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Monday, December 1, 2014

Notice Inviting e-tender

Ministry of Communications & Information Technology
Office of the chief Postmaster General
A.P.Circle Hyderabad-500 001.

Hyderabad-500001. No.             dated at  .............................. the   .2014

Notice Inviting e-tender

Online open e-Tenders under e-procurement are invited on behalf of President of India, from reputed transport companies/ Security agencies Ge at various Head Post Offices located in Andhra Pradesh Postal Circle (Both A.P State & Telangana State) for a period of Two Year from the date of acceptance of tender/award of work which can be extended until finalisation of tender on the same terms and conditions depending upon the performance. The method of submission of tender, amounts of Earnest Money/Security Deposit and General Terms and Conditions, applicable to the contract has been mentioned in  Annexure-I.

1.   The work is to be performed strictly as per technical specifications given in Part-I of Annexure-II. The terms and conditions specific to the contract have been mentioned in Part-II of Annexure-II. The proforma for submission of tender has been given in Annexure-III (for Technical Bid) and BOQ in Annexure-IV (for Commercial Bid) to this Notice Inviting Tender. The schedule of tender is given as under:
2. Schedule of Tender:
Last date and time of receipt of Tender
                    .2014   upto 1700 Hours
Date & time of opening of Tender
                    .2014   at 1100 Hours
Approximate  Value of the tender
Amount of EMD as per clause 3 of
Annexure I

O/o Chief Postmaster General AP Circle Hyderabad

3. Tender Form can be downloaded from the Website www.indiapost.gov.in or https://eprocure.gov.in. A fee  of Rs.     /- ( Rs.                 only) towards the cost of e-tender form should be credited in any Post Office and the scanned copy of the receipt must be uploaded along with the and the Bids should be submitted as stipulated in Clause 4 of Annexure-I of NIT.  The payment of Rs.5000/-(Rs. Five thousand only) towards Tender document is not exempted to any category of bidders.

4. All the documents in support of eligibility criteria are also to be uploaded along with Technical Bid. The Tenderers are advised in their own interest to upload the scanned copies of the desired papers/documents with their bids failing which their bids may be declared non responsive.

5. The foremost requirement of participation in e Tender is to have a digital signature

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (Technology) O/O Chief PMG AP Circle Hyderabad


6. Chief Postmaster General AP Circle Hyderabad reserves the right to cancel the tender at any time/stage or relax/amend/withdraw any of the terms and conditions contained in the tender Documents without assigning any reason thereof. Any enquiry, after uploading of the bid shall not be entertained. In case of withdrawal of bid, the EMD will stand forfeited.

7. Complete tender documents may be downloaded from the website of Central Public Procurement Portal (https://eprocure.gov.in) and website of the Department of Posts (www.indiapost.gov.in). Information on any issue of corrigendum related to this tender will also be available on website of CPP as also in the website of the department.
                                                                   For Chief Postmaster General
A.P.Circle Hyderabad


Office of Chief Postmaster General

1. Parties:
The parties to the Contract are the contractor (the Tenderer to whom the work have been awarded) and the Government of India through Department of Posts for & on behalf of President of India.
2. Addresses:
For all purposes of the contract including arbitration there under, the address of the contractor mentioned in the tender shall be  final unless the contractor notifies a change of address by a separate letter sent by Registered post with acknowledgement due, to the …………..O/o…………. The contractor shall be solely responsible for the consequences of any omission or error to notify change of address in the aforesaid manner.

3. Earnest Money (Bid Security):
3.1. Bid Security (EMD) of Rs.               /- (Rupees                                              only) must be deposited by the bidders in any Post Office and Original Receipt in form ACG 67 provided by the Post Office in token of having received the amount. The scanned copies of receipts for EMD and Cost of Tender form must be uploaded accordingly and original receipt towards cost of Tender form and EMD receipt  along with the required samples  be sent in a sealed envelope to the --------------Hyderabad by only Speed post or Registered Post with acknowledgement due. Firms registered under NSIC/DGS&D/MSME Act 2006 (registered with District Industries Centre/Joint Director of Industries and Commerce, Government of Andhra Pradesh / respective State Governments), with current validity, are exempted from furnishing (EMD) Bid Security. The certificate issued by NSIC/DGS&D/MSME should clearly state that the firm is into supply of Cash vansas  indicated in the tender, otherwise no such exemption will be granted and the tender will be treated as invalid.

3.2. No request for transfer of any previous deposit of Earnest money or Security deposit or payment of any pending bill held by the Department in respect of any previous work will be entertained.

3.3. Tenderer shall not be permitted to withdraw his offer or modify the terms and conditions thereof. In case the Tenderer fails to observe and comply with the stipulations made herein or backs out after quoting the rates, the aforesaid amount of Earnest money will be forfeited to the Government.

3.4. The tenders without Earnest Money Deposit will be summarily rejected except those registeredunder DGS&D/NSIC/MSME Act 2006, for supply.

3.5. No claim shall lie against the Government/Department in respect of erosion in the value or interest on the amount of Earnest Money Deposit or Security deposit.

