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Thursday, July 11, 2013

106th RJCM minutes

भारतीय डाक विभाग
मुख्य पोस्टमास्टर जनरल कार्यालय, आं.प्र.सर्किल, हैदराबाद 500 001.
No.        U / 11 – 106 / RJCM / 2013      dated   at    Hyderabad – 1      the                 .06.2013
Sri D.A.S.V.Prasad,
Secretary, Staff Side,
Secunderabad H.O.,

                  Sub: - Minutes of 106th RJCM meeting held on 28.05.2013 in the Conference hall of
                             Dak Sadan, AP Circle, Hyderabad - Reg.

               A copy of the minutes of 106th RJCM meeting held on 28.05.2013 at 10:00 AM in the Conference Hall of Dak Sadan, A.P. Circle, Hyderabad is enclosed for information.

DA: As above.                                                                                                            
                                                                   Yours Sincerely,
                                                                                        सहायक निदेशक (भर्ती & कल्याण )
                                                                                          Assistant Director (Rectt & Wlf)
                                                                                          कृते मु.पो.मा..,आं.प्र.सर्किल, हैदराबाद-500 001        
                                                                              for CPMG, A.P.Circle, Hyderabad– 500 001

Copy to:
1-6).All the RJCM members with a copy of minutes.
1). Sri R J Madhusudana Rao, Circle Secretary, R-III, NFPE & Stg. Asst., Hyd Stg. Division,     
     Hyderabad- 5000 001.
2). SK.Humayun, Circle Secretary, P-IV & Sorting Postman, Nellore H.O.
3). Y.Bhoomeshwar, Circle President, R-IV, AP Circle, H.No.11-100, Babujagjeevanram Nagar, 
     Malkajgiri, Hyderabad.
4). K.Ramachandram, Circle Secretary, AIPAOEU Gr.C&D, AP Circle & PA, O/o CPMG, Hyd-1.
5). D.Kishan Rao, General Secretary, NAPE Gr –C & PA working at Khairatabad HO, Hyderabad.
6). N.Ramappa, Circle Secretary, NUR-IV, AP Circle, H.No.15/5/21, Sivasanker Nagar, Adoni -  
7-10). The Postmaster-General, Hyderabad / Vijayawada / Visakhapatnam / Kurnool Region for
            kind information and necessary action.   
11). The DA (P), O/o DA (P), Hyderabad - 500001 for kind information and necessary action.
12). The PMG (BD), Hyderabad – 500 001 for kind information and necessary action.
13-18). All concerned Group officers of Circle office. The respective group officers should take    
             immediate action on the pending aspects shown in the minutes and report compliance within
             10 days.
       APMG (FS & BD) / DDM (PLI) / AD (Bldgs) / AD (Estt) / AD (Mails) / AD (Technology) /
                                                                              कृते मु.पो.मा..,आं.प्र.सर्किल, हैदराबाद-500 001                    
                                                                               for CPMG, A.P.Circle, Hyderabad– 500 001

Minutes of 106th R.J.C.M. Meeting dated 28.05.2013 held at 10:00AM.
                        The 106th R.J.C.M. meeting was held on 28.05.2013 at 10:00 AM in the Conference Hall of Dak Sadan, A. P. Circle, Hyderabad. Chief PMG chaired the meeting.  The following have attended the meeting.

Shri B V Sudhakar ,
Chief PMG, A.P. Circle, Hyderabad
Shri D.A.S.V.Prasad
Staff Side,
Shri Vishvapavan Pati,
PMG, Hyderabad Region
Shri R J Madhusudhana Rao
Smt. K Sandhya Rani,
PMG (BD & Technology)
Shri K.Ramachandram
Shri M. Sampath ,
P.M.G, Vijayawada Region
Shri D Kishan Rao
Smt M. Sharda Sampath,
PMG, Visakhapatnam Region
Shri Sk. Humayun
Smt. Mariamma Thomas,
DPS (Hqrs)
Official Side
Shri Y Bhoomeshwar 
Sri A Ranganath Shyam,
DA (P)

Shri E.V.Rao, APMG (Vigilance) also sat in the meeting to assist the Chief PMG.


