation of pensioner card and the same Ben ID No. will be carried forward in the pensioner card
8. The pensioner card will be handed over to the retired official only after the date of superannuation/retirement from service and 
9. Before the pensioner CGHS card is issued to the beneficiary, the plastic CGHS cards issued to all the members of the family will be surrendered

Click here for the original order copy and the application form  

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