3.6. Each unsuccessful tenderer will have his bid security amount refunded after the tender is finally disposed off and no interest will be paid on the Bid Security amount.
For chief Postmaster General   AP Circle Hyderabad


4. Preparation and Uploading of Tender:
4.1. Preparation of Bids:
4.1.1. Bidder should take into account any corrigendum published on the tender document before uploading their bids. Otherwise tender bid will become invalid.
4.1.2. Please go through the tender document carefully to understand the documents required to be uploaded as part of the bid. Please note  that the bid is uploaded in two parts,  mainly Technical Bid and commercial Bid  submitted, the number of documents  including the names and contents of each of the document that need to be uploaded. Any deviations from these may lead to rejection of bid.

4.1.3. Bidder in advance, should get ready the bid documents to be uploaded as indicated in the tender document/schedule and generally, they can be in PDF/XLS formats. Bid documents may be scanned with 100 dpi with black and white option.

4.1.4. To avoid the time and effort required in uploading the same set of standard documents which are to be submitted as a part of every bid, a provision of uploading such standard documents (Example: PAN card copy, Annual Reports, Auditors certificate etc.,) has been provided to the bidders. Bidder scan use "My Space" area while submitting a bid, and need not be uploaded again and again. This will lead to a reduction in the time required for bid submission process.

4.2 Submission of Bids:
4.2.1 Bidder should log into the site well in advance for bid submission so that he/she upload the bid in time i.e. on or before the bid submission time. Bidder will be responsible for any delay due to other issues.

4.2.2. The bidder has to digitally sign and upload the required bid documents one by one as indicated in the tender document.

4.2.3. Bidder has to select the payment option as "offline" to pay the tender fee/EMD as applicableand enter details of the instrument.

4.2.4. Bidder should prepare the EMD as per the instructions specified in the tender document. The original receipt should be posted latest by the last date of bid submission along with the original receipt towards cost of tender form. The details of the UCR for EMD issued by any post office, physically sent, should tally with the details available in the scanned copy and the data entered during bid submission time. Otherwise the uploaded bid will be rejected.

4.2.5. A standard BOQ format has been provided with the tender document to be filled by all the bidders. Bidders are requested to note that they should necessarily submit their financial bids in the format provided and no other format is acceptable. Bidders are required to download the BOQ file, open it and complete the white coloured (Unprotected) cells with their respective financial quotes and other details (such as name of the bidder). No other cells should be changed. Once the details have been completed the bidder should save it and submit it online, without changing the file name. If the BOQ file is found to be modified by the bidder, the bid will be rejected.

4.2.6. The server time (which is displayed on the bidder's dash board) will be considered as the standard time for referencing the dead line for submission of the bids by the bidders, opening of the bids etc. The bidder should follow this time during the bid submission.

4.2.7. Upon the successful and timely submission of bids, the portal will give a successful bid submission message and a bid summary will be displayed with the bid number and the date and time of the submission of the bid with all other relevant details.

4.2.8. The bid summary has to be printed and kept as an acknowledgement of the submission of the bid. This acknowledgement may be used as an entry pass for any bid opening meetings.

5. Signing of Tender:
Signature should be done electronically as per e procurement system. Individual signing the tender or other documents connected with contract must specify whether he signs as :

a)   A “sole proprietor” of the concern or constituted attorney of such sole proprietor,

 b) A partner of the firm, if it be a partnership firm, in which case he must have authority to execute contracts on behalf of the firm and to refer to arbitration disputes concerning the business of the partnership either by virtue of the partnership agreement or by a power of attorney duly executed by the partners of the firm.

c) Director or an Executive duly authorized by the Board or Directors of the Company, if it is a company.
N.B. (1) In case of partnership firms, a copy of the partnership agreement, or general power of attorney duly attested by a Notary Public, should be furnished on stamped paper duly sworn or affirmed by all the partners admitting execution of the partnership agreement or the General Power of Attorney. The attested copy of the certificate of registration of firm should also be uploaded along with the tender.

(2) In the case of partnership firms, where no authority to refer disputes concerning the business of the partnership firm has been conferred on any partner, the tender and all other related documents must be signed by all partners of the firm.

 (3) A person signing the tender form or any documents forming part of a tender on behalf of another person should have an authority to bind such other person and if, on enquiry it appears that the persons so signing had no authority to do so, Department of Posts may, without prejudice, cancel the contract and hold the signatory liable for all costs, consequences and damages under the civil and criminal remedies available.

(4) The Tenderer should sign and affix his/her firm’s stamp at each page of the tender and all its Annexures as the acceptance of the offer made by the Tenderer will be deemed as a contract. NO PAGE SHOULD BE REMOVED/DETACHED FROM THIS NOTICE INVITING TENDER.

(5) Successful bidder should enter into a separate agreement for supply.
6. Technical Bid:
 All documents relating to technical bid should be uploaded accordingly as required in Annexure-III. All documents of technical bid should be submitted electronically in PDF format.

7. Commercial Bid:
7.1. The Commercial Bid should be submitted in BOQ file given in CPP Portal. The bidder has to digitally sign and upload the required bid documents one by one as indicated in the tender document.

7.2. The Commercial Bids of the Tenderer short-listed after evaluation of technical bids will be opened on a specified date and time as decided by th  duly constituted Tender Evaluation Committee (TEC) will evaluate the Technical bids and Commercial Bids.