                                              Staff Side – OLD Items

Item No: 8-7/2010:
          Payment of incentive to the Development Officers (P.L.I) which was held up due to Audit objection.

            The incentive was released based on PLI Directorate orders No. 35-15/78 (Part) dated 07.01.2008 and subsequent letter dated 17.06.2008 will subsequently become effective by virtue of depositing subsequent premium.
            PLI Directorate has no where mentioned to recover the incentive released above if the business has subsequently become ineffective.
            In view of the above, the incentive released is not irregular and there is no need to recover the amount.
                                                                                                                                   ITEM CLOSED

Item No: 2:
                 Provision of lift in Vijayawada R.O.

                The lift is in operation w.e.f. 5.4.2013.
                                      ITEM CLOSED

Item No: 1-2/2011:
                Proper maintenance and utilization of P&T colony Community Hall, Chikkadapally.

                Civil and Electrical works for ` 12, 247 / - executed.  However, Leader, staff side pointed out that electrical works were commenced after completion of civil works resulting in damage of the building and the purpose of maintenance is being defeated. E.E. (Civil) will be addressed by C.O. to ensure that in future, after completion of electrical works only, civil works are executed.    

Item No: 2-8/2012:
           Irregular Audit objection raised by the P&T Audit for recovery of Incentive paid for NREGS work at Wanaparthy Division.
           P&T Audit has made an objection while auditing at Wanaparthy Division for recovery of excess payment of NREGS Incentive from the two officials.  
          As per PMG (BD), AP Circle orders there is no ceiling for grant incentive for doing NREGS Work. PMG is requested for issue of orders to SPOs Wanaparthy not to recover the incentive from the official.

(3)   Union says that though there is no bar to pay incentive to the staff, for the period prior to the year 2010, the same has been ordered for recovery. The matter has been taken up with P & T Audit for waival of the recovery of the incentive paid. 

2) D.A (P) to provide Ruling position as to whether H.O.C. is competent to stop P & T audit recovery or not.    

Item No.s: 4-8/2012 & 5-8/2012:
             Immediate replacement Shabad rough stones by Tandur blue stones in RJCM office floor (B-1, P&T quarters, Chikkadpally).
             Immediate repairs to toilet and false roof at RJCM office (B-1, P & T Quarters, Chikkadpally).  

             Civil works for ` 1, 19, 660 / - executed.    
                                    ITEM CLOSED

Item No: 7-8/2012:
Dequarterisation and drawal of HRA.
            As per the item No 1/01-2012 the proposals are to be examined on the basis of merit of each case. The following cases are referred already and pending. We request immediate examination.
a.      In the case of Vengalraonager of Hyderabad City  division the rent paid for the office is   
 ` 2700/- and the quarters are not justified by the SOA.The incumbent is loosing HRA to the extent of  ` 6000/-.
  1. In r/o High court PO of Hyderabad the quarters cannot be occupied because of security arrangements. A report was already made.

a)           De-quarterisation of Vengalarao Nagar P.O, Hyderabad was approved by Chief PMG on 18.1.2013 and implemented by SSPOs, Hyderabad South East Division.            

(3)   De-quarterisation of High Court P.O, Hyderabad, for the period from 11.1.2010 to 30.9.2010 was approved by Chief PMG on 8.3.2013 and approved by SSPOs, Hyderabad South East Division. The Staff side pointed out that the de-quarterisation has to be done on permanent basis, which is not within the competence of Circle Office.
                                    ITEM CLOSED

Item No. 13-01/2013:

Provision of Purified drinking water in major Post offices.
            In many Post offices the tap water is provided directly or the processed water which is not found safe. Instead the purifiers may be provided to the offices and it will cut down the recurring expenditure on processed water.

