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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

IV Monthly meeting minutes

1-04/2012 De-quarterisation of Sanath Nagar PO in Hyderabad City Division.
Sanath Nagar PO is HSG-I Post Office located in Industrial Area which is highly polluted. Even though it is big industrial area because of policies most of the industries are cut down their shifts in their production units, because of this the total industrial area become desert in the night time. In that situation the family members of the Postmaster feeling not only loneliness but also afraid to stay in that quarters. In this situation the quarter portion may be utilised for some other purpose by de-quarterizing the PO.
The de-quarterisation proposal has been considered and accepted by Chief PMG on 14.03.2013 and same was intimated to SSPOs, Hyderabad City Division. ITEM CLOSED
1-02/2013 Drawl of HRA to SPM, Vuyyuru SO.
The quarter portion of the Vuyyuru SO is consisting of two rooms. Out of two rooms one room is utilising for Railway reservation counter. Hence this union requests for dequarterisation of SPM quarter and issue necessary instructions to draw the HRA to the SPM. Union says that the entire space in the P.O. building is being utilized for office purpose as recently one room has been provided to PRS exclusively. If this is the case, P.M.G, Vijayawada Region may consider drawing of HRA.ITEM CLOSED
1-07/2013 Revision of TA rates paid to team for settlement of minus balances and other discrepancies in small savings schemes in Sanchay post to make ready for migration to CBS.
A team was formed vide CO letter No. FS/CBS/Data Upgradation /2012 dated 18.04.2012 and an amount of ` 300/- was sanctioned vide CO letter No. dated 06.04.2013, which is against TA rules. It is requested to revise the orders issued in respect of TA
It is to intimate that Circle office has issued orders to settle the TA claims of CBS team members as per the following Rules vide letter No. FS / CBS data upgradation / 2012 dated 06.04.2013.
GIO (1) SR Rule 89:For Non-gazetted Officers:
The conveyance hire charges may be reimbursed to a non-Gazetted Government Servant who -
(i) is dispatched on duty to a place at some distance from his office within the municipal limits of the city in which his office is situate; or (ii) is submitted to office outside the ordinary hours of duty by special order of a Gazetted Officer.
Provided that where travelling allowance is admissible for such a journey, it will be open to the Government Servant concerned either to claim reimbursement of the conveyance hire under these rules, or travelling allowance under the Travelling Allowance Rules.
General Notes:
The total amount of conveyance hire reimbursed to a Government servant, whether Gazetted or non-Gazetted, on the basis mentioned in paragraph 1 above in any one month shall not exceed ` 300/-
Therefore, the officials involved in this case may either claim ` 300/- or TA Bill under Travelling Allowances Rules. No irregularity has taken place in this regard. There is no possibility for further revision of TA allowances more than the above, as the powers in this regard are not vested with Department of Posts but with Ministry of Finance. ITEM CLOSED
2-07/2013 Non conducting of periodical meetings by the Divisional Superintendents with the Divisional units.
Conducting of periodical meetings with the service union is mandatory as per the DOP & T orders which are reiterated by DOP. But Divisional Superintendents are not conducting periodically. Suitable orders may be issued in this regard. Instructions on conduct periodical meetings by the Divisional Superintendents with the Service Unions as prescribed will be issued. The Divisional Heads have to note details of meetings held in their fortnightly reports and for review by concerned RO.ITEM CLOSED
3-07/2013 Engagement of outsiders in the vacant place in Post offices throughout Circle.
The eligible and qualified Postal Assistants are identified as System Administrators and their services are utilizing as System administrators by the department. But actually the Postal Assistant duties of such system administrators are shared by the remaining postal assistants in that particular office. Due to this practice the remaining PAs are over burdened. Hence it is requested necessary instructions may please be issued to the Divisional heads to engage outsiders / SDCs in such vacancies. No general instructions can be issued. However, Regions / Divisions can engage SDCs based on shortage / work load in any office, based on the extant orders of Directorate, on engaging SDCs (Age, daily limit, rate per hour, etc).
The Postmaster has to assess the requirement and arrange staff accordingly. Vacant posts particularly ‘B’ & ‘C’ class offices, have to be manned.Preference has to be given to performers against non-performers in regard to transfers and postings.ITEM CLOSED

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