7.3. A consolidated price should be quoted inclusive all taxes and charges. The price quoted shall be firm and final.

7.4. Terms of payment as stated in Tender Document shall be final.
7.5. At the time of payment, Income Tax if any shall be deducted at source as per Government Rules and guidelines as may be prevailing at the time of payment. Besides, any other taxes that need to be recovered shall be deducted as per norms of the Govt. prevailing and to be abided by.

7.6. Any conditional bid will be rejected.
8. Validity of tender:
The bid shall be valid for a period of 45 days. The contract shall be valid for a period of two years from the date of acceptance of tender which can be extended for a further period of one year.

9. Opening of the Tender:
On the date and time indicated in the "Schedule of Tender", Technical bids will be opened first. Thereafter, Commercial Bids of the Tenderer short-listed after evaluation of technical bids will be opened on the due date.

10.1. The evaluation of the tenders will be made first on the basis of technical information furnished in the form given in Annexure - III, which includes;

10.1.1. Payment of Fee of Rs. ----------- for Tender document
10.1.2. Payment of Earnest Money (Bid Security) of Rs. ----------
10.1.3. Submission of documents mentioned in Part-I of Annexure-III
10.2. The Commercial Bid of such firms found valid based on technical parameters, as per Part-I of Annexure - III, will be opened either on the same day or on the date, time and venue to be announced after opening of the Technical Bid. Evaluation of Commercial Bids will be based on total consolidated price for each item.

10.3. It must be kept in view that no decision will be given by the Tender Evaluation Committee or any inferences drawn during the meeting of this committee by the Tenderers or their representatives will be their own view and the Department will not be responsible and abide by the same. The reasons for selections or rejections of a particular tender will not be disclosed.

10.4. The award of work will be further subject to any specific terms and conditions of the contract given in Part-II of Annexure - II of this NIT.

11. Right of acceptance
11.1. The Department of Posts reserves all rights to reject any tender including of those Tenderers who fail to comply with the instructions without assigning any reason whatsoever and does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any specific tender. The decision of the Department of Posts in this regard is final and binding.

11.2. Any failure on the part of the contractor to observe the prescribed procedure and any attempt to canvass for the work will prejudice the contractor's bid offer.

12. Communication of Acceptance
Successful Tenderer will be informed of the acceptance of his tender. Necessary instructions regarding the amount and time provided for security deposit will be communicated. Successful tenderer will be given 15 days to pay the security deposit. Any failure to do so, within the said period, the tender would be cancelled.

13. Preparation of inventory:
The list of Head Post Offices in Region wise is mentioned in Part –II of Annexure-II .Successful bidder must supply the Cash vans to the Head Post Offices within 60 days from the date of receipt of work order otherwise penalty at   ------- per vehicle should be paid by the bidder till he supplies the vehicle from the stipulated date as mentioned above. Bidder should be ready to supply the vehicles security guards with arms and driver within the stipulated date.

14. Performance Security
14.1. The successful Tenderer will have to furnish Performance Security for an amount of 5% of the tendered value (fixed in multiples of thousands).

I. Security Deposit amount can be deposited in any Post office and ACG receipt (in Original) of which should be submitted to AD(---------)O/O  Chief Postmaster AP Circle Hyderabad.
II. Bank guarantee in the Name of The Chief Postmaster General, A.P Circle , Hyderabad  for a period extending to three  months beyond the date of completion of all contractual obligations of the contractor  within 15 days from the date of acceptance of the tender and produce the documents in original.

14.2. The Security Deposit can be forfeited by order of the Department of Posts in the event of any breach or negligence or non-observance of any condition of contract or for unsatisfactory performance or for non-acceptance of the work order. On expiry of the contract, such portion of the said Security Deposit as may be considered by the Department of Posts sufficient to cover any incorrect or excess payments made on the bills to the firm, shall be retained until the final audit report on the account of firm's bill has been received and examined.


15. Penalty: In the event the contractor fails to:-
a)   Observe or perform any of the conditions of the work as set out herein or
b)   Execute the work in good and workmen-like manner and to the satisfaction of and by the time fixed by the Department of Posts.
i)      In such cases, Department of Posts will have the right to make deductions from the bills submitted by the bidder.
Failure to which will attract penalty as mentioned in Para-e below.
c)    Arrange to get the additional work done elsewhere and by any other person or from any other source than the contractor in which case the cost incurred, shall be recovered from the contractor in the manner provided in sub-clause (b) of this clause.

d. The powers of the Department of Posts under this condition shall in no way affect or prejudice the powers in certain events to terminate the contract vested in him as herein provided nor forfeiture of deposit mentioned under clause 14 above.

16. Natural calamity, Strike, etc.,
In case of strike, combination of workmen or natural calamity of any kind, fire accidents or circumstances beyond the control of the firm causing stoppage of his work, whereby the delivery or completion of work may be suspended resulting in undue delay without penalty, Department of Posts shall have the power during such stoppage to get the work done elsewhere, without charging the contractor. No obligation will rest on the Department of Posts to pay for any portion of the work undertaken before such a stoppage. The contractor shall provide every facility for removal and use of materials as may be necessary for timely completion of the work.

17. Insolvency, etc.
In the event of the firm being adjudged insolvent or having a receiver appointed for it by a court or any other order under the Insolvency Act made against them or in the case of a company, the passing of any resolution or making of any order for winding up, whether voluntary or otherwise, or in the event of the firm failing to comply with any of the conditions herein specified, the Department of Posts shall have the power to terminate the contract without previous notice.

