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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Memorandum submitted to CPMG on the problems faced by the staff

APU-III/CBS&Mc.Camish/2016                                                                 Date: 08.06.2016

The Chief Postmaster General

            Sub: -   Submission of memorandum on the problems faced by the staff-reg

Respected Sir

            As per the decision taken by the Circle Working Committee, the following problems faced by the staff are submitted below for taking necessary action to settle the problems for smooth functioning of the post offices and uninterrupted services to the general public.

1.      Though the unions are brought to the notice of the administration at all levels, the non connectivity/slow connection to the server problem is still exists. Due to non connectivity/slow connectivity the counter staff are forced to stay beyond their normal working hours as well as facing the public ire for delayed services.
2.      Supply of latest configuration systems, laser printers and pass book printers to all the post offices in the circle to implement the CBS and Mc.Camish without any hindrance.
3.      Most of the divisions are migrated to CBS platform without tallying the HO and SO ledger balances and now there is difference between HO and SO balances. The problem has been brought to the notice of the Chief Postmaster General vide this unions letter dated 14.01.2016 and 18.01.2016 and in response to these letter circle office had issued instructions vide CO lr.No.FS/CBS/Fincle/2015 dated 10.02.2016 and asked the units/divisions to submit report by 17.02.2016 but no further action has been taken by the Circle administration in this regard and not even taken a single step to tallying the HO and SO ledger balances wherever the difference of balances arose. We demand for immediate necessary action in this regard.
4.      Finacle works on the principle of maker and checker, but in single hand offices where only one official works. This concept of maker and checker should be scrapped or the concept of singly hand offices should be abolished or all single hand SOs should be upgraded to double hand SOs.
5.      In Finacle RD premature closure is not allowed if any advance deposits were made, till the lapse of the period up to which advance deposits are made by the depositor. Provision may be made to close the accounts with advance deposits with a facility to recover the rebate given for the advance deposits.
6.      The CPCs are issuing instructions for making the EOD of Finacle in early hours occasionally. But these instructions are issuing orally instead of in writing to the offices. In such cases the procedure to be followed in respect of transactions taken place at BOs are not mentioned by the controlling authorities or divisional heads. It is requested to issue all the instructions and procedure to be followed in such cases.
7.      Supply of sufficient man power to all the post offices for posting of RD bulk lists.
8.      Grant of OTA to the staff who are forced to stay beyond office working hours due to non connectivity or slow connectivity to the server/Finacle.
9.      Consequent up on implementation of Mc.Camish, some of the policies are not migrated in the post offices. It will take time to updation of the data in the CPCs i.e. two to three days. The customer is paying default fee if the same is not done within the same month. In such cases, the default fee may be waived as there is no fault of the customer.
10.  Sufficient staff and infrastructure like computers and printers and space for keeping the connected record may please be provided to all CPCs for PLI/RPLI work.
11.  Preparation and supply of Rulings and time factors consequent up on implementation of CBS and Mc.Camish as the old SB rulings are not in accordance with the Finacle software.   
12.  For many policies, earlier premium approved differs with the rate of premium available online and it has become a major problem to be attended immediately.
13.  Many policies appear in system admin queue ever after disbursement is paid and there is no power to system admin to modify it and for such cases CPC has to raise the ticket for modifications.
14.  Allotment of sufficient TA funds to all the divisions for passing of all pending TA bills as the bills are pending years together.
15.  Provision of centralised AMC to all Computers and UPSs available in the divisions.
16.  Supply of fake note detecting machines to all the post offices in the circle.

The problems pending with the divisions are also enclosed to this memorandum. It is requested to immediate intervention in to the matter and cause to take necessary action to settle the problems of the staff immediately.

DA: As above
Yours faithfully

(DASV Prasad)

Circle Secretary
Hyderabad South East Division:

1.      Provide C.C Cameras to both the HOs and all Postmaster grade-I&II offices in the division for security purpose.
2.      Provide one more SB counter and one more SB supervisor at all CBS offices in the division immediately.

Bhimavaram Division:

1.      Submersible motor available at Narsapur SO is not working from last two years. Immediate repairs may be made to the motor and get it working.
2.      Repairs/replacement of AC machine available at Palakole HO, Bhimavaram HO and Tanuku HO.
3.      Supply of computer chairs to all C-Class SOs
4.      Calling tenders for Sivaraopeta SO building.

Nellore Division:

1.      Shifting of Kovvuru (NL) LSG SO PO building and payment of HRA to SPM, Kovvuru (NL) SO
2.      Maintenance of toilet facility in Nellore HO (Gents toilet)
3.      Immediate repairs to quarter portion of Postmaster, Kavali HO.

Vijayawada Division:

1.      Immediate supply of batteries to UPS available at Autonagar SO
2.      Supply of dotmatrix printer to Autonagar SO

Anakapalle Division:

1.      Introduction of MMS vehicle between Visakhapatnam and Payakaraopet SO
2.      Request for attachment of outsourcing person to atchutapuram and NTPC Simhadri SOs.

Kakinada Division:

1.      Provision of racks for keeping record of accounts branch, Kakinada HO.
2.      Immediate repairs and provision of water at gents toilets near stair case at Kakinada HO
3.      Non supply of fake note detector to Kakinada HO

Visakhapatnam Division:

1.      Provision of accommodation for dining room/recreation club at Waltair RS HO.

Anantapur Division:

1.      Repairs to the Air Conditioners available at Finance Mart of Anantapur HO
2.      Non functioning of C.C Cameras (DVR) system at Anantapur HO/Guntakal HO.

Hindupur Division:

1.      Supply of revolving chairs to all computerised SOs in the division.

Kurnool Division:

1.      Constructions of Nandikotkur PO building as it was during British period to avoid untoward incidents to the staff.

Mahabubnagar Division:

1.      Replacement of condemned systems and supply of computer peripherals.

Medak Division:

1.      Non passing of SSP/NREGS Commission to CSPs.

Peddapalli Division:

1.      Repairing of borewell at Tadikal SO. Non working of bore wells at Peddapalli, Sultanabad and Manthani Post Offices.

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