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Friday, July 19, 2013

107 RJCM Items

RJCM/107-SS/2013                                                                                                         15-7-2013
The Chairman,
RJCM Andhra Pradesh Circle,
Hyderabad 500 001.
Sub: Submission of items for discussion in 107 RJCM –Reg.
I am here with submitting the following items for discussion in the 107 RJCM meeting scheduled to be held in the month of August 2013 the same may be included in the agenda for discussion.
With regards
Yours faithfully
DASV Prasad
SecretaryStaff side
                                                  ANNEXURE A
2-8/2012: Irregular Audit objection raised by the P&T Audit for recovery of Incentive paid for NREGS work at Wanaparthy Division. P&T Audit has made an objection while auditin at Wanaparthy Division for recovery of excess payment of NREGS Incentive from the two officials.
                                                  ANNEXURE –B
1-7/2013: Supply of Scanner to RJCM office at B-1 Chikkadpally Hyderabad.
2-7/2013: Provision of inverter to RJCM office at B-1 Chikkadpally Hyderabad.
3-7/2013: Irregular redeployment of two Postal Assistants posts from Secunderabad HO to Trimulgherry .HO with out proper review of establishments.
SSPOs Secunderabad Division had redeployed two PA Posts from SDHO to TMY.HO with
out proper review of establishment and also with out approval of competent authority ie Circle IFA.
4-7/2013: Immediate filling up of Superintendent Postal Stores Depot Hyderabad.
Hyderabad PSD is a PSD which supply of all stationery to two regions Hyderabad City Region and supply of uniforms and also supply of chappls umberalls. Presently it is manned by additional charge. Expedite immediate action for filling up post of SP PSD.
5-7/2013: Immediate filling up of vacant PA posts at PSD Hyderabad.
Total sanctioned strength of PA Posts at Hyd PSD is 21, One LSG ,One HSG-II, One HSG-I. Out 21 Posts only Eleven PAs are working. It is requested to fill up remaining vacant posts at Hyderabad PSD.
6-7/2013: Non implementation of Directorate orders while posting of sports persons who are recruited under sports quota.
Divisional Superintends are posting the Postal Assistants who are recruited under sports Quota in Sub Post Offices. As per the DOP&T and DOP orders the employees who are recruited under sports quota relief has to be provided two hours for their sports practice.Please issue suitable orders to all concerned to implement the Directorate orders while posting the officials who are recruited under sports quota.
7-7/2013: Immediate recruitment of vacant sports quota posts in the circle by giving notification for filling up of vacant sports quota posts.Nearly 50 vacant posts for filling in the Andhra Pradesh Circle. It is requested to giveNotification for filling vacant sports quota posts.
10-7/2013:Kind attention to be given to the pitiable plight of the residence of the Chikkadapally and Uppal Postal Staff Quarters, Hyderabad. The residence of these colonies anxiously awaiting for years together to mitigate their predicament which is not fully cared for by the local civil wing, urgent action needed. During the year 2011-12 A.P. Circle has surrendered lakhs of rupees to the Directorate.
Proper maintenance of staff quarters at Chikkadapally, and Uppal Hyderabad. It has brought to the notice of this union that the staff quarters are not being properly maintained either civil/electrical problems. The quarters are not having proper way to the quarters like E-1 to E-8 and C-17 to C-24. The quarters are in a dilapidated condition due to non-maintenance of internal painting and white washing. The quarters have not been maintained for the years. The bushes cleaning is also not taking place, due to this the inmates of the residence are facing a lot of problems. The backside of the E-Block and D- Block quarters of Chikkadapally is not having a proper approach road and not even having proper lighting facilities. The M-Block quarters are also not being properly maintained and the big trees have been grown beside the M-41 Block. There is also a bore water problem during the summer season. A separate pipeline has to be given to the E-Block.
11-7/2013:Stop Decentralization of PLI/RPLI work. Ensure uniform implementation of Directorates Orders regarding retention of PLI/RPLI work of Divisions situated at CO/RO Head Quarters at CO/RO itself. The recent orders on Indian Postal Policy 2012, the work relating to PLI Section of CO are Decentralizing without modification of Indian Post Office Insurance Rules 2010. As per the above rules, the Rs. 5 Lakhs and above policies records and claims to be settled at CO. The present arrangement in the circle may continued till the modification in Post Office Insurance Rules 2010 and honour the minutes of the meeting taken by the Secretary Posts, Postal Services Board with the Postal Joint Council of Action on 10.01.2012 and Directorate letter No. 8/15/2011-SR dated 16.01.2012.
12-7/2013:Filling up of the Higher Selection Grade II Posts in CO/RO. At present, the HSG-II posts in the Circle are not filled up. The date of completion of three years in the feeder cadre is completing by 01.01.2014. It is requested to Ad-hoc arrangements to be made for the senior most LSG Officials of CO and ROs in the Circle.

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