18. Breach of Terms and Conditions
In case of breach of any of terms and conditions mentioned above, the competent authority will have the right to cancel the work order without assigning any reason there for and nothing will be payable by this Department in that event and the Security deposit shall also stand forfeited.

19. Subletting of work
The firm shall not assign or sublet the work or any part of it to any other person or party.
20. Right to call upon information regarding status of work
The Department of Posts will have the right to call upon information regarding status of work at any point of time.

21. Precautionary measures
21.1. While observing the economy in costs in his own interest the contractor must be careful that quality and cleanliness of the work is maintained as well as time schedule prescribed etc.,  should not be disturbed.

21.2. The contractor must take every care to see that the work or any portion thereof does not fall into unauthorized hands. Care should be taken to execute the work under proper security conditions and no spare item of work / copies should be retained / sold or otherwise made over by the contractor or any of his staff members to any person other than the person(s) authorized by the Department of Posts.

22.     Non-Tranferable: The tender is not transferable. One tenderer shall upload only one tender.

23. Terms of payment:

25.1. No payment shall be made in advance nor shall any loan from any bank or financial institution be recommended on the basis of the order of award of work.

23.2. The contractor shall submit the montyhly bills along with the logsheets of the vehicles mentioning the no of kilometers run etc to the divisional heads in the first week of the next month  in respect of previous month  for sanction

23.3. All payments shall be made by cheque only. Before effecting payment, TDS and other taxes as admissible from time to time will be deducted from each bill preferred with Department.

25.4. The Department of Posts shall be at liberty to withhold any of the payments in full or in part subject to recovery of penalties mentioned in preceding para.

23.5. The term “payment " mentioned in this para includes all types of payment due to the contractor arising on account of this contract excluding Earnest Money and Security Deposit governed by the separate clauses of the contract.

23.6. Wherever applicable all payments will be made as per schedule of payments stated in Part-II of Annexure-II.

24. Arbitration:
If any difference arises concerning this agreement its interpretation on the payment be made there under the same shall be settled by mutual consultations and negotiations. If attempts for conciliation do no yield any results within a period of 30 days either of the parties may make a request to the other party for submission of the dispute for decision by an arbitrary tribunal containing a sole arbitrator to be appointed by the secretary, Department of legal affairs. Such requests shall be accompanied with a panel of names of 3 persons to act as sole arbitrator. In case of such arbitrator refusing, unwilling or becoming incapable to act or mandate having been terminated under law, another arbitrator shall be appointed in the same manner from among the panel of 3 persons to be submitted by the claimant. The arbitration proceedings shall take place at Hyderabad and shall be conducted in English. The provisions of arbitration and conciliation act, 1996 and rules framed there under and in force shall be applicable to such proceedings.

27. Conditional tenders will not be accepted.
28. Pre contract integrity pact:
28.1 The contractor has to execute the Pre contract integrity pact enclosed to the Tender document , upload the same and  send the original  along with the original receipt of cost of tender form and EMD  by the due date and time of tender opening.

For chief Postmaster General   AP Circle Hyderabad

1. I/We undertake that I/We have carefully studied all the terms and conditions and understood the parameters of the proposed work of the Department of Posts and shall abide by them.
2. I/We also undertake that I/We have understood the Parameters and Technical specification for executing the Work mentioned in Annexure II of the Tender No__________________ and shall conduct the work strictly as per those parameters and technical specifications.
3.I/We further undertake that the information given in this tender are true and correct in all respect and we hold the responsibility for the same.

(Dated Signature of Tenderer with Stamp of the Firm)

Subject:    Online e-Tender to enter into rate contract for the supply of cash vans with guards at various Head Post Offices located in Andhra Pradesh Postal Circle (Both A.P State & Telangana State)   
Parameters and Technical Specification
Specifications and design of cash van on a chassis of vehicle having displacement minimum 2500 cc or more or similar kind.
A.  Design: Cash van will have minimum two compartments and a seating capacity for one driver and 04 persons. Area between the Drivers cabin and cash compartment will be separated or partitioned by steel sheet.
B.  Construction: steel main frame and roof structure will be a fully welded multi corner bend construction secured to the chassis. Inside the van there will be a peep window cum ventilator between the drivers cabin and the space of the cash cabin. External and internal panels will be of standard thickness CRCA Sheets.
C. Floor: The floor plate is of Aluminium anti skid chequered plate.
D. Doors and door locks: All doors must have locking system or arrangement. The cash compartment must be equipped with collapsible gate or shutter with locking arrangement.
E.  Windows: Windows on each side with sliding glass in specified Al sections covered with iron grill or wire-mesh frame with 03’’ circular hole for gun.
F.  Seats: The seats of the van should be comfortable and seating capacity for 01 Driver and 04 persons.
G. Electricals: Original lamps are to be repositioned in the rear. Van must be equipped with 2X2 fog lights and 2X2 Halogen high power head lamps. There will be four numbers indicator/ stop light on top of the body and one roof lamp each in all the compartments with wiring thr PVC sleeves in suitable circuits with central panel in drivers cabin. Adequate numbers of fans will be fitted for driver, cahier and guards.
H. Standard fittings: The van should be further equipped with 2X2 locking hooks with chain for securing cash boxes, battery box, rear bumper, rear view mirror, first aid box, wire mesh protector for wind screen and windows and one 2kg DCP type fire extinguisher. The spare tyre shold be preferably mounted on roof on separate bracket.
I.    Communication system: The cash van is to be equipped with GPS and alarm system with two distress switches at co driver seat and seat behind the drivers seat with hooter and Mobile telepbone/radio communication system

Part II
1.The service provider should supply the specified vehicles with arrangements for keeping cash with a driver, cash over sear and 2 Guards. Service provider should supply the cash vans to the following Head Post Offices located in AP Circle ( Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States). The offices where cash vans to be provided may increase or decrease depending upon the requirement of the Departmen     
Name of HPO


a.      The vendor/Supller of the cash Vans should  have a large scale network of maintenance personnel and office in the Circle/country.
b.      A driver possessing valid driving licence and two armed guards possessing valid permits for safe transportation , carriage and delivery of cash from the currency of chest to respective HPO’S, braches to Currency Chest from one branch to another branch and to any branch as per requirement of Department from time to timeSound financial condition of the vendor/manufacturer/distributor for the last three financial year. Balance sheet and profit and loss statement for last 3 years to be enclosed. Turnover should not be less than ----------- crores in any one of the last three years.
c.      The tenderer shall also produce company profile along with his financial statement of business and balance sheet for the previous three year.
d.      The company/vendor /supplier should not have been declared a blacklisted company by any of the Government/private agencies in the country in the last five year.
e.      VAT & Service tax registration firms are only eligible.

f.       The onsite Contract is initially proposed to enter into for a period of two years and thereafter the contract can be renewed at the sole discretion of the competent authority of the Department of Posts for a further period and until the finalisation of next contract whichever is later subject to mutual acceptance of same terms and conditions.

g.     The service provide himself/itself during the currency of contract, shall have to arrange for all the required consumables for the vehicles, its repairs and maintenance.
h.     The service provider must provide separately on the company letter head the details of fully owned and attached vehicles  and shall also enclose RC Copies and currency insurance details.
i.       The service must deploy all the vans or vehicles within 60 days from the date of issuance of work order.
j.       Vehicles deployed for the above purpose shall not be older than 01 December 2011.
k.      The service provider on receiving a complaint or communication about the failure of any of the cash vans deployed on duty for the above service shall take all immediate necessary arrangements to make it functional and should provide an alternate arrangement immediately.
l.       Deployment of vans or vehicles without accompanying armguards will not be accepted. If a van or vehicle on any working day for any reason whatsoever it may be, put in service without armed guards , the service provider or the vendor shall be liable to a penality of 5% of monthly rate per day for such a period of default.
m.    Cash vans to be provided shall have engine capacity of minimum 2500cc with a driver, cash oversear and two armed guards.
n.     The financial bid shall be based on fixed rates.        No upward revision in the rates shall be considered on account of subsequent change in rates , taxes and duties etc.
o.     Service provider will raise the bills at monthly interval on completion of each calendar month and submit  the  bills in triplicate to the respective Head Post office.
p.     Service provide should equip the vans to be supplied with all necessary security arrangements like fire extinguishers, GPS, Communications system etc.
q.      The drivers should be in possession of valid driving licence. The armed guards must be in possession of a licensed 12 bore DBBL gun. The service provider should guarantee that the antecedents of all staff/crew (driver, cash oversear and armed guards ) deployed on the cash vans have been verified by the police authorities and that they are in possession of valid licensed weapons and driving licences.Drivers armed guards should be mentally fit and not older than 60 years as on last date for submission of filled in tender.
r.       All the staff/crew deployed on cash vans should wear uniform while on duty and identity cards duly authenticated by the Executive officer of the company. The crew should not be changed without the prior permission of the Department of Post.
s.      Service provider shall not sublet any part of the awarded work to any other person or agency. Service provider will not outsource any of the activities of the tender. All vehicles shall be fully owned and shall stand in the name ot service provider and RC Books shall contain an entry certifying the service provider is owner of the van or vehicles. All the staff/ crew proposed to be deployed shall necessarily be on the payrolls of the service provider. In case the service provider intends to hire Armed guards from a recognised Agency, it may do so, after submission of necessary details in this regard and with the prior permission of the Department. Department will give permission only if the Security Agency from which the guards are proposed to be hired posses or hold the valid licence and Registration from the Government of Andhra Pradesh.
t.       Service provider shall at its own cost comprehensively insure the vehicles against risks such as theft,arson and accident. The service provider also shall take and service the policy of fidelity insurance for Rs--------------- crore.



Office of the Chief Postmaster General AP Circle Hyderabad
Annexure - III
Part I
(See Clause 6 of Annexure I of this Tender document.)

Subject: Online e-Tender to enter into rate contract for  supply of cash vans at various Head Post Offices located in Andhra Pradesh Postal Circle (Both A.P State & Telangana State).
1.  Name of tenderer /Concern             : ___________________________________
2.  Nature of Concern                   : ___________________________________
(i.e. sole proprietor or partnership firm or a company or a Govt Dept. or public sector organization)
a.  Copy of Registered Partnership Deed/General Power of Attorney /incorporation certificate and Articles of Association in case of company (Any one of these documents as applicable).

3.   Details of ACG-67 receipt no & dated(towards cost of tender form)      : _____________________________
4.  Name of the Post Office at which deposited: _____________________________
5.  Amount of Bid Security Deposited          : _____________________________
         (ACG-67 is to be enclosed)
a)  Copy of Registration Certificate issued by NSIC, Govt. of India Enterprise/DG S&D, MSME and SSI with current validity in respect of those who are seeking exemption for payment of Earnest Money Deposit (Bid Security).
b)  Certificate issued by  NSIC, Govt. of India Enterprise/DG S&D, MSME and SSI should clearly state that the concerned service is being carried out  by the firm, for the stated capacities of Gensets in the tender document.
6.  Whether each page of NIT and its Annexure have been signed and stamped.                                                 YES / NO
7.  Whether ist of Major Customer  (List to be enclosed): YES/NO       

8.  Whether Supplied cash vans for a minimum of 5 clients :     Yes/No
(including certificates from atleast three from Govt clients).
    9.   Company Profile (To be enclosed) :                      YES / NO
10. Brief details of crew personnel proposed to be deployed on the work may be given on a separate sheet (indicating their names; qualification,registration and experience in the field.)

11.Service Centers of the firm in A.P Circle(both AP & Telangana States) :Service centers should be available at Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam and Kurnool. List of other service centres should also be indicated            (List is to be enclosed) 

12.Whether copies of authenticated balance sheet for the past three years enclosed.: YES / NO
13.Whether valid PAN card & registration with Service Tax Department attached. YES/NO
14. Latest VAT clearance certificate to be enclosed.     : YES / NO

15. Income Tax returns for the Assessment years 2011-12, 2012-13 & 2013-14 duly authenticated by the Auditor.

16. Whether undertaking in the proforma ( enclosed to this Annexure) is enclosed and uploaded:

17. Pre Integrity Pact in Annexure- V  executed  and enclosed:YES/NO

18. Whether each page of NIT and its annexures have been signed and stamped:

19. Whether the Contractor is blacklisted by any Govt Organisation/PSU:
20 whether the company has a turnover of RS----- CR:  YES/NO

1. The documents mentioned at serial 2 to 19above are mandatory. 
2. Tenders not accompanied with any of the documents mentioned at serial 2 to 20 will be rejected.
3. All particulars at Sl 1 and 20 should be filled in compulsorily.  No item at any serial should be left blank. Any tender with incomplete information will be rejected.
4. All the documents at sl 2 to 21 should be signed, attested and uploaded compulsorily.

Tender No. ………………………..
(see clause 7 of Annexure I  of this Tender Document)
Sub:- Notice Inviting Tender for Hiring of Cash vans for various HPO’S in AP CIRCLE


Note: No other charges other than the above will be entertained.

               (Dated signature of Tenderer with stamp of the firm)

Annexure V


This pre bid pre contract agreement (herein after called the integrity pact) is made on ------day of the month of---------2014, between, on one hand, the President of India acting through Sri------------------------------------------ Designation of the officer, Ministry/Department, Government of India (herein after called the "BUYER", which expression shall mean and include, unless the context otherwise requires, his successors in office and assigns) of the First Part and M/s. -------------------------------------------------------------represented by Sri------------------------------------------Chief Executive Officer (herein after called the "BIDDER/SELLER" which expression shall mean and include, unless the text otherwise requires, his successors and permitted assigns) of the second part.
WHEREAS the BUYER proposes to procure (Name of the stores/equipment/item) and the BIDDER/SELLER is willing to offer/has offered the stores and WHEREAS the BIDDER is a private company/Public Company/Government undertaking/Partnership/Registered Export Agency, constituted in accordance with the relevant law in the matter and the BUYER is a Ministry/Department of the Government of India/PSU performing its function on behalf of the President of India.
To avoid all forms of corrections by following a system that is where, transparent and free from any influence/Prejudiced dealings prior to, during and subsequent to the currency of the contract to be entered in to with a view to : -

Enabling the BUYER to obtain the desired said stores/equipment at a competitive price in conformity
with the defined specifications by avoiding the high cost and the distortionary impact of corruption on
public procurement, and

Enabling BIDDERs to abstain from bribing or indulging in any corrupt practice in order to secure the contract by providing assurance to them that their competitors will also abstain from bribing and other corrupt practices and the BUYER will commit to prevent corruption, in any form by its officials by following transparent procedures.


The parties here to hereby agree to enter in to this integrity pact and agree as follows :-
1.1. The BUYER undertakes that no official of the BUYER, connected directly or indirectly with the contract, will demand, take a promise for or accept, directly or through intermediaries, any bribe, consideration, gift, reward, favour or any material or immaterial benefit or any other advantage from the BIDDER, either for themselves or for any person, organisation or third party related to the contract in exchange for an advantage in the bidding process, bid evaluation, contracting or implementation process related to the contract.

1.2. The BUYER will, during pre-contract stage, treat all bidders alike and will provide to all BIDDERs, the same information and will not provide any such information to any particular BIDDER which could afford an advantage to that particular BIDDER in comparison to other BIDDERs.

1.3. All the officials of the BUYER will report to the appropriate Government office any attempted or completed breaches of the above commitments as well as any substantial suspicion of such a breach.
2. In case any such preceding misconduct on the part of such official(s) is reported by the BIDDER to the BUYER with full and verifiable facts and the same is prima facie found to be correct by the BUYER, necessary disciplinary proceedings, or any other action as deemed fit, including criminal proceedings may be initiated by the BUYER and such a person shall be debarred from further dealings related to the contract process. In such a case while an enquiry is being conducted by the BUYER the proceedings under the contract would not be stalled.

3. Commitments of BIDDERs
The BIDDER commits itself to take all measures necessary to prevent corrupt practices, unfair means and illegal activities during any stage of its bid or during any pre-contract stage in order to secure the contract or in furtherance to secure it and in particular commit itself to the following:-

a. The BIDDER will not offer, directly or through intermediaries, any bribe, gift, consideration, reward, favour, any material or immaterial benefit or other advantage, commission, fees, brokerage or inducement to any official of the BUYER, connected directly or indirectly with the bidding process, or to any person, organization or third party related to the contract in exchange for any advantage in the bidding, evaluation, contracting and implementation of the contract.

b. The BIDDER further undertakes that it has not given, offered or promised to give, directly or indirectly any bribe, gift, consideration,

3.1. The BIDDER will not collude with other parties interested in the contract to impair the transparency, fairness and progress of the bidding process, bid evaluation, contracting and implementation of the contract.

3.2. The BIDDER will not accept any advantage in exchange for any corrupt practice, Unfair means and illegal activities.

3.3. The BIDDER shall not use improperly, for purposes of competition or personal Gain, or pass onto others, any information provided by the BUYER as part of the business relationship, regardingplans. Technical proposals and business details, including information contained in any electronic data carrier. The BIDDER also undertakes to exercise due and adequate care lest any such information is divulged.
3.4. The BIDDER commits to refrain from giving any complaint directly or through any other manner
without supporting it with full and verifiable facts.

3.5. The BIDDER shall not instigate or cause to instigate any third person to commit any of the actions mentioned above.

3.6. If the BIDDER or any employee of the BIDDER or any person acting on behalf of the BIDDER,  either directly or indirectly, is a relative of any of the officers of the BUYER, or alternatively, if any relative of an officer of the BUYER has financial interest/stake in the BIDDER's firm, the same shall be disclosed by the BIDDER at the time of filing of tender.  The term 'relative' for this purpose would be as defined in Section 6 of the Companies Act 1956.

3.7. The BIDDER shall not lend to or borrow any money from or enter into any monetary dealings or transactions, directly or indirectly, with any employee of the BUYER.

4. Previous Transgression
a. The BIDDER declares that no previous transgression occurred in the last three years immediately before signing of this Integrity Pact, with any other company in any  country in respect of any corrupt practices envisaged hereunder or
b. with any Public Sector Enterprise in India or any Government Department in India that could justify BIDDER's exclusion from the tender process
c. The BIDDER agrees that if it makes incorrect statement on this subject, BIDDER can be disqualified from the tender process or the contract, if already awarded, can be terminated for such reason.
5. Earnest Money (Security Deposit):-
a. While submitting commercial bid, the BIDDER shall deposit an amount (to be specified in RFP) as Earnest Money /Security Deposit, with the BUYER through any of the following instruments:
(i) Bank Draft or a Pay Order in favour of
(ii) A confirmed guarantee by an Indian Nationalized Bank, promising payment of the guaranteed sum to the BUYER on demand within three working days without any demur whatsoever and without seeking any reasons whatsoever. The demand for payment by the BUYER shall be treated as conclusive proof of payment.
(iii) Any other mode or through any other instrument (to be specified in the RFP).


b. The Earnest Money/Security Deposit shall be valid upto a period of five years or the complete conclusion of the contractual obligations to the compete satisfaction of both the BIDDER and the BUYER, including warranty period, whichever is later.
c. In case of the successful BIDDER a clause would also be incorporated in the Article pertaining to Performance Bond in the Purchase Contract that the provisions of Sanctions for Violation shall be

applicable for forfeiture of Performance Bond in case of a decision by the BUYER to forfeit the same without assigning any reason for imposing sanction for violation of this Pact.

d. No interest shall be payable by the BUYER to the BIDDER on Earnest Money/Security Deposit for the period of its currency.

6. Sanctions for Violations
a. Any breach of the aforesaid provisions by the BIDDER or any one employed by it or acting on its behalf (whether with or without the knowledge of the BIDDER) shall entitle the BUYER to take all or any one of the following actions, wherever required:-

(i) To immediately call off the pre contract negotiations without assigning any reason or giving any compensation to the BIDDER. However, the proceedings with the other BIDDER(s) would continue.
(ii) The Earnest Money Deposit (in pre-contract stage) and/or Security Deposit/Performance Bond (after the contract is signed) shall stand forfeited either fully or partially, as decided by the BUYER and the BUYER shall not be required to assign any reason there for.

(iii) To immediately cancel the contract. If already signed, without giving any compensation to the BIDDER.
(iv) To recover all sums already paid by the BUYER, and in case of an Indian BIDDER with interest thereon at 2% higher than the prevailing Prime Lending Rate of State Bank of India, while in case of a BIDDER from a country other than India with interest thereon at 2% higher than the LIBOR. If any outstanding payment is due to the BIDDER from the BUYER in connection with any other contract for any stores, such outstanding payment could also be utilized to recover the aforesaid sum and interest.

(v) To en cash the advance bank guarantee and performance bond/warranty bond, if furnished by the BIDDER, in order to recover the payments, already made by the BUYER, along with interest.

(vi) To cancel all or any other Contracts with the BIDDER. The BIDDER shall be liable to pay compensation for any loss or damage to the BUYER resulting  from such cancellation/rescission and the BUYER shall be entitled to deduct the amount so payable from the money(s) due to the BIDDER.

(vii) To debar the BIDDER from participating in future bidding processes of the Government of India for a minimum period of five years, which may be further extended at the discretion of the BUYER.

(viii) To recover all sums paid in violation of this Pact by BIDDER(s) to any middleman or agent or broker with a view to securing the contract.

(ix) In cases where irrevocable Letters of Credit have been received in respect of any contract signed by the BUYER with the BIDDER, the same shall not be opened.

(x) Forfeiture of Performance Bond in case of a decision by the BUYER to forfeit the same without assigning any reason for imposing sanction for violation of this Pact.
b. The buyer will be entitled to take all or any of the actions mentioned at para a. (i) to (x) of this Pact also on the Commission by the BIDDER or any one employed by it or acting on its behalf (whether with
or without the knowledge of the BIDDER), or an offence as defined in Chapter IX of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, or Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 or any other stature enacted for prevention of corruption.

c. The decision of the BUYER to the effect that a breach of the provisions of this Pact has been committed by the BIDDER shall be final and conclusive on the BIDDER. However, the BIDDER can approach the Independent Monitor(s) appointed for the purposes of this Pact.

7. Fall Clause:-
a. The BIDDER undertakes that it has not supplied/is not supplying similar product/systems or subsystems at a price lower than that offered in the present bid in respect of any other Ministry/Department of the Government of India or PSU and if it is found at any stage that similar product/systems or sub systems was supplied by the BIDDER to any other Ministry/Department of the Government of India or a PSU at a lower price, then that very price, with due allowance for elapsed time, will be applicable to the present case and the difference in the cost would be refunded by the BIDDER to the BUYER , if the contract has already been concluded.

8. Independent Monitors:-
a. The BUYER has appointed Independent Monitors (hereinafter referred to as Monitors) for this Pact in consultation with the Central Vigilance Commission (Names and Addresses of the Monitors to be given).

b. The task of the Monitors shall be to review independently and objectively, whether and to what extent the parties comply with the obligations under this Pact.
c. The Monitors shall not be subject to instructions by the representatives of the parties and perform their functions neutrally and independently.

d. Both the parties accept that the Monitors have the right to access all the documents relating to the project/procurement, including minutes of meetings.

e. As soon as the Monitor notices, or has reason to believe, a violation of this Pact, he will so inform the Authority designated by the BUYER.

f. The BIDDER(s) accepts that the Monitor has the right to access without restriction to all Project documentation of the BUYER including that provided by the BIDDER. The BIDDER will also grant the Monitor, upon his request and demonstration of a valid interest, unrestricted and unconditional access to his project documentation. The same is applicable to Subcontractors. The Monitor shall be under  contractual obligation to treat the information and documents of the BIDDER/Subcontractor(s) with confidentiality.
g. The BUYER will provide to the Monitor sufficient conformation about all meetings among the parties related the Project provided such meetings could have an impact on the contractual relations between the parties. The parties will offer to the Monitor the option to participate in such meetings.

h. The Monitor will submit a written report to the designated Authority of BUYER/Secretary in the Department within 8 to 10 weeks from the date of reference or intimation to him by the BUYER/BIDDER and, should the occasion arise, submit proposals for correcting problematic situations.

9. Facilitation of Investigation:-
In case of any allegation of violation of any provisions of this Pact or payment of commission, the BUYER or its agencies shall be entitled to examine all the documents including the Books of Accounts of the BIDDER and the BIDDER shall provide necessary information and  documents in English and shall extend all possible help for the purpose of such examination.

10. Law and Place of Jurisdiction:-
This Pact is subject to Indian Law. The place of performance and jurisdiction is the seat of the BUYER.
11. Other Legal Actions:-
The actions stipulated in this Integrity Pact are without prejudice to any other legal action that may follow in accordance with the provisions of the extant law in force relating to any civil or criminal proceedings.

12. Validity:-
a. The validity of this Integrity Pact shall be from date of its signing and extend upto 5 years or the complete execution of the contract to the satisfaction of both the BUYER and the BIDDER/Seller, including warranty period, whichever is later. In case BIDDER is unsuccessful, this Integrity Pact shall expire after six months from the date of the signing of the contract.

b. Should one or several provisions of this Pact turn out to be invalid; the remainder of this Pact shall remain valid. In this case, the parties will strive to come to an agreement to their original intentions.

c. The parties hereby sign this Integrity Pact at on
BUYER                                                                                                                      BIDDER
Name of the Officer                                                                                             CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
Witness:                                                                                                            Witness:-
1.                                                                                                                      1.
2.                                                                                                                      2.

* Provisions of these clauses would need to be amended /deleted in line with the policy of the

BUYER in regard to involvement of Indian agents of foreign suppliers.

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