             Water purifiers will be provided to all the Post Offices including R.M.S. offices in H.C.R. as well as to each floor of C.O. wherever required subject to availability of funds. Similarly Regions will take necessary action where required.
                            ITEM CLOSED

Official Side new items

Item No. 01-05/2013:       

Approach & Methodology for achievement of targets like BD/PLI/RPLI/SB.

(3)   PLI / RPLI :
            Union requested for prompt payment of incentive to the staff.

(3)     The staff concerned will prefer incentive bills every month instead of submitting in one lump at the fag end of the financial year.  Further, the bills will be scrutinized as and when received promptly instead of waiting till the receipt of budget paving the way for utilization of the funds received.

(2)  Procurement of business by BPMs/SPMs throughout the year instead of rushing in March of every year to achieve the targets giving scope for bogus policies should be ensured.

(3)  Meeting of PLI Development Officers/Field Officers will be conducted at Regional level to improve PLI business.

(5) The B.P.Ms of B.Os which are below E.C.R (Expenditure Coverage Ratio) should be motivated to strive for achieving self sufficiency by procuring RPLI business as prescribed.

6)  Action will be taken for delivery of Acceptance Memos as well as Policy Bonds to the insurants promptly for enabling them to pay subsequent premia.

(7)  Kurnool Region has adopted certain practices and procedures to dispose claims promptly. PMG, Kurnool to share the same with all Regions.

(8)   It has been agreed that it is the collective responsibility of the Administration as well as staff to achieve the targets assigned. Staff side suggested that holding of meetings at villages to propagate SB account / RPLI / PLI. The staff side has also volunteered to depute a union representative to speak during such meetings for improving business. 

(9)   A suggestion to organize seminars by the Union representatives at Divisional/Regional level on their own has also come, from the staff side, which is a welcome measure.  Representatives from Administrative side will also be invited to offer their suggestions for improvement of business for the Department.  On such occasions, staff side will maintain balanced interaction.  Agenda for such seminars will be sent by the Unions in advance.

(10)     Wide publicity will be given for PLI/RPLI Schemes.

(ii)  Opening of S.B. Accounts:


(3)      On an average, at least 50 S.B. accounts have to be got opened every month in each Post Office to achieve the proportionate target.
(2)   As far as possible, all the staff members working in every Post Office should open one P.O. S.B. Account.

 (3)   Advantages of P.O. Savings Schemes will be displayed in the P.Os in a prominent place.  

(iii)  RD Accounts:
         NREGS wage seekers having PO SB accounts should be motivated to open R.D. account also simultaneously.

(iv)  e – payments:

         Students appearing for different exams like SSC / Intermediate / APPSC etc., are at present sending individual D.Ds / Challans towards the fee prescribed for respective examinations. There is scope for earning revenue for the Department, if e-payment system in offices for accepting fee. B.D. Group of C.O. will work out the modalities.

(v)  E.P.P.:

           Following are the areas which need attention to retain business from bulk mailers like Naaptol which is giving considerable revenue of ` 35 lakhs to the Department every month.

(3)   Track and trace system will not help if the officials concerned do not pay attention to upload the information at every point.

ii) Door delivery: - Door delivery is not being done in majority of the cases. EPP articles have to be door delivered. Delivery staff have to be advised appropriately.

iii) Articles which are being returned to sender are being sent without putting them in bags leading to extraction.

            To further improve EPP business, Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions will be contacted by BD Group of C.O. to transmit their study material to various destinations in AP which will give substantiate business to the Department.

Item No. 02-05/2013:       
Improvement of Mail delivery.

1)     All the Sr. Postmasters/ Postmaster / SPMs will attend to the mail received for delivery every day to pick up mis-sendings/unpaid & insufficiently paid articles.                                    

2)     The working hours of the Sr Postmasters/PMs/SPMs of delivery Post Offices in Andhra Pradesh will be revised, so that they attend the office in the morning to check the mails received for delivery invariably.

3)     In some delivery Post Offices, sorting cases are not in proportion to the number of Postman beats.  In all such cases, sorting cases in required quantity with required selections will be supplied.

(3)   In some delivery S.Os, contingents are working against Postman posts for longer periods.  They should be properly trained to improve delivery efficiency.

