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Thursday, February 6, 2014

PA/ SA Induction training schedule

                                                            Department of Posts: India
                            Office of the Chief Postmaster General, A.P.Circle, Hyderabad - 500 001
The Postmaster General, Hyderabad/ Visakhapafiam / Vijayawada / Kurnool
The SSP, Hyderabad City / Hy der ab ad SE Division/ Secunderabad Division
The SSRM, Hyderabad Sorting Divisiory Hyderabad
The Chief Postmaster, Hyderabad GPO.
ST/?A/i\disc/20!3 dated at Hvderabad-s00 001, the 6.02.201,4
Sub: Appointment of newly recruited PA/SA/PA SBCO candidates - Regarding.
I am directed by the competent authority to intimate that all the recently recruited PA/SA candidates in whose cases the work of verification of educational qualification certificates has been completed may be given provisional appointment orders by imparting Pre-Induction training for a period of 02 days on Departmental subjects and at counter operations through their concerned Divisional ASP/IP at their respective Divisions. Further necessary action may be taken to complete the verification process of educational certificates /caste certiJicates of other candidates within a week so that they can also be sent for training. The provisional appointments of the candidates are ordered to obviate shortage of staff, fraud prevention and full utilization of seats allotted by PTC, Mysore for PA/SA Induction training.2. The instructions issued in Para-15 of Directorate letter no.51,-2/2003-SPB-I dated 1,0.11,.2004 circulated vide C.O letter no.RE /1.-22/PA/ SA/Rlgs/IV dated 08.12.2004 may be implemented. It should be clearly mentioned in the communication to the candidates as follows.
A declaration covering the following points may be taken from the candidates before they are deputed for training and kept in the personal file .of each candidate-
"This is a letter of purely provisional appointment and that you do not have any claim towards regular appointment. The appointee will be on probation for a period of two years and during this period, if his/her work and conduct is/ are found to be unsatisfactory, he/she will stand discharged from the service without giving prior notice. The period of probation may be extended at the discretion of the appointing authority. Your appointment will be regularized only after completion of the following conditions. Police verification of character and Antecedents (if verification is clear and with no adverse remarks by police)
2 Verification of caste certificates (if verified and caste is found to be genuine).
Educational certificate: only if found to be genuine with reference to marks obtained and Date of Birth with regard to their eligibility into Government service.
Successful completion of formal induction training module at the allotted Postal Training Centre.
No adverse notice to be received from the PTC about the conduct during training. further,
a) The candidates appointed under sports/compassionate Grounds are to be deputed to the induction training first if they happen to be senior to the newly recruited direct recruits against the vacancies 2011 and 2012.
b) The selected candidates are to be deputed for induction training at PTC,Mysore scheduled to be held frorn 24.02.201'4 to 19.04.201,4 in order of merit.
c) The original certificates collected from the candidates are to be returned to candidates only on successful completion of verification process.
d) Warning: In the letter of provisional appointment a clear warning may be inserted regarding taking action against the candidates furnishing false information if any, which may come to light subsequently including removal of the name of candidate from the selected list without notice.
Regarding payment of salary to the officials, the instructions issued vide
Directorate letter no. B0-9/201.0-SPB-I dated 30.12.201,0 may be followed.
The compliance report may be sent to CO by return post'
Please accord TOP Prioritv.
Assistant Postrnaster General (Vlg.)
For CPMG, A.P. Circle, Hyderabad - 500 001

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