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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Items for discussion in the Vijayawada Region Bi-Monthly meeting

APUIII/BM-VJA/2014                                                                                                         25-8-2014.
 The Post master General
 Vijayawada Region,
 Vijayawada  520 003. 
Respected Sir,
Sub: Submission of items for discussion in the bi-monthly meeting scheduled to be held             On 3-9-2014.The following items are submitting for discussion in the Bi-monthly             meeting scheduled to be held on 3-9-2014This union will be represented     
        by S/s 1) DASV Prasad Circle Secretary PA Secunderabad .HO 2)N. Nageswara   
        Rao RR& AC/S at APM (MAILS) Guntur. HO 
Yours faithfully, 
Circle Secretary
Review of pending items:
1)    Provision of bore well with motor in the premises of Sullurpet SO
2)     Immediate dequarterisation of the following Pos in Gudur Division since the  
              accommodation of the quarter portion as per SOA.                 
              a) Bangarupet b)  N R Pet    c) Mallam  d) Kadivedu  
      3) Immediate repairs to electrical generators at the following offices.
a)    Stone house pet (Nellore) b) Guntur Collectorate PO c) Kotha pet SO (GUNTUR)
       4) Immediate supply/repairs to the following.
                NewComputers          repairs /  printer /                           ups
a)    Prathipadu                    Guntur .HO
b)   Guntur.HO                                                          Guntur.HO
c)    Jaggayyapet                                                      Bhimavaram.HO
d)   Vuyyuru                                                            Rudrampur (Khammam)
e)    Gannavaram
f)    Dargamitta.HO
        5)Sanction of HRA to SPM Kodavalur SO IN Nellore Division
Fresh Items: 
1-8/2014: Revision of MDW at Pattabhipuram SO In Guntur Division.
               This issue was notified in the monthly meeting as an item number 01/03-2012.
               The issue was not settled even after completion of 2 and half years bySPOs     
               This is the live example of the functioning Divisional Superintends. Expedite    
               immediate action in this regard. 
2-8/2014: Electrical repairs to departmental quarters of Udayagiri SO in Nellore Div.
                The electrical wires in the quarter portions of SPM and PA  of Udayagiri                        SO in Nellore  Division are hanging and electrical switchers are not in use.
                 SPOs Nellore replied to the Division union item that he addressed a                                 letter to RO Vijayawada to direct the AE (Electrical ) for repairs.                                 Expedite action immediately. 
3-8/2014: Replacement of uncharged batteries UPS batteries in Narasaraopet Division.
                 SPOs Narasaraopet submitted a proposal to RO Vijayawada for supply of  

                 Batteries. Expedite action immediately. 

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