(3)   Scanning should invariably be done before sending the articles for delivery. All the mandatory scan ought to be done.

6)  Rubber stamps indicating the columns to be filled up by Postman like Door locked/refused etc., will be supplied to all the delivery staff to facilitate the delivery staff to tick the relevant remark for non-delivery.

7)  As the public are not aware of the exact name of the Post Offices in which different localities are situated, letters are often being tossed from one Post Office to another leading to delay in delivery.  To overcome this, suggestions made are that i) Municipal authorities will be requested to mention the PIN CODE number below the colony name in the sign boards ii)  through Customer Meets  etc.,  public will be educated to write the exact PIN CODE of the delivery Post Office.
8)  A suggestion has also come whether to address Directorate to examine the feasibility of levying extra charge on the returned mail of insufficient/incorrect address, especially in cases where concessional rate of Postage is being allowed by the Department.
 9)   Data base of correction is to be got done in respect of bulk mailers. 

10)  A suggestion has also come to develop software mentioning the names of the important Colonies etc., under each delivery Post Office in India Post portal which will be taken up with Directorate by C.O.

11)  Quickly re-organizing the Postmen beats.

Item No. 03-05/2013:       
Elimination of transfer of mail from Set to Set.

1)      Classified List of Post Offices will be supplied to RMS Units.

(3)   Though arrangements are made for night sets, staff are not attending in full which is not a healthy practice.  Staff arranged should attend night set when ordered.

(3)   A suggestion has come to close direct bags from RMS to bulk recipients bypassing Pos to avoid unnecessary handling, which will be examined in C.O.

(3)   T.D. lists should be supplied to RMS units.

(3)   Measures to eliminate mail transfer with practical view will be submitted by the staff side by 14th June 2013 for examination.

Item No. 04-05/2013:       
Improving parameters of MNOP.

(3)   On receipt of information regarding disposal of Regd/Speed Post article duly written on the obverse of the B.O. daily accounts by the respective BPMs, there is no clarity at S.O. point  as to who should upload the delivery data into R.Net/Speed Net as the case may be, in respect of the Speed Post/Registered articles delivered at B.Os.  This is a very important point which will be examined at appropriate level. Divisional Superintendents to clearly instruct Pos on this. Ros to monitor. CO to get the feedback.

(2)  In many cases, instead of uploading the exact date of delivery, date of updation is being shown as date of delivery which is incorrect.  Exact date of delivery should be uploaded.

(3) Scanning is not being done at every point which should be ensured. Non-availability of scanners is also there in some cases.  Divisional Heads can purchase/repair scanners wherever justified within their purview subject to availability of funds.
(4)  M.M.S, Manager, Hyderabad is reported to have floated a tender for supplying of batteries. Regions can do the same. However, in case their tenders do not fructiful, they can operate the MMS tenders to obtain supplies by floating indent on MMS, Manager, subject to the formalities being completed.

(5)  N.T.D. mis-sorting is also found on high side which should be minimized.

Item No. 05-05/2013:       
Improving parameters of Project Arrow.

(3)      The SPMs of ‘C’ & ‘B’ class S.Os will have to be trained to meet the requirements under Project Arrow.

(2)   Google template developed in Visakhapatnam Region will be followed in other Regions of the Circle also to monitor Project Arrow. PMG, Visakhapatnam to share their knowledge with the Regions.

(3)   Union has suggested that instead of simply imparting theoretical training, the staff should be imparted training with a practical approach, so that staff will not face any difficulty in the field.

                        The staff side gave a list of new items for discussion during the meeting on 28.5.2013.  Action on these items will be processed for discussion in the next R.J.C.M. meeting.

                                                                                                     सहायक पोस्टमास्टर जनरल (स)
                                                                                          Assistant Postmaster General (Vig)
                                                                                      कृते मु.पो.मा.ज.,आं.प्र.सर्किल, हैदराबाद-500 001           
                                                                                   for CPMG, A.P.Circle, Hyderabad– 500 